Hi, this is Doug on behalf of expertvillage.com.
What we’re talking about is sleight of hand. We’re going over a very famous sleight. It’s
called the French Drop. What we’ve gone over of course again is the grasp and then the
fake drop. Or the Drop and the Steal. And the Pull Apart and this is important again
that your focus is on this hand. The next and most important, another most important
step is called the Delay. Because what’s going to happen here is you’re going to vanish a
coin. And again when the mind is fooled, it’s going to go to the last step. Easily the last
step it can remember that you did to try to figure out what happened there. Okay, so the
mind is fooled, it’s amazed, it’s going to go back one step. So what you want to do is
delay a little bit. Kind of inserting a step if you will, inserting just a little bit of
patter or talking. Or a movement or what I like to do here is actually perform the illusion
and my delay is either shaking the trick, or shaking the hand. Excuse me. Or asking
for a magical word. What I also like to do is kind of rub the hands and focus as if you
are rubbing the matter of the coin away until it disappeared. Blowing into the hand, asking
questions, asking somebody else to blow on the hand. There’s a lot of things to delay
the mind’s reset. Because what’s going to happen here is the coin is in the hand, in
your hand in their minds up until it’s not. Until the reveal it’s gone. So they’re going
to think back, coin disappears. Coin was in the hands, somebody blew in the hand, so maybe
they did it. Maybe it was their breath. Maybe it was the magic word, which is what you want
to do. It’s a magical breath, a magical dust. Whatever it may be. But again, creating the
delay to kind of confuse the mind into thinking what just happened?

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