Star Era – Anime Card MMO review

Welcome to Social Viking where we pillage
and scour through the depths of the interwebs to find you the the social games worth playing,
and those that belong in the trash. Today we’ll be taking a look at Star Era Star Era is a collectible card game that was
published this year, the trailer seems very promising with its own theme song and animation,
makes it feel like you’re a part of an Anime but sadly the game couldn’t live up to in
our eyes. The game starts off as you naming your character
in the server you choose, but sadly your characters are gender locked with absolutely no customization.
Though the protagonist and assistant you select don’t affect the gameplay at all, it would’ve
been nice if you looked a little different from everyone else you’d run into in PvP. That been said, the PvP of the game is pretty
competitive and that’s always something good to see. The game revolves around you, the player exploring
a giant ship and fighting infectors and all sorts of enemies in the vessel, once you win
you may receive a card, or loot. The cards you receive are used to upgrade
your existing cards, fuse, or even to use in your deck so that you may become more powerful Different cards have different stats, some
being better than the other and there’s a really nice variety of them too, however
what was offputting to me was the fact that the game mechanics are simply just too bland. The game plays on autoplay, so that the cards
you gain don’t really give a huge variety in battle, we do know that we’ve only been
playing for a few hours and that it may change later in game, but after a fair bit of research and digging
in we found out that the changes were minimal, to stacking the same sort of cards to gain
bonuses and health and attack buffs. I guess what I was hoping for was for something that
required a bit more strategy. Everything being said and done the game is
still pretty nice, if you’re okay with the auto attacking system that is, you may see
some real animation in the midst of battle, and the game does have some good music (let’s
not forget that intro after all). but other than that it’s not something that we’d
be spending day and night on, although the game does have a ton of depth with all the
in built systems and leaderboards. so tell us? what do you think about the game
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  1. I've been playing for about an year now and it's kind of getting boring because of all the exploring and then fighting infectors which repeat constantly….. but I still can't seem to quit and the artwork for the cards are great xD

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