Tapestry – Solo Playthrough #2 – The Chosen

  1. Hi,
    I'm pretty sure you did the Automa income right in your previous playthrough. The rules say "… top to bottom, left column first". So you do the entire left column first (top to bottom), than move to the middle, and to the right after that. Rahdo did it that way, and IIRC I've read somewhere on BGG that the Automa dev team checked his videos before release.

  2. In regards to the symbol on the automa cards with the building and the flag: The track(s) with the shortest distance from the bot’s token to either an unclaimed landmark or the end of the track. Ignore tracks where it has reached the end.

  3. I really am enjoying these Tapestry playthroughs.

    I believe the Chosen states is "No further advanced than you", not "you are ahead" – if so, that's fairly unambiguous that ties count in your favour, so you should have gained more points – 2 at 27:15, 2 at 42:30
    I think you ruled that one the wrong way – the first player to reach a spot with a landmark claims it, so closest to a landmark should only count unclaimed landmarks, since a claimed landmark is no-longer 'there'. 48:15, and 55:20 for where I spotted it (Which is only where you questioned it)

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