Street Magic in Gangtok MG Marg, Gangtok, Sikkim.

Performance supported by (login to check new releases in sikkim: vajra and denzong halls) Hello, excuse me buddy! Can I show you one magic? No. I am fine. Wait, one magic this is really good! Are you carrying one rupees? Yes, I have one! Ok, show me! Which is your strong hand? This hand So I will place that coin in your hand. Hold it tightly. Now just act as if it is bending! Use all your force that you can put! Now, blow on that coin! Open your hand! Oh, wow. It is magic! So, what is your hobby? Boxing, so how long have you practiced boxing for? Four years! Which club? Pegasis.

  1. Sathi arko pali magic dekhawda cam angle ma focus gara lo youtube ma slow play pani hunxa…if u kno wat i mean

  2. Hey….caught his trick…he will replace the coin…watch carefully the scene on 0:43 , how he changed the coin. He will replace the coin with the bended one. THIS IS NOT MAGIC NOR DOES A DEVIL WORK..IT'S ALL ABOUT FOOLING INNOCENT PEOPLE AROUND…STOP THIS !!!

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