Street Entertainer – Monkey / Goat | Life Skills TV

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  1. This is disgusting. All this shows is that the animals have been completely dominated with brute force and do all these "tricks" out of fear.

  2. I wish i want to see how he train that animal. It is a cruel way..? Animal is animal. Dont train them to act to act like human dumbfuck. People should care how they train their animal to this level of result rather then how will the result look like. In this case if the animal doesn't look happy mean no money for the trainer. I wish someone install that system.

  3. You idiots act like its life in the jungle is great, it gets free food handed to it, and it doesnt have to deal with the hiarchy

  4. I personally thought it was pretty many people hating it's in da u.s. we have all kinds of circuses, seaworld,small petting zoo etc. doing the same thing(with lion,tigers,bears etc.) and no one looks twice.and y'all want to condemn and cast da first stone to other nations.worst of all y'all are so worried bout these animals while we have a homeless problem people sleeping on concrete,eating out of dumpsters and y'all haters are no where to be found.and there's lots of other problems we have besides that. thats AMERICA for you….worried about the wrong thing……

  5. This is the best trainer I have ever seen it's not the animals you people that think he's abuse them don't know anything about animal behavior.It you treat any animal bad they will not do what you want trust me I love animals l know.

  6. All these ppl here saying animal abuse are the same ppl that go an watch dolphin shows and other animal performing show and clap i am not supporting this act and i also condone this

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  9. One day i went to Islamabad on a tour and there was park and i saw this man with the same monkey and goat and he showed the same tracts there what he is showing right now on tv….I remember all what he was showing there and i gave him 100 pakistani rupees as well..respect to this man…

  10. For all the dickheads who are talking about animal abuse should go and see what does it really means. Here is a man who is earning his bread while earning breads for all the animals he might be training with so much of hard work & talent instead of bombing or killing someone. 😇

  11. How can this even be aloud on tv? You can clearly see the monkey is totally stressed and developed traumatized behaviour. How can this woman even laugh about it?

  12. Индус .это президент сша.а мавпа ..то ..горбачёв.президент ссср..цап ..то вальцман.

  13. that man his a assold animal ares not slave is not a circus animal live alone the monkey you think you ares inteligent noway …

  14. Poor animals, how many times have they been beat to learn all this an their freedom stolen and no contact with their own kind. Uhhh the man looks an sounds like a vile dirty bastard.

  15. Fuck you… its seem you strike him daily…. its seem dankey is afraid… like this you treat animal… Fuck you again

  16. Do you India people remember what Mahatma Gandhi said about countries and animals?
    Here is an example!

  17. this is sick. he has beaten tortured and abused this poor animal to make it do these stupid tricks. i wish him a life of sorrow and pain,like he has inflicted on this animal.

  18. Uneducated asshole!!! Look at that ladie.. she smiles thinking its so cute… She should get out of her studio, fine dress and makeup… see how those pigs train the little monkeys. They tie rope around there necks almost hanging them forcing to stand and there just getting started… makes me vomit

  19. allah ka nam b leta hai…or janvar ko marta b hai…bhai tu next janam mai bandar banega ye meri duaa hai or bhagvan se prathna …or jo samne wali hai dekh rahi hai wo … to bandariya banegi…

  20. Real animals being treated like puppets with chains on their necks, makes me feel disturbed. Are people even surprised they do whatever he wants when they have a chain over their neck? Hope this man tots in hell, dumb woman could get some education while she’s at it

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