welcome to a new video today I’m going to do it I’m going to review the Karthik the new some new cards from mr. Cassell and hide oh I think most of you all know them if not I will link the channels the channel links in my video subscriptions so you can check it out they are by the way don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and to get all the notifications about my new videos to follow my channel better and also to support me because I see that you follow me subscribe to me and that’s cool yeah so now you hopefully all know that you tuba and what happened is he released his third edition together with Fido yeah they are together they work together and they released their third edition and it’s a double edition it’s the Firestone and blitz up sonam cards edition and that’s what we are going to review today now I want to show you if a little clip where you can see what what’s that and how they are released at yeah [Music] [Music] so now you know about what I will speak and now I say a few topics about which I will speak in this video I will speak about the quality and new qualities in comparison to the first editions then I will speak about if cards then about the prices then where you can buy them and then I will speak about my personal opinion and please don’t charge me with this opinion it’s my opinion yeah I don’t care if you have this opinion I just tell you my opinion and maybe you are inspired by it okay and with these words I will say let’s start with the first point [Music] you [Music] now to the quality and the qualities in comparison to the other edition so take out the cards are a new paper it’s the slimline stock from cattle mooing cattle moon is the company who produces it and then they got a new finish the new p9 finish on the cards yeah so that means that the card should be first smooth and second thinner that they are free not it they already showed I don’t showed it on his channel when they unbox their cars when they got it then they compare it with the other dishes and it’s really about saving card spinner with the same amount of cars yeah so it’s really thin now you can see that with your eye it’s really fine idea that’s cool and the cool thing is that although it’s fina um it shouldn’t be like verse yeah so if the duration you can use them will be approximately the same I hope so I think it will be like that because it there is no there is no reason for doing them phenyl and sliema but then that they don’t work no it will work very good so today gift cards there of course new cool gift cards in the car deck again like the other editions they got new nice ideas I like it mr. trip sales started explaining some of the gift cards on his channel so you can check them they are out if you want to see it I don’t want to spoil it too much now but I think when I do my unboxing video to the cards I ordered then I will I think I will do like I will present you you want careful subtracted in the unboxing video and then I will present like in further video card trick videos some gifts I think I will do that there’s a cool thing I love the gift that’s something you can look forward to so let’s go to the prices in quantity it’s like because it is a double addition there are instead of 15,000 texts not 30,000 tech yeah so the quantity got doubled which is very cool I like it yeah I also bought like double I bought last time a half brick now a brick but I come to the data and then it’s like the prices for me surprisingly no we’re it’s almost nothing what got added to the price of last year so that’s very crazy now I will show you some prices and tell you the prices to the important of most important things so a single deck or firestorm or Blizzard Edition whatever you want is 22 year old you can see it here Rick is 117 euro it’s free takes of Firestone Friedrichs of blizzard in a half break you can see that here and then the brick is 229 euro you can see the tear and it’s six decks of each addition okay now you may ask how you can buy them there you can buy them I said I tell you there is an online shop somnium cards dot-com no dot de for Germany and yeah you can buy them there in my video subscription tier I will give their the first link will lead you to the online shop so you can place the cards there and if you don’t want to look at my video subscription you can also go to the other chain of metric to excel or sodium cuffs YouTube channel there is everything explained yeah if you don’t trust me and the link but yeah just click there and you can purchase your cards there I think there are still a few cards left so you can still buy them yeah so I because there is double of the double of the number of things available so you can get that okay nice so and now let’s go further to the next point let’s get to my opinion Pentacles are really good I think they’re reasonably priced I think they could also like sell one thing for 30 euro and I would buy it yeah it’s really because they’re really good reasonable price it’s of course worth the money and then it’s like I bought the last edition and I’m really happy with the cards I don’t regret that I bought them and so my expectations for dissertations are also very very high I’ve already ordered this edition I bought a brick like I said because it’s a double edition and I want six decks of each because I did the same with the Nocturne Edition so that’s why I do the brick and it’s like how I said I’m my expectations for this for the next day for this edition is really really high but I really think that I won’t be disappointed by them yeah I really think that they got some really really great so I think that if you are a magician or caddies then you definitely should go and get some cards of these they are really cool they’re really great song go and get them and now I come with this verbs to the end I hope that you got you know now a new card deck from which you know that it’s a really good car take your made by them if you miss attractive or high – I’m watching this video I really want to thank you I think that you’re doing a really really good job the cards are great thank you for everything thank you for doing your work it’s really great into all the others I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you share the video if you liked it obviously you have already subscribe to my channel and with these words that’s for now I will see you again in my next video and bye bye until next time yours magic Nico and bye [Music] you [Music]

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