(drum and bass music) – What’s up guys, Chris Ramsay here and welcome back for another tutorial. This time, not gonna be
a card that’s removed, not gonna be a cut or anything. It’s gonna be a color change. And I know you guys like color changes and that type of thing, so I thought I’d, I’d give back to you guys a little bit. Alright, so before I
get into this tutorial, I just wanna take a
second to say thank you to all my subscribers,
to everybody checking in to these tutorials and to these tricks and all my content. And I’m glad you guys really enjoy it. But you should really head
on over to or Ellusionist YouTube page. So, I’ll leave the link below where you guys can check that out. For more tutorials, more
content, more videos, and a ton more projects going on right now with Ellusionist including
the release of these cards, which are the Madison-Ramsay
Knights, Daniel Madison and I basically collaborated on a
deck, which is chess themed. There are a lot of surprises in this deck. It’s a really– The deck feels amazing. It handles really well. It’s literally my favorite deck, the one that I carry
around with me at all times when I wanna perform some magic. So, you guys should
definitely check that out. Once again, I’ll leave the link below. Alright, so this tutorial
is a really cool visual. Color change that happens, sort of right in front of your face and it’s really easy to do, which I’m really happy to teach you guys. I came up with this a few years ago. But not only did I come up with it, a friend of mine Franky Morales came up with a similar handling and it was published in, I wanna say, the end of the world… It’s like, I think it was in 2012
when we had that like people thought like the world was ending. They put a collaboration project together, basically a manuscript, the
end of the world manuscript or something like that. A lot of flourishes, a
lot of tricks including this color change, which was
done from a Center Double. So, thank you Franky Morales. If you guys wanna learn that, you should check out that manuscript. I believe it was free
when they put it out. I’m not sure if it’s still available, but there was some really
cool content in there, so you should check it out. For this tutorial, there
are a few prerequisites that I will go over. You need to know how to control the card, you need to know how to get a Double, and even a Pinky Count. So, I will briefly run over that, but if you don’t know how to do that, figure that out first, because otherwise the effect basically– if you do the effect without doing everything else
smoothly or very well, you’re just gonna dilute the effect and people are gonna
start guessing the methods and it ruins the magic for them. So, really get that down packed. You can check out a few
projects over at Ellusionist if you wanna learn all those moves and if not, stay tuned to the video, maybe you could pick up a few tips here. And one more thing, guys stay
tuned to the end of the video to find out how you can win a half brick, that’s six unopened and sealed decks, of Aurelian’s playing cards. Aurelian’s playing cards are literally, they look like gold. They look like, if you were
like to go to Fort Knox and ask them for a deck of cards, this is what they would give you. This is designed by my
good buddy Oban Jones in collaboration with Geraint Clarke. They’re a very, very exquisite
sort of high-end feel, embossed, and foiled, and all that stuff. So, if you guys wanna stay
tuned at the end of the video to find out how you can win a half brick, I will let you know. So, watch the tutorial,
learn this cool move, plus get the chance to win some cards. It doesn’t get any better than that. Let’s go. Alright guys, so for this tutorial, basically you will need
a few prerequisites. I mean, obviously, if you
just wanna do the color change for a camera, you can
go ahead and do that, there’s nothing wrong with that, or just show it to some magic friends. But if you actually wanna
perform this to a spectator, I advise you create a routine around it. And whatever that routine is, make sure the context is right for you. Some of the tools used
to create that context will be a control, a Pinky Break and a Pinky
Count, and then a Double Lift. So basically, that’s all
you’re gonna be using. There’s also a little
variation of handling, which was basically like
on the Jones Change, but I’ll get into that in a second. So, all you have to do is,
if you’re not familiar, you can use a Double
Undercut or a Classic Pass or any means to control a selection to the top of the deck. So, let’s say it’s that selection. For argument sake, I’ll just
run over a Double Undercut. You wanna get a break. So, the selection is here. You can leave those on top. You wanna get a break right there. And that’s an exaggerated break, but a break nonetheless. And then basically, as you’re
talking to the spectator, tell them, “Okay, we’ll
cut the deck a few times.” Or whatever you wanna say, but make sure the context feels right. I’m just literally
running over the motions. It’s up to you guys to fill in the blanks of why you’re doing this. So, a Double Undercut basically is you’re gonna break off
half of that bottom pack and put it to the top
and then the other half and put it to the top. As simple as that. And the card is controlled. So, one more time, I’m not gonna do this too often, but here you go. There’s that card. You wanna keep a break, cut and cut, and now you’re good. The card is controlled to the top. So, once you’re in this position
and the card is on the top, you’ll need to get a
break under that card, because you’ll need to get a Double. And the best way to do that
honestly is a Pinky Count. To Pinky Count, basically
just takes finger strength and it takes practice and
practice and practice. But once you get it, it’s
something you’ll use all the time. So, you’re just using literally your pinky and you’re pulling down until you release two cards from there. Very hard to do if
you’re just starting off with the Pinky Count, but if you keep practicing that
and just keep riffling down and try to count as many cards as you can till you go all the way down. I mean, that’s a good way to practice. But you wanna get your
