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Magic for Dogs (They’re Too Smart!)

December 28, 2019 at 4:23 pm | Articles, Blog | Orrin Buckridge -

Here at Magic Inspired we’ve got a special holiday treat for you. We’re gonna perform magic for three different dogs…Buster the dog, Ruby the dog, and Maggie the dog. And we’re gonna make a treat disappear from my hands, disappear, and after it disappears, it’s going to reappear in their masters hands, and we’re going

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“Magic for Dogs (They’re Too Smart!)”

EDITING MAGIC – A Ball Illusion in PREMIERE PRO (by Kevin Parry)

at 6:24 am | Articles, Blog | Orrin Buckridge -

Presenter’s voice: “Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to Copy Cat Friday, the most unoriginal show on the Internet, as everything we do is copied. Can we have a big applause for editing magician Jordy Vandeput!” [Clapping sounds] [Coughing sounds] [Dramatic music fades in] -Boo! Boo! [Cinecom’s Intro music] Well, hello there! My name is Jordy for

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“EDITING MAGIC – A Ball Illusion in PREMIERE PRO (by Kevin Parry)”