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Haunted Key Magic Trick

at 11:23 am | Articles, Blog | Orrin Buckridge -

Hello and welcome to magic Mondays If you’ve not subscribed yet please do so Also remember to give this video big so up Now sit back relax and enjoy the video Thanks for watching today’s magic Monday video If you would like to see please leave it in the comments below And remember always be

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“Haunted Key Magic Trick”

Best Magic Trick, EVER.

February 28, 2020 at 10:24 pm | Articles | Orrin Buckridge -

So, uhh… I wanna do a quick magic trick for you with this piece of paper. Umm… *clicks tongue* And, uhh, hopefully we can do this the first time. *plays piano* (Smiley Static) *plays piano* *plays piano* Ah! *plays piano* (Confused Static) Yeah! *plays piano* Ha hah! *stops playing piano* *shrugs* *takes a piece of

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“Best Magic Trick, EVER.”