Simple Four Ace Magic 2 – Ep 3 | Card Magic Tricks

This is the third lesson in this course. In this lesson, I am going to share with you an advanced version of the magic trick in lesson 2. I’ll show you the preview. First I shuffle cards like this. After that, I will invite the audience to divide the deck into 4 parts. And due to the audience divide the card I get random positions. Random positions will have random cards. Card 2 Card J Card 9 and card 5 These are random cards randomly divided by the audience. For example Card 2 I take 2 cards put it down and divide 1, 2, 3. Card J I can take 10 or 11 cards decided by the audience, then put down and divide 1, 2, 3. Card 9 I take 9 cards put down and divide 1, 2, 3. Final, Card 5 I take 5 cards put down and divide 1, 2, 3. And by the numbers in these random positions, I get 1 ace, 2 ace, 3 ace and 4 ace like this. That is this magic trick. As I said this is an advanced magic trick of magic trick in lesson 2. In this lesson, I want to show you the importance of thinking and being creative when playing magic. For the same magic trick, I just need to think a bit differently and I create a little more about magic, then I have a new magic trick with a better effect. Now I will guide you to perform this magic trick. I want to use 4 aces and 2 any cards with a card 5. During the tutorial I will turn over for you to easily observe. I’ll put 4 aces, 2 any cards and card 5 on top of my deck. First, I spread the cards similar to the second magic trick for people to see but do not reveal the lower part. Then I shuffle the fake card like this. Make a mark and shuffle the feel on the tip of the thumb. Now you invite the audience to divide the deck into 4 parts and you remember to remind them to divide evenly and pay attention to the first part. One Two Three Four and remember that this part is the last part you do. Now I’m going to show first card, these are really random cards divided by the audience. This card is the card I arranged. Now I have this part which has 2 random cards and 4 aces. The first part has card 7, then I take 7 cards put it down and divide 1, 2, 3. This part has 1 more card and I’ve got 3 random cards here. Similarly If in the case of an audience divided the number of cards not equal to this card, you do like this then it will always be enough and divide 1, 2, 3. So, after two attempts, I get 4 random cards here. Similarly The part containing card K is the same as the part containing card Q and divide 1, 2, 3. So, after three attempts, I get 5 random cards here including 2 available cards and 3 card is added. The part has card 5, I take 5 cards put down and divide 1, 2, 3. Now I have 4 aces on top of the deck. Flick off, 4 aces flipped up surprised the audience because the positions of these 4 cards are random and they divide themselves. That’s this magic trick.

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