Sneak Peek of The Magical Wand Chase from Sesame Street (HBO)

♪ Hey! ♪NINA:
Who wants to go on an adventure?
-Let’s not and say we did. -♪ (TRUMPET BLOWS) ♪
-(EVERYONE GROANING) -Oh, where are we going, Nina?
-Ooh, under the sea? ROSITA:Oh, over the moon?NINA:Just around the corner.
New friends!
-ROSITA:New places.
they’ll be new foods to try. Yeah, like churros. Oh, is that a cookie? Mm, more like a long doughnut
without the hole. Oh, that sound delicious. -(COOKIE MONSTER MUNCHING)
-(LAUGHING) I’m outta here. ♪ (CHEERY MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ There’s lot of new adventures… ALL: Just around the corner! (LAUGHING AND CHATTING)

  1. Wow! I hope all Sesame Street characters are there: Elmo, Cookie, Telly, Zoe, the Count, Bert and Ernie, Oscar, Rosita, Grover, and Abby!!
    This is so exciting!

  2. I think Fafa the Groundhog from Glove and Boots needs to be featured in this special and for that groundhog to get Muppet eyes instead of the normal black beeded ones. Also, I see my favorite monster from the series and it's Narf at 0:40.

    Their G&B channel is at this:

  3. Oh sure everyone on Sesame Street has a good time but then call it short because Abby's wand gets into trouble and everyone has to waste their time going on a wild goose chase to retrieve it and get it back in her hands throughout the whole special. So I'm unsure about this.

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