[Sub][Episode 01] Future Card Buddyfight Triple D Animation

Bal, what’s that in your chest? I can pull a sword from here, bal! Watch this, bal! YANK! YANK! YANK! Hey, isn’t your sword a little too long? Future Card Buddyfight is a card game where you become
partners with a monster and fight alongside them! And now those Buddy Monsters who become
our partners have gained a new power! And that power is called…
– Impact Monster! -Go for it! You can do it!
-Guns Knuckle, attack the fighter! All right! I’ll knock him out! Gun Shoot! Here you go! Thank you, Mr. Manager! Here. Thank you! What a huge crowd! It certainly is. Calm down a little, Gao. That’s right.
The cards aren’t going to run away. I know, but I’m just so impatient!
Just you watch! I’m going to open a Buddy Rare for sure! You idiot. They don’t turn up that often.
That’s why they’re called Buddy Rares! It’s true that Buddy Rares are the rarest
cards in Buddyfight… Here you go. These are for you, Gao. Thank you! Hopefully today’s the day you open that Buddy Rare! This time for sure…
This time, I’ll open my Buddy for sure! Most people have never seen one. It’s normal not
to have one. Why would you expect one to show up so easily? Even if you’re an expert at dumb luck. Why don’t you lay off of him. Baku’s right. Gao just spent all of his allowance. This is the last pack. Please, I’m begging you!
Come on! Come on! Come on! Come to me, Buddy Rare! It’s here! A B-Buddy Rare? You did it, Gao! You really opened one! That’s amazing! It was totally worth begging Mom for an
advance on my allowance! Gao, you really bought too many booster packs. Finally, my Buddy Rare is… It’s gone! Hey…
What’s that between your legs? What?! My Buddy Rare turned into an egg… That’s ridiculous! That’s going to make one huge omelet! Baku, I don’t think you should eat that. Hey! Whoa! It’s lively! Huh? There there… What’s the deal with this egg? We’re going to need a bigger frying pan… Baku, you’re still planning on eating it, aren’t you… My Buddy is… An egg? Uh-oh! An Impact Monster is born! Mom! Mom! My Buddy Rare turned into an egg! That’s not possible. I’m not lying!
Just look at this egg! Buddy Rare cards are linked to different
parallel worlds, aren’t they? Then maybe that egg is actually a monster. I thought so at first, too. But this thing shows
no signs of changing. What a disaster. Then Gao, you just need to warm up this
egg until it hatches! What? I think that might be a little tricky. Well, there are known cases of
humans incubating eggs. If it hatches, that would be a little miracle! Warm it up and hatch it, huh? I know you can hatch that egg, big brother!
Hanako will help too! No, I’ll hatch it all by myself! H-Hey… Gao? A little bird told me something interesting.
And… Looks like the rumors were true! I’m so sorry. I had you all wrong. I thought you were a man among men.
I considered you my lifelong rival, but… What’s with the baby bump?
I get it now, you were a girl all along! Of course not! Shut up, Noboru. I’m going to hatch this egg
and make it my Buddy monster! Hey! You should take better care of that egg. Whoa! Legs! It sprouted legs! Hurry, catch it! Hey, wait for me! My egg! Hey! Where are you going? Come on. I’m not going to hurt you.
Get over here. That’s right. This way! I’m sure that you’re going to be my… Lunch. Hey! Get down from there! Watch out! Oh no! Thank goodness! You aren’t hurt, are you? Huh? I-It’s hatching! Bal? It talks! What’s your name? Maybe he doesn’t have one yet. Don’t have one yet, bal. Well, he is a newborn. Newborn, bal. In that case…
From now on, your name is Bal! Come on, just because he ends his
sentences with ‘Bal’? That’s just sad.
I’ll come up with a really cool name… Bal likes it, bal!
Bal, bal! That’s right! You’re Bal! I’m Gao! Gao Mikado! Gao, bal!
