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(bell dings) – [Jennifer] Hi there, and welcome. This is Jennifer McGuire. I hope you’re having a great day. I thought I would share
some tips for creating shaker cards with little
stamped images inside. I think it’s fun to
stamp and color an image, cut it out, and put it in a shaker card so it moves around inside. However, sometimes they
go a little bit crazy and go upside down and get out of control. So I’m going to share
some tips for including those stamped images in your shaker cards, and just some shaker card tips in general. I’m using a few stamp sets
from Jane’s Doodles today. This is their new unicorn stamp set. It’s got some adorable images in it. What I’m doing here is just stamping a bunch of images that I can take with me to color with my kids while
we do some arts and crafts. So I have my Mini Misti here, just so I can stamp them very quickly. You could use an acrylic
block, if that’s all you have. I am stamping with a
copic friendly black ink onto a copic friendly
Neenah white card stock. So I can do some copic coloring, but you can color however you want. Now you’ll see, I’m stamping
these multiple times, so that I can have lots of images to color and to turn into cards. You may also notice that I
double stamp some of these. Stamp them twice right
on top of each other. I just did that to get a more
solid black stamped image. It’s one of the advantages
of using the Misti. So let me show you all the stamp sets that I stamped some images from. This is a leaf stamp set. These are all from Jane’s Doodles. The cactus stamp set,
which is a great set. I just used the sentiment
from it for today’s cards. And then this monster stamp
set, along with the unicorn. So I did all the stamping,
and then I just did some coloring with my copic markers. Just felt like doing a little bit of copic coloring therapy. So I didn’t do anything fancy, but I did write down there
the colors that I used, if that’s helpful. This is something that I like to do. I like to stamp a bunch of things, and then take them with me on the go, or take them down by the kids, so that we can do some coloring together. After I did the coloring,
I did a quick brush of Spectrum Noir Shimmer
Pen over all of the images, so that they would have lots of shine. I think this makes a big difference on the cards in real life. Be careful, because some
colors kind of bleed with the Spectrum Noir. I find with copics they
don’t bleed, except the red. Sometimes the pen picks up a
little pink from the red ink. So you just want to brush
it off onto scrap paper. It’ll come off nicely. Okay, after I did all of my coloring, I went ahead and hand cut all the images. I find that therapeutic also. So I have them all cut and ready to go. Now it’s time to create the
frame for our shaker window. There are many ways to do this. But I thought I’d share
with you what I find to work best after
trying so many different methods for making that shaker window. I like to die cut a frame shape, and die cut it many times,
from white card stock or whatever card stock you have, and then glue a bunch together
to build that dimension. You could use craft foam or
craft tape for this instead, but I find the results
from this are wonderful. So I use this single stitch frame die from My Favorite Things,
and I just die cut from some inexpensive white card stock. And I’m gluing about five or six of them together at this point on. I’m adding more of them later. You just want to build it
up to whatever dimension you want to have. I’m using a strong liquid adhesive, because when this dries, it
doesn’t leave a sticky edge. If you use other types of adhesive, sometimes there’s a sticky edge around the inside of the shaker
window, which catches our little shaker bits,
and keeps them from moving. By using this liquid
adhesive, it dries nicely and isn’t sticky. It really doesn’t take
that long to die cut all these and glue them together. I really find that it’s
worth that little bit of extra effort. Okay, so now that we
have our frame starting to build up, we need to create that window that goes across the front. You can see, I have a
sentiment heat embossed on it. So I’m using this heat resistant acetate, so that I can emboss on
it, and I don’t have to worry about warping the acetate. This will be the front
of our shaker window. I brushed it lightly with some anti-static powder tool, and then I am stamping with VersaMark ink, the ‘You’re so awesome’ sentiment from this cactus stamp set. Now there are some instructions
on the package on how to use this, I kind of ignore them and just use a little bit of
my anti-static powder tool, I put on the embossing powder, I flick off the excess,
gotta knock it all off, and then I let my heat gun
get really good and hot before I bring it to the acetate. And you don’t want to kind
of like leave the heat on the acetate, you want
to pull it towards it and away from it. So you don’t overheat it,
but check it out, you can get a beautiful heat-embossed image
without warping the acetate. This acetate is really handy to have. Okay, so now that I have my acetate ready, we need to get the piece
that goes behind the window of the shaker card, that blue
piece that you see in there. That’s one of the advantages
