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Digital Magic Kits – Chronicle of Anthony Morel on French TV Show Bourdin Direct (RMC Découverte)

at 9:23 am | Articles, Blog | Orrin Buckridge -

It’s 6:55am “It’s already tomorrow” with Anthony Morel. Anthony then we continue our selection of Christmas. Today, we give you gift ideas that combine traditional toys and new technology. Yes, exactly what we might call augmented toys. We take classic children’s toys. And we will sprinkle them with a little touch of technology… Watch the

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“Digital Magic Kits – Chronicle of Anthony Morel on French TV Show Bourdin Direct (RMC Découverte)”

The GOAT (Greatest of All Transpositions) by Alex Linian

December 22, 2019 at 6:23 pm | Articles | Orrin Buckridge -

They say the most powerful magic that you can perform can be described using only one sentence so here it is the two jokers change places with the four aces in the Spectators hands, this is the goat a Lightning-fast transposition that will leave your audience Stunned four aces for two jokers. Joker’s are kind

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“The GOAT (Greatest of All Transpositions) by Alex Linian”

Magic Tutorial – CLOCKWORK

at 6:24 am | Articles | Orrin Buckridge -

Love is watching someone die, and watching someone die is hard. Charlie… Charlie, Charlie… Charlie Hi, I’m Daniel Madison. Welcome back Fanx for being here. Fanx . Appreciate it truly to spend a bit time with me especially when I’m travelling, when I’m have gone which I have all the time coz I’m all troubled

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“Magic Tutorial – CLOCKWORK”