Street Magic: An Unexpected Theft

We’re in London – I’ve put my bags down here. You know a lot of people worry about thieves and things. Especially outside
pubs you have to watch your belongings. We’re going to play a game. I’m going to steal something from you but I’m going to tell you in advance that I’m going to do that. I’m going to try and steal this two pound coin from you but without you knowing.
So you know what to look for in advance You’ve got the Sharpie. Could you give her the Sharpie? Pop your initials on there. Oh, is this illegal? Don’t worry about that.
I won’t tell anyone Oh actually I forgot, we’ve got it on camera haven’t we? C. B.
Yep. That doesn’t come off. Hold your hand out for me. So this is the game I’m gonna try and steal the £2 coin from Johan. Hold your hand around it. In order to do so I need a distraction. a 10p coin. And earlier I put my initials on this coin D.D. – Darren Delaney My coin, my initials. Your coin, your initials. I’m gonna try and steal the coin out of your hand so squeeze the coin in your hand really really tightly Done!
Did you feel it? Not the coin, your initials Is that your handwriting?
Yes Check out the £2 coin, that should have my initials on.
(laughs) Did you feel that?
Yeah. It’s done.
Yeah. Not the coin, the initials Is that your handwriting? That’s my handwriting as well! So that must mean The £2 coin has my initials on it.
What the? I honestly don’t know how you did that! Does anyone know how you do this? Wait was that in your hand the whole time?
Yes! What the hell? What the hell? That’s crazy! That’s like my…
that’s my handwriting! And it’s a completely different coin! And that’s his handwriting What the $%!&? Am I going crazy? That’s really good


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