1. hey jibrizy do you get the gimmicks or just how to do the tricks I'll buy either way but still wanna no

  2. It's a Movement Swag Magic! if you don't like you magic kit 14 days after you get it all your money back no questions asked!

  3. What's wrong with him. It's just frustrating one he says magic has no "hip hop influence" clearly he doesn't no anybody. He's saying magic has no swag so he hasn't heard of Caleb morelli 🤔 and there's like nothing original in this kit at all. It's all crap that people have been selling for years. If you wanna sell the kit that's fine but don't claim your changing the game and adding all this swag and stuff when clearly it's all old. The vanishing handkerchief. What in the world is swag about that. Who just carries a handkerchief around with them. It's just not good. The idea with water vanishing im pretty sure he just stole it from smoothini off americas got talent. The quarter bite trick is sooo old. Not saying old tricks aren't good but once again he's claiming like he's adding all this swag when he did it the same old way nothing better than the old. The same goes for the pen through I'll trick it's another trick that's old as hell but he claims to add swag but literally did nothing new. It's just upsetting to me

  4. From the video description:
    "Jibrizy is a Worldwide Celebrity Magician that's been on T.V. all over the world"
    Apart from Fool Us what are your other TV appearances?

  5. This is the biggest magic scam ever. Wouldn't buy in a million years. Acting is fake. Literally the oldest tricks in the book. Like seriously, anybody that has even a little amount of knowledge can know how every trick is done. And 40$ for three tricks, you amuse me jibrizy

  6. What you tryna say with the black edition bruh?? It's called the black edition cause it's the kit broke niggas can afford?? 😂 haha jk bro love what you doin for the culture and the kids, really inspirin chicago to pick up cards instead of guns. Love you Jibrizy!

  7. I love how he took it good with the style of this the swag on point magic ain't just the trick it's how you Express it and yourself…💯💯

  8. I think this is honestly just party tricks, you can literally just go to someone’schammel like Evan era and will be able to learn all of these

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