Bal, bal, bal! Gao, are you seriously going to
make this guy your Buddy? Why are there cards inside his shell? Sun Dragon? Hey, Baku. Check out this card. All of the other cards are
Sun Dragon attribute as well. As far as I know, there aren’t any
Sun Dragon attribute cards in Buddyfight. Hey, shrimp. Who’s this, bal? This is Noboru. Noboru Kodo. Stare. What is it? Kitten shirt, bal! It’s obviously a tiger! Kitten shirt, kitten shirt! This! It’s yours, isn’t it? Bal! H-Hey, stop that! Gao! Can’t you do something about him? -Bal! Bal!
-Baku! Hide the cards! O-Okay! Nice to meet you! I’m Kuguru Uki.
Let’s be friends! This is neat, bal! I’m so sorry. It’s fine. I’ll be okay. Want to play more, bal! Bal! You seem to be doing well. Gao Mikado. It’s you! Kyoya Gaen! Azi Dahaka… I’ll take custody of that dragon. Custody? What’s custody, bal? That scary guy is going to take Bal away. Bal doesn’t wanna go, bal! Why are you taking him?
What did this little dragon ever do to you? That dragon ignored the rules of the human
world and came to Earth without permission. At Gaen Financial Group,
we take custody of such dragons. After all, who knows how dangerous they might be. There’s no way that Bal’s dangerous! How can you be so certain? You don’t know anything about that dragon, do you? Now, give me that dragon… I refuse! Forget that “custody” nonsense!
Bal is my Buddy! I won’t let you do whatever you want! In that case, why don’t you prove it to me?
Through a Buddyfight, of course. What? What’s a Buddyfight, bal? It’s a card game where you battle
alongside your monster partners. If you can defeat me using that dragon,
I’ll acknowledge him as your Buddy. If you should lose,
you’ll hand over that dragon to me. You mustn’t, Gao! They say he’s the world’s
greatest Buddyfighter! He’s a modern megastar! Besides, Bal is probably a
Sun Dragon attribute monster. If you put in the wrong attribute card,
it’ll throw off the entire balance of the deck! Well? Do you want to fight me,
at the Aibo Academy fighting stage? Bal wants to Buddyfight, bal! What? It’s settled, then. I’ll be waiting for you
after school, at the fighting stage. Here we are at Aibo Academy’s fighting
stage, where a Buddyfight is about to begin! But wh-wh-what’s this? The most powerful dragon in the world, said to
have enough power to destroy the world… Azi Dahaka, is the Buddy of one of the richest people
in Japan, the former young leader of Gaen Financial Group! Today, Master Kyoya Gaen himself honors us
with his presence! This may sound forward, but I, Paruko Nanana,
Elementary School Sixth Grade student… and member of the Broadcasting Club,
will be delivering the commentary! My partner is, of course, my Buddy!
Martian UFO Takosuke, from Hero World! Takochu! However, Master Kyoya’s opponent has not
appeared yet! Who could it be? What’s Gao doing? We made it in time! Baku! Are you sure this is going to work?
Making a deck out of the cards in Bal’s shell… We’ve done everything we can. I’m the great deck builder, Baku Omori.
I made sure the deck was put together properly! Whoa! Looks like the fighter is taking the stage. Sorry to keep you waiting, Paruko! Kept you waiting, bal! Wh-Wh-What’s this?
Master Kyoya’s opponent is… Aibo Academy Elementary School
Sixth Grade student, Gao Mikado! Oh? Could that dragon at Gao’s feet be…? Bal is Gao’s Buddy, bal! What’s that? I’ve been sleeping beneath Aibo Academy
for countless years… I know everything about Buddyfights!
