SURPRISE Card Trick Tutorial

Guy Fieri with another crazy card trick here. I’ll show you guys how to do this insane card trick Anytime anywhere with any deck. It’s it’s insane. It’s crazy. You should you should subscribe? Fuck it just Subscribe, so here’s a trick guys You have a card picked in this case. It’s the the jack of spades of course I don’t know this for this card is fairly lost into the Rind of the deck. I don’t know if you’re aware of that terminology But the deck is often called a rind and you inform the specter that it doesn’t really matter You know a lot of people think that you have some sort of control over the cards, but here I want you to notice that I’m just getting cards from the top Putting it in the middle of taking carts in the middle putting into the top nothing matters Taking cards from the bottom putting it in there. It’s haphazard You know that you don’t have some sort of Control over the deck that they might think you’d be holding breaks or whatever you you know you’re taking cards from the bottom You’re putting them in the middle you’re taking cards from the top putting it in the middle It doesn’t matter but you you want to establish respected there’s no way that you have any sort of control over the Location of any one of the playing cards as a matter of fact. It’s weitzer was your card Jack of spades, that’s what I thought. That’s what I thought it was the jack of spades And That’s a trick. That’s the that’s the-um- you surprise them with the playing card out of nowhere out of nowhere That’s a meme I’ll show you how it’s done. Do you want to know how it’s done. I’ll show you how it’s done But I better see 500 likes 500 thousand likes 500 Huh oh boy alright, so here we do that. We have a card picked It could be any card this case is gonna be the eight of Spades now this card is gonna get controled to the top Via your favorite method my favorite method is to get my pinky in there Like it’s Jennifer at the 5th grade prom right that’s mice, and then double undercut that card right to the top That’s that’s my favorite way. You’re more than welcome to use anything you learned from Ellusionist For an exorbitant amount of money But here’s what you do now what you’re gonna Do is create the illusion that you don’t care where anything is, but really you do care, so you’re gonna swing cut the cards And keep a break Right above the selected card and what you’re gonna do now is you’re gonna grab cards haphazardly from the top and Put it in the middle making sure not to disturb the card in your breaks So you could grab cards from the bottom? Put it in the middle as long as you’re not disturbing the break you could grab cards from the top you could grab a whole fan of cards from the top and Put it somewhere underneath your break again all this while maintaining your break right above the spectator selected card here That’s that’s the secret to this But though the real secret is that you’re talking to the specter as if you don’t care and the cards are haphazardly going everywhere until What you do when you want to do kind of a more convincing convince here is that you grab all the cards above the break make it a fan and just stick it somewhere Into the cards this brings their card to the top of the deck now what you’re gonna Do here, which is the hot move is that when you bring the cards up like this to them? You’re gonna use your thumb to slide back the top card slightly covering the Bottom in jog there with the rest of your hand what this allows you to do is to show the spectator you’re grabbing cards from Them from the bottom and putting it into the middle haphazardly and whenever you want You could just reach here Grab supposedly the top card and put it somewhere in the middle of course while keeping their card on top you see that That’s the convince er. Oh boy So here they think that you use grabbing cards on the top putting in the middle It doesn’t matter because their card is here the entire time and any time you want you could say oh It doesn’t matter people think that I have a control over the cards I don’t that there going each and every single which way and then finally you could tilt your hand down Grab the top card pretend to put that in the middle and go wait a minute was your card as if it’s an afterthought They’re gonna name their card in this case is the eight of Spades. They’re gonna go “Oh it’s the eight of Spades” and you go “That’s what I thought” and That’s that’s where you end it. It’s a surprise trick you you get them out of nowhere They think that you know you’re you’re not caring they think that maybe it’s a prank like it’s prank invasion like it’s vitally Like it’s how to prank it up But really like it’s EvanEra But like it’s Rich Ferguson Like it’s Magic Murray…… And then you show them their card the eight of Spades and they’re surprised because the revelation honestly came out of nowhere it came out of nowhere like a RKO, I hear those are popular in the hood, please leave it in the comments below if RKOs are popular in the hood um I’m an old man. I don’t know what’s hip but that’s the trick guys. I hope you guys enjoyed it You practiced making it look like this everything is chaotic. I know it’s one of these quick tricks, but it’s a surprise It’s very easy to do you could do it anytime anywhere with any sort of deck, and it looks haphazard it honestly looks like you don’t care what anything goes so that ultimate revelation is Very surprising to the spectators, and they’re gonna enjoy it thoroughly So make sure to subscribe. I’m gonna go figure out different ways to use WD-40 in more than forty ways

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  2. So if you remember I asked you which card appears to you the most – e.g which card you bring your attention to the most. And just as I am watching this video I turned the top card .. and you guessed it – the Jack of Spades. Coincidence ? I think not!

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