of using a frame die like this one, I just die cut
from some blue card stock, that same die, and I took
the square from the center. Now I have this gorgeous
background stamp from Simon Says Stamp, I
think it’s just awesome. It could be used for a variety of cards. Inking it up with a
blue ink and stamping it onto my favorite card stock, which is Simon Says Stamp Audrey Blue. I love this color, and Lawn Fawn Merman
ink looks great on it. Okay so now we have that
ready, I have my little stars that I colored and cut out. And I’m going to glue
those on to the background, you could have saved time
by doing the stamping and coloring directly onto a
little piece of card stock here but I thought it would
be fun to glue these on. You could also allow them to
float in the shaker window if you want to. Okay, so now I am going
to glue some sequins on to the background of the shaker window. Now I think this makes a big
difference with shaker cards. If you don’t glue any of the sequins like up to the background, then when you stand your shaker card up, everything falls to the
bottom of the shaker window, and that’s really not that much fun. You want some of those
goodies to kind of stay up. So by adhering some of
the sequins, I can be sure that they don’t all fall to the bottom. Now I wanted to have a
unicorn in there that would kind of float around but
not end up upside down in the corner of our shaker window, so here is the trick that I do. I have this clear thread, any kind of clear thread would be great. I’ll link to the one that I think is best. And I am going to tape a
piece of that clear thread along the back of this unicorn, so I’m just using a little
piece of washi tape, you could use any kind of tape here. And I am making it so that
the thread comes out the top of the unicorn and out
the bottom of the unicorn so that I can kind of suspend
it across our shaker window. So we can kind of control where he moves. So you can see it’s just hanging there. This is the same way I
would do a spinner card. So having a little element spinning. But you don’t have to worry
about the back of this because nobody will see the back of it. Okay, so this is how I suspend it. This is the important part. I’m going to put some strong
double-sided tape at the top and the bottom of our frame,
and this is that frame we kind of built up with a few die cuts. Now I’m going to tape the string on to the top and the
bottom of this frame, but I’m not going to do it tightly. I’m going to make it so
it’s loose in the inside so that he can move around a little bit but not flip upside down
and end up in the corner. So you see I’m stretching it across, and I’m pushing the thread
into the tape on the top, and then to the tape on the bottom, but I’m leaving it kind of loose in there, I’m allowing a little
slack in that string. So watch, he can still
move around, even though the top string and the bottom string are adhered to that frame. So now we need to trim off
some of that extra string, and we need to sandwich that string in between another little frame. I’m going to use liquid adhesive
again for the rest of this because I like that it doesn’t ooze out and make a mess, and then
I’ll put another frame die cut right on top. So we have that clear string
sandwiched in between there and you really cannot see
this string, it’s fantastic. It’s nice and thin. You could use a fishing
twine or something else that you may have, or even colored string, but I really like that
this is so thin and clear. So you can see he moves
around in there just fine, but he won’t end up upside
down and in the corner. I did glue a few more frames
on top, so there’s about eight layered up, and now
it’s time to do the top of our shaker window. I’m just going to get it ready. Now for this I don’t use liquid adhesive, I used double-sided tape. I think that works much
better with the acetate. So this is on the back of
one of those frame die cuts. I’m going to lay the
acetate right on to it. By the way, I cut the acetate
to be slightly smaller than the outside dimension of this frame, so it’s about three
inches by three inches. So now we have this ready to
go on top of our shaker window. I’m also going to put some
double-sided tape on this side so that once I have all my
shaker bits inside the window we can just stick this on
top, so it’s ready to go. Please keep in mind that
there are so many ways you can do shaker cards
and shaker windows. I have shown many in past videos. You could use any method
that works for you, and use that string trick there too, just sandwich it on the top
and the bottom of the shaker window and you’ll be good to go. Okay, so now it’s time to put our card and our window together. I have a piece of shimmer
metallic card stock, it’s silver, this is from
Gina K., it’s beautiful. And I cut it to four
by five and a quarter, I have glued our little
shaker window background towards the top, and I am
putting some double-sided tape around the outside edge so
that we can glue our built up frame with the unicorn right on top. This really makes it easy. This method gives you
a frame that sticks out from the top of the card,
which I think is fun. You can also do a shaker
card so that the whole front is flat and the dimension is behind it. And I’ll link to a video
