We are really excited to introduce our
new line of sterling silver solder charms here at Halstead. These itsy-bitsy,
teeny-tiny little sterling silver components do not have punched holes,
attachment rings, or loops. Instead they come in an array of basic shapes that
can be sweat soldered onto the surface of any sheet metal jewelry components.
Some examples are shown here with a round sterling silver blank embellished
with solder charms and one of our sterling silver cuff blanks embellished
with some flower and leaf solder charms that have been artfully arranged on the
surface. If you haven’t completed training on sweat soldering, I recommend
that you visit our articles and videos to get started on our YouTube and
WordPress article channels. Check out all of the different shapes and sizes of
solder charms available and play with the possibilities these components allow
on rings, bracelets, pendants, charms, and much, much more.

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