Pinky Count down packed. Once you have those two cards, you’re gonna take from your right hand your middle finger and your thumb. Your middle finger’s gonna take the top-right corner of the card. And your thumb’s gonna
take the bottom-left. Just like that. Now, you can display it like this. And bending it a little
bit helps the illusion that it’s only one card,
sort of, not too much, but just a little bit. Here’s where you’re gonna
perform something similar to what was used in the Jones Change, but not all the way, you’re not going through all the motions. So, it’s just a bit of a convincer, but also at the some time, it gets you ready for the color change. So, your index is going to be right here. You’re gonna pull down and around. It’s gonna come back up and
you’re gonna hold it like this. Alright. So, as you show it here, index around and you hold it like this. Once you’re in this position– I’ll run over this whole thing from up over the shoulder
view for you guys, so you guys can see. But once you’re here,
basically all you’re doing is that. Now, there’s nothing to it. It’s literally just that, but– the illusion’s gonna help
because you’re gonna slap it on the deck. Thus leaving you very clean. So, let’s run over that over the shoulder and give you guys a more
in-depth look on how that works. Alright, so here we go for
an over the shoulder view. Once again, once the card
is controlled at the top, so let’s say by means of a, of a Double Undercut, we
have a 2 of hearts here. We gotta break. We’re gonna cut the bottom half to the top and then the other half there leaving us with the 2 of hearts on top. So, once that 2 of hearts’ on top, you wanna get your Pinky Count. So, with your pinky, use pressure and count off two cards. Once those cards are counted
off, you can catch your break. From here, once you caught your break, you can literally pop it off using the thumb and the middle finger. I’m still holding two cards here. Once you’re in that
break, it just naturally, if your thumb comes here, you can literally just
pick up two cards like this using your right hand. Your thumb and middle
finger will contact this. Bend the card a little,
you can show that to them. They’re seeing this index right here rolls it around and then back. Okay. It’s a very, very simple move as you’re showing it, but
if you do it a little quick, looks flashy, right? So, let’s do that in slowmo again. You’re here, you show them
the middle finger contacts, goes all the way around. Whoa, I’m not even sure
what happened there. So, here. Just like that. Now let’s do that in slowmo. You’re here, index curls all the way in and tilts a bit, index curls back around. Now you feel, you’ll feel
it contact right here. And that’s what you want. That’s the sweet spot right there. Boom! As you’re here, you can
literally hold it like this. Your index is gonna come
on this side and hold it. And your thumb, ’cause
all you’re doing is this. Alright. That’s literally all
you’re gonna be doing. Once you’re here and now, this is where the deck comes into play. One thing I like to do is like slap it on, ’cause if you just– that’s kind of weird. Slapping it on, the bigger motion covers the little motion, which is nice. So, if you’re here and then boom! Just like that. Now, don’t worry about this card flashing, ’cause for the most part, I mean, if it’s like that,
the index is gonna hide the end you see there,
so you won’t flash there and on the bottom, I mean– You’re kind of really well-hidden. The only time that they
might see it is if you do something like that and then– see even then, your index
is kind of hiding that. It’s best if that’s squared up. And that’ll just take some
aim and practice for you guys. You’re here, show the card, boom, it’s not your card, how about now? The clean up that I use,
I just kind of do this. But literally, you can just do this. You know, you can just
literally show them the card however you want to. But it’s just a nice sort of visual piece of
eye candy that you can, that you can show them quickly. So, there you have it. Don’t know what to go
over other than that, it’s a really simple thing, so once again, work on
your Pinky Count guys. If you don’t know how to Pinky Count, I don’t wanna see, I don’t wanna see this. Ugh! Just chaps my ass. I mean, there’s other things you can do, you can do a Push Off. If you do a Push off here– you know, there’s several
ways to get into it, but the simplest way
is just to Pinky Count. And then, once you’re here. Bam! Alright. Once you’re here. Boom! Now, it’s visually changed. And you’re clean. Woo! That’s about all I got on this. Let’s find out how you
guys can win a sick prize. Right now. Alright guys, thank you
so much for tuning in. Thank you for watching this tutorial and being patient with me. And thank you for taking the
time to learn this properly and not to execute it poorly. I really appreciate it. And I also appreciate
all the great feedback that you guys give me in the comments. I read most of it. Obviously, sometimes I don’t
have time to read everything, but I do read most of it and
I will respond to a lot of you if you guys have some pertinent questions. That being said, let me
know what you thought below, let me know what you thought of the move and everything else. And remember to win six brand new unopened sealed decks of Aurelian’s playing
cards by Ellusionist. All you have to do, go over to ELOG 11. So, ELOG is a bimonthly show that I host over at Ellusionist. Basically, it’s a review show. It’s just a random
compilation of like videos, magic, and all sorts of stuff. So, if you guys wanna win
this, head over to Ellusionist, subscribe to their channel, like ELOG 11 and comment below. Comment, what do we comment? Comment… Comment, “Sent by Chris.” There you go. So, go over to ELOG 11,
I’ll leave the link here. “Sent by Chris.” Comment on that video, like that video, and subscribe to Ellusionist and you’re automatically entered. I will choose one random winner to take home a half brick of these babies. So, thanks again for tuning guys. You guys are amazing and
we’ll see you next time. Peace!

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