Street Magic With Moderatto and Ruthi san

Please help me to translate this video to other languages. Link on the description Hey! Hello, look who is here Hello It’s Ruthy san Now it’s 12:25 am Now we are at Shibuya. Why are we here, you’ll find out in a moment Here we have some cards, all are mixed and different Take a card any card Anyone is fine It’s fine, it’s fine Not that one! Just kidding, it’s fine Come, come, we are doing magic Come, come Come, come We are doing magic Ok? Ready? Say stop please Stop Oh, already finished, again Her, her Stop – Oh, already finished
– Very slow Ok, put it here Thank you Behave The card is inside, I don’t know exactly where Shuffle them please Oh, you are good Very good Ok, let’s do this, watch 1, 2, 3 It can’t be Here we have this Scary, scary Really? Come, come, we are doing magic And this is… The chosen card Come, come – Thank you
– Amazing Let’s do it again, this is a present, let’s shuffle – Oh look! Moderatto
– I’m not looking Moderatto – They are a Rock band
– We are doing magic but I’m your fan I’m your fan SOY · FAN · SUYO Me too Yes, yes, yes, I’m a fan No, I don’t believe you Look, even my shirt is a Moderatto’s shirt It’s Moderatto’s Take this, take this Wait, wait, watch this This is even the color of Moderatto Watch, here, here, here Watch Wait, wait, watch This is the color of Moderatto, right? It’s the color of Moderatto This is… Moderatto’s shirt Wait, wait, wait What is that? Look! Moderatto is here! Bryan It was awesome Thank you, thank you Incredible Moderatto is in Japan Amazing Watch Incredible Bring the snack Bring the snak By the way By the way Is it normal? Yes Let’s do magic with this Magic – Like this
– He is your friend – Watch
– He is your friend Watch, watch, watch – Did it bend?
– It bent Bryan please put it straight again With your hands, yes, like that Very good – He is your friend Again, again – Like this
– He is your friend I’ll grab it like this And like this Again Riken, make it like this We’ll do it in a moment, wait, wait, we’ll put it straight again Bryan put your hand like this Close it 1, 2, 3 Did you feel it? No No? I hate when they say that Open your hand Here It twisted He is your Mexico friend But this can’t be untwisted Wait, wait, wait It bent here and here And again I’ll take the fork like this, there is nothing on my hands that helps me to do this Let’s shake like this And like this Wow, chicken leg I’ll hire your hand Do me a favor And like this The last one Something like this This way Wow Gracias, estamos aquí con Moderatto en Japón, Shibuya
Thank you! Here we are with Moderatto in Shibuya, Japan Bye, bye Click on any of the images to see more awesome videos If you haven’t subscribed yet, click the subscribe button

  1. No se pierdan el video de Ruthi donde entrevista a Moderatto y nos la consienten mucho, muy pronto en su canal! pondré el link a ese video como respuesta a este comentario cuando esté listo. Den like a este comentario para ponerlo hasta arriba

  2. This is really good stuff. Love the location and interaction with the audience. How did you get that nice lighting at night?

  3. jajaja los borrachos son impertinentes en cualquier parte del mundo!! muy buen video ya quiero ver la segunda parte, saludos y besos

  4. Very cool! Great magic, special surprise guests, and drunk guys! This one is jam packed with fun stuff!
    Keep them coming!

  5. Ya está listo en mi otro canal la entrevista con Moderatto y Ruthi San!

  6. Gracias a Ruthy dimos con tu canal eres sorprendente están súper tus videos me gustan, que padre haces magia bendiones y que cresca mas tu canal

  7. de repente un Moderatto salvaje aparece xD Estuvo tan random la forma en qe se metieron en la toma, pense qe los presentarias de forma mas formal en el video xD

  8. wowww… más que la magia me sorprendió tu dominio del japonés, ¿Dónde aprendiste a hablarlo?, ¿Cuánto tiempo te tomó hablarlo con fluidez?

  9. Te salió lo mexicano riken jajajajaja me encanta verte feliz, por cierto ahí estabas muy delgado pero ahora en la actualidad muy bien.

  10. Wooowww doy nueva en tu canal y no sé porque este vídeo no sé hizo viral, está buenísimo, eres un gran mago, felicidades lo compartiré!!!

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