I, Ozon B, will be providing analysis! Uh, nobody asked you. What? I can’t hear you. By the way, I’m currently on
the lookout for a Buddy! Your head’s on the wrong way around… Bal! I’m going to protect you! Eclipsing the darkness with flames,
and brightening the hearts of the mistreated! The Mighty Sun Fighter is here! Mighty Sun Fighter? Now! Let’s get things started! Get things started, bal! Now, let’s luminize! Sure! In order to undo the curse of Babel, I will become the final destroyer! Dark Luminize!
Wings of Demise! Six of his cards turned into light, bal! Rise, sun! Burn, sun!
Luminize! Scorching Sun Dragon! Both players charge 2 gauge as the match begins! Buddy… Fight! Raise the flag! Dragon World! Dragon World, bal! Dragon Ein! This flag restricts your starting hand to 4 cards,
but allows you to start with 12 life points. First move goes to Kyoya Gaen! The Dragon Ein flag
lets you use any card that has “dragon” in its attribute. Well, when you’re as experienced as me,
you’re not surprised no matter what card shows up! Did something just pop out? Did it? Charge and draw. I call Purgatory Knights Leader,
Demios Sword Dragon to the center! We are the immortal and undefeatable Purgatory Knights! A monster came out of the card, bal! Learn this for yourself, with your demise! Bal! Get behind me! Demios Retribution! I end my turn. Why did you attack us so suddenly, bal? If you’re going to bully Gao,
Bal will beat you up, bal! Hold on. Next, it’s my turn! Bal? Draw! Charge and draw! Here I go! I call Bright Hammer Dragon to the right!
I call Mera Blade Dragon to the left! I’m not getting any bright ideas. None at all! I’m getting all fired up, mera! What are those?
I’ve never seen those monsters before, B! He’s acting way too surprised. Both of them are dragons he’s using
for the first time. They were both Sun Dragons that
I found in Bal’s shell. I pay 1 gauge and…
Let my fist reach the sun! I equip! Sun Fist, Bal Knuckle! Sun Fist Bal Knuckle?
He keeps bringing out cards I don’t know, B! Meow! I just saw a cat! You’re imagining things. Completed! Gao Formation! Is Gao going to fight too, bal? Yeah! I’m equipping an item so
I can fight along with my monsters! That’s… How I Buddyfight! Gao, you’re so cool, bal! Mera, mera! I have a bright idea! The new dragons’ attacks hit, one after the other! My turn is over! I see. So that’s the power of the Sun Dragons. Draw. Charge and draw. I call Thunder Knights, Halberd Dragon to the right. And I set the spell Dragon Throne. And… I Buddy call! Demonic Demise Dragon, Azi Dahaka! Here he is! The rule-breaking size 4 monster!
Master Kyoya regains 1 life due to buddy gift! He has lots of faces, bal! None can stand before me, and none will come after me!
Fear me! Dread me! Kneel before me! Erasure of History! Azi Dahaka attacks all monsters! This is amazing! B! All of Gao’s monsters have been destroyed!
His item has been destroyed, and he takes 3 damage! My turn is over.
Now it’s your turn. Gao! Bal will beat up Lots-of-Faces monster! Can Gao defeat Azi Dahaka,
who has 10 thousand defense? I call Mera Blade Dragon to the right! I’m still fired up, mera! I call Flarefang Dragon to the center! Whenever there’s a Sun Dragon on the field, Flarefang Dragon lets me add a card from my deck
to the gauge, and lets me draw one card! I call Mera Blade Dragon to the left! I’m still all fired up, mera! I cast! Shine-energy! He’s using a spell to increase power! And now it’s time for a link attack with
a total of 12000 power! I cast Dragon Barrier. Gao called three Sun Dragons but
was unable to destroy Azi Dahaka! That’s gotta hurt! My turn is over. Ah, looks like there’s no way Gao can win. When you’re as experienced as I am,
you can just tell who’ll win and who’ll lose, B! Erasure of History! Once again, Azi Dahaka’s mass attack
destroys all of Gao’s monsters! On top of that, he takes 3 damage
and is left with just 2 life! You see? It’s just as I said, B! You’re talking too much! No, don’t spray him with oxygen! Oh no! My decomposition is increasing! Gao! Bal wants to fight too, bal! Bal will beat up Lots-of-Faces, bal! Bal will try his best, bal! Sure thing! You’re my Buddy, after all! It’s my turn! Here we go, Bal! Draw! Charge and draw! I pay 1 gauge and Buddy call to the right! Bal, bal! Dragon of the Sun, Bal Dragon! Bal is gonna defeat Lots-of-Faces, bal! Sun Dragon attribute! Size 2! 5000 power,
3000 defense, and a critical of 2! Dragon of the Sun! Bal Dragon! That’s the true form of that little dragon? -Oh my goodness!
