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Hey, everybody, this is Cameron with Hobbytown here to tell you today about two great products from Karma Games. We’ve got Tenzi and Slapzi. So, let’s play! Alright, so let’s crack into Tenzi first and take a look at what we’ve got when we buy it. You’re gonna get a whole bunch of dice. Tenzi is a super fast very frenzied game. Basically, the way you play is every player is going to get 10 dice and this is the whole game: You’re gonna roll and you’re gonna try to get all of your dice to match. I rolled a bunch of ones here, I’m gonna keep those ones and I’ll just keep rolling and it’s a speed game so I’m going to keep collecting my ones and I’m racing against everybody else who might be trying to collect their numbers. That’s the basic game of Tenzi. So, you may be saying to yourself, “That’s really not much to go on. Just rolling dice?” But I’ll tell you what once you get it going, you got a lot of people cheering, it’s really loud, it’s fast, it’s frenzied. It’s a ton of fun. If you have more than just four people, you can buy the party pack and if you want even more to add to your Tenzi game, you can pick up the expansion at any HobbyTown called 77 ways to play Tenzi. Inside this little box has 77 different ways to try it. Whether it’s trying to get different numbers… different things to do while you’re rolling… all sorts of crazy fun things. So, that’s Tenzi in a nutshell. So, now we’re going to take a look at Slapzi. Slapzi is made by that same company as Tenzi, but it’s a card game. We’ve got the instructions, a bunch of variations, kind of like the 77 ways, and then you’re going to get a bunch of cards. Each of the cards is going to have two pictures on it. Just random things. All sorts of different things that you’d find around the house, animals, things that you wear, and so on. And then you’re going to have a bunch of these cards that has some requirement: Five or six letter food, something you wear, something you can fit in your pocket. Each person is going to get five of these cards. Remember, there’s a picture on the front and the back. It can get really hard to keep track of all 10 of your images. Then, you’re just going to flip over one of these cards and you have to find something in your five cards that matches the rule. So, for example, “You Wear It”.
Obviously, I’d able to do jeans, but if I have five cards, I’ve gotta flip through and try to find it. It’s another very fast-paced game, very fun, very silly. That’s why Slapzi is the perfect game for parties or any fun events where you wanna just get crazy have a little bit of rowdy fun. Maybe you just want to throw some dice with Tenzi, maybe you wanna slap some cards down with Slapzi. Either way, you’re going to have a lot of fun with your friends and family. Both of these games from Karma Games are available at HobbyTowns anywhere so be sure to pick one up. Thanks for watching. This is Cameron. We’ll see you again next time!


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