that shows that option. But check it out. You can see how that unicorn
kind of flies around in there, really moves nicely but
doesn’t end up upside down. Now it’s time to fill the
inside of our shaker window. I’m using some Pretty Pink
Posh small stars sequins, or little confetti, and also
some beads and clear sequins that I have left over from a kit. And then it’s time to
put our window on top, remember we already put
the adhesive behind it. We can just press that down,
trim off any clear thread that may still be sticking
out from the sides, sorry my head gets in the way there. And check it out, we
have a fun shaker card, you want to press it all down firmly, and you can see our little
unicorn flies around in there nicely, as do
all the other little bits. Now while we’re here I thought
I’d show you just quickly the other examples, not all the steps, but just some of the key parts. I can’t get over how cute
this little monster is. So I colored him and cut
him out, and I added an eye from this great Doodlebug sticker set, these are called Sprinkles,
and there are some playful eyes in there, they call them eerie,
but I don’t think they have to be eerie, I think they can also be fun, and they’re great because
they’re not as thick as google eyes, so you
don’t get too much bulk. I can’t stand how cute
these are, I actually bought like four or five packs,
I’m kind of crazy, but it looks perfect on this monster. So you can see I suspended
him with string once again, and I let it be loose there in the inside so that he could kind of hop around inside the shaker window. Now it’s time to build up
a few more frames on that, sandwiching that string in between. And then I can go ahead
and assemble him like I did the other. Now here is the leaf example, in this one I actually
suspended three leaves, so the green leaf is suspended by itself with a piece of clear thread, and then I glued the
other two leaves together and suspended them together on another piece of clear thread, so they kind of all move around in there. So you can make a big shaker
window and have lots of things kind of floating in there, and again, you do the same method
of suspending on string to do a spinner card, but this time we’re making
the thread loose inside there. So it can kind of shake around. Now if you were building
your shaker window out of thin pieces of
craft foam on the outside instead of the stacked frames, I would recommend doing two
layers thick of craft foam. The reason why is it allows these pieces to have more movement in there, and you can sandwich the string
in between the two layers of the double-sided tape or craft foam. Now this, if you were to mail
it, I would put in a padded envelope, just to take care of it, you put a lot of effort into it. But I plan to give these cards as gifts to somebody, so I’m just going to hand deliver them. Okay, so here’s a closer
look at the shimmer metallic card stocks that I’m using on
the background of my cards, they’re from Gina K. Designs. I’m using the silver and the copper on today’s card backgrounds,
but there’s also the gold. It’s just beautiful because
it’s nice and subtle. Now notice here that I’m
assembling these three cards together at once, and it really is a huge time saver. If you’re making several
shaker cards at once I recommend doing all the steps together, it will cut down the time significantly. Okay so you can see I”m
putting these together just like I did the others. Inside of these I’m using a
new mix from Lucy’s Cards, this is called Twinkle Lights,
and it is a beautiful mix. There are so many sequin mixes out there. This one is one of my tops,
because it has some clear in it, it has some beads in it,
it has some stars in it, and it has some colors in it, so you could pick out the ones
you need to glue onto a card, or you can get a colorful mix
inside of your shaker window. Again, notice that I’m gluing some of them on to the background of the shaker window, so they stay up when you
shake the card around. But then the rest I just throw in on top. So after I have filled all
my little shaker windows, it’s time to put our heat
embossed acetate window on the front, and there we can see the little monster jumping up and down. I just love that he jumps
around instead of doing flips. Great way to kind of control
what you put in there. And then for the leaves,
you can see how the cluster kind of moves around inside also. And I went ahead and
glued all of these onto four and 1/4 by five and
1/2″ white note cards, and here are the final four cards. I also did a little rainbow. I’m not sure why I made a
rainbow moving around in there, but I thought it would be fun to do. And then the leaf card. So this is just a fun way
to kind of add a little more to your shaker windows. Remember you can incorporate
them into whatever shaker card window design you would like. If you are interested in
learning more about this, please check the YouTube
description below, I’ll have links there. You can also go to my
blog for more pictures. In the middle are three
other shaker card videos that might be of help to you,
different ways to do them. Some with less bulk, so be
sure to check those out. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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