Story Time with Blippi | Magical Moon Rock – Video for Kids

Blippi Look, this is my moon rock! Yeah, I’ve got it from the moon
and it’s actually magical. Watch this. Wow, did you see that? It moved from this hand
to that hand! Wow, it’s really pink. Do you want to hear the story about how I’ve got my magical
moon rock from the moon? Ok, I’ll tell you. First, I’ve got in my spaceship,
and then the countdown began. Three, two, one!
We have lifted off! The spaceship took off and
I was going so fast! Whoa! And then I’ve got outside
the Earth’s atmosphere. There was no gravity. I was floating all around
the spaceship! Front flips, back flips,
it was like I was weightless. I then looked outside the window
of the spaceship and I saw our planet Earth. It was so small from up there.
And it was getting even smaller. After about three days
I arrived at the moon. I’ve got my astronaut outfit on
and I went outside to have some fun. Wee! Yoo-hoo! I can jump so high! One of the times I came down,
I landed on some moon rocks! I went down to pick one up,
and wow! There were some aliens! One of them said… And I said, “I don’t understand
how to talk alien, but I can certainly try”. One said… I said… Another said… And I said… And there we had it. I spoke to some aliens! And what we talked about is
how I love their moon rocks and how they were really thirsty. There isn’t any water on the moon,
so I humped on back to the spaceship to go get my new friends some water. And when I’ve got back,
they gave me one of their moon rocks! What a fun trip to the moon. And that is how I’ve got
my moon rock. If you like this moon rock story
and you want to hear some more of my crazy stories or listen, sing
and dance to some of fun songs, all you’ve got to do is search
for my name. Do you know my name? Yeah, it’s Blippi! But do you know how
to spell my name? Let’s spell it together, ok?
Ready? B-L-I… P-P-I! Wow, Blippi! That’s me!
Good job! Alright. Well, this is the end
of this video but oh, hey! Speaking of videos since you know
what this is now, it’s a moon rock, be sure to watch all of my videos
by searching for my name and then you’re going to see
this moon rock in the background of one or two of my videos. And if you see it you can yell,
moon rock! And it’s like a game
cause I hide it! It’s like a scavenger hunt
in my videos. Or like hide and seek
but with the rocks so it won’t move
and it’s really quite. Alright, see you later. But one last thing before we go, one last magical moon rock trick. Are you ready? Hey, where the moon rock go? Moon rock, where did it go? Moon rock. If your youngster enjoys my videos
go to where you can purchase
and download my videos! So then you can watch on the go,
anywhere and everywhere, with no cellular data
or wifi needed.

  1. he's wearing nike lol its only now i noticed and my baby brother loves your vids keep up the good work 🙂

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