-Meow! A-A-Amazing! Gao’s Buddy monster
is a dragon with a burning sword in his chest! I equip! Bal Knuckle! However, Bal Knuckle has 4000 power!
Even with a link attack, that’s only 9000 power! It’s not quite enough to overcome
Azi Dahaka’s 10 thousand defense! Bal! Attack Azi Dahaka! Leave it to Bal, bal! When Bal attacks, his power is doubled during that turn! That means right now, he has 10 thousand power!
What’s with that ability? It’s amazing, B! Bal, bal bal bal bal! Bal! Bal! Bal! He destroyed Azi Dahaka using
only one Buddy monster? Bal! Do a Penetrate attack on the fighter! Bal, bal bal! Bal! He takes 3 damage from Penetrate! Bal Dragon should only have a critical of 2! My Bal Knuckle has the ability to
increase Bal’s critical by 1! Bal defeated Lots-of-Faces, bal! Next, it’s my turn!
Bal Knuckle! I equip! Demonic Demise Sword, Aqulta Gwaneff! Here it is! Master Kyoya has this item, which he can
only equip when Azi Dahaka has been destroyed! You haven’t forgotten, have you? Aqulta Gwaneff can nullify all single-card attacks. Oh, I’d never forget that! Final Phase! Well, no matter what happens, I won’t be surprised! Impact Call! Impact Call? Meow? I pay 3 gauge and transform Bal Dragon…
Into an Impact Monster! An Impact Monster? Bal will try his super best, bal! The monster and the Impact card have combined! It’s a card that never existed before! That’s an Impact Monster! Bal has become a monster that’s size 2, with
11 thousand power, 6000 defense, and a critical of 4! And this card’s attacks can’t be nullified! Bal Burst Smasher! Game End!
Winner, Gao Mikado! All right!
Thank you very much! Bal and his friends won, bal! A-A-Amazing! He won! Gao Mikado won! He pulled off a completely unbelievable win,
defeating Master Kyoya! But Gao, Bal’s last attack there… He had a critical of 4, so how did you
defeat Master Kyoya, who had 5 life left? Oh, it was thanks to this card. Because I had this equipped, the Bal Burst Smasher
was bumped up to a critical of 5. I get it now! That was a wonderful fight.
I acknowledge that this dragon is your Buddy. Then Bal won’t be taken into custody? That’s right! You’re my Buddy, after all! Bal wants to do it again! Huh? Bal wants to Buddyfight one more time, bal! Bal wants
to do it now, bal! Right now, bal! Bal can’t wait, bal! -Ouch!
-Hey! Let go, shrimp! Don’t wanna, bal! So that was a Sun Dragon. And it’s an Impact Monster as well. How very interesting. Today’s winning card!
Bal Dragon “Bal Burst Smasher!!” This Impact Monster can be called during
Final Phase, and can attack immediately! And that attack can’t be nullified, and
it has a critical of 4! As expected of Bal’s card, bal! Bal won a Buddyfight, but someone complains
that Bal got the rules wrong, bal! Jack, teach Bal how to win without getting complaints, bal! Next episode,
“Amazing! A Sure-fire Way to Win Buddyfight!” Buddyfight, bal!

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