[bombastic hip-hop music] – Thomas, I think you–
Kathryn and I need to talk. She’s just, you know,
yelling at me, telling me I’m an idiot,
blah blah blah. – Oh, my God, literally. – Let’s just you,
Kathryn, and I all talk. Because there’s a lot of lies. – I just tried to talk to her and she’s like–
[speaks gibberish] [indistinct talking] – Thomas would love to chat–
– Ew! You’re like, trying to, like,
start a fight. – No, I’m just trying to
squash this nonsense. – What nonsense? I see what you do
and that’s all that matters. – What do I do, Kathryn? Thomas wants to talk about it.
Let’s talk about it. – Well, let’s talk about it
then, Thomas. – Yeah. I never did anything.
I want you to hear from Thomas that we’ve never dated.
Tell her! – We never dated.
We never had anything. [dramatic music pounds] – Thomas…
– I–[stammering] – You better…
– Do I ever do that, Thomas? – Come here, come here.
– Oh, no-no-no-no-no. You’re a f ing liar.
You’re crazy. You’re all f ing nuts. – You’re always around when
things go crazy. – Shut the f up.
– Maybe you’re the crazy. I haven’t done anything wrong
to you ever. – Shut the f up. – I never did anything, ask him!
– Wait. – Kathryn…
– Shut up! Stop yelling! – Ugh.
– You sound like a f ing kindergartner.
– Step away from me. – Shut the f up then. – T–afraid of you right now. – This is insane.
– Hear it from Thomas! – This is crazy.
– Thomas, tell her. – Hold on, Kathryn, Kathryn…
– Hear it from Thomas! – These are lies. I’m gonna walk out peacefully. That’s f ed up. F y’all.
F all y’all, seriously.

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