1. Game confuses me sometimes. I do't like the use of runes to qualify cards, it's not very visual. And I would mess up the difference between Armor and shield. I still have no clue of which one is used when. Otherwise, the mechanics seem simple and nice. But I can't wait to get my Gloomhaven.

  2. I like the randomized day/night effects and minion abilities.

    With other campaign games, those are sometimes NOT randomized to have a more cohesive story. I'm curious to see how it will play out.

  3. Another great video. Just one thing. When Thorgar attack the last green gremlin, he must kill him because you get 2 hits plus one for dominate the room. Is this correct?

    Waiting for the next video 😉

  4. I think you might have missed a small rule. When you rescued the merchant by engaging the green raider, you were supposed to activate all raiders INSTEAD of drawing an encounter card. With Ecarus being awesome and taking out the green raider in one attack, you would have had a free round without an encounter card draw from what I understand (happens around 24:24)

    Fortunately the attack effectively did nothing with Ecarus's awesome armor so it really only affected the gremlins position

  5. I think you did take out the green gremlin at 25:50, you rolled 2 damage but also were dominating for a total of 3 damage which should have taken him out

  6. Well done sir, other than the fire you noted and the error pointed out below you got it all correct. Like any game, the more you play it, the more you remember the little things. Especially if you use the same characters for an entire campaign.

  7. Hi Colin,
    Those blue dice have been very naughty and haven't understood that they should roll well in the Lucky CTG Dice Tray of Good Fortune.

    I recommend that you threaten them with a mallet.

  8. You play the game while explaining every single step perfectly! Even when you missed something you added it later! Thank you very much, you have helped me understand the game a lot and now we can finally play with my friends! 🙂 Also loved your enthusiasm about Icarus haha!

  9. Video has been so helpful. One question, though: Thorgar's divine aid ability can reroll a die per soulrank/2. In this case it rounds up?

  10. Thanks for the play through. Really helped my group.

    Could you use bash from Icarus’shield to bash a gremlin out of the area to dominate the remaining gremlin?

  11. Was looking kinda dire there for a moment. I thought you might've leveled up Auriel for the extra HP since she's so close to death, but definitely makes sense to buff up your tank!

  12. Hi Colin, I was curious when you have two of the same color goblin should you use the pack card instead?

  13. Thanks for uploading these tutorials. Your videos helped us with some simple rule clarifications that were not clear in the rulebook.

    One thing I noticed. At the newly rolled die hit the other die, making it a 2 instead of it's previous 1. So in total you only rolled 2 hits not 3.

  14. Nice playthrough and commentary. Question about your money avoidance strategy for Ecarus. It's been a year since I've read the rules, but iirc, characters may not trade money, which means Ecarus will never be able to shop at the market, buff gear, etc. How are you handling that?

  15. Great job on the playthrough! It really helps a lot. Question: at 2:41, shouldn't the gremlins be attacking Auriel since she has the most crowns?

  16. Cleric attacked green gremlin and you were dominating shouldn't it have been 3 damage not 2 and killed it ?

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