Simple COOL card trick that will amaze your friends

Hi Guys, today I’m going to show you a
very simple simple trick that will amaze your friends it is very simple and yet very cool. Lets say you said stop will will separate the deck into 3 pieces and I will ask you
to put the first card in the middle deck, the
second one in the last deck and check this one and remember it. Now I’m gonna look in
the cards and try to find it. First i will
shuffle them it’s gonna be a good shuffling so I’m looking for it now, lets see okay, is it this one ? no ? okay. Lets see is it this one ? no ? how about this one? no? okay. Is the card in any of this three cards? Are you sure? You wanna bet a dollar? Ok lets see Oh, there it is. So if you’re wondering I am about to show you how this is done So first thing you have to do is start
counting cards and remembered the 3th one see, its 3 of hearts this time and keep doing it and your friends will
say stop now your separating the cards into tree pieces and from the last one you tell them to put the first card in
the middle one, second one in the third one and remember this one see
it’s a tree of hearts and put it somewhere. the thing is that
you know what the card is since the beginning so it’s
just a distraction you already know it’s going to be
three of hearts in the first three seconds so everything else is just distraction
so they don’t realize where’s the trick is so you just shuffle and start looking for the cart so now… okay there it is, so you put one card in front
of it leave one there and you ask for your
friend if this is the card they will say no, then slightly move that
card behind and drug the 3 of hearts put it on the table drag another one, you
ask them if that is the card No okay so now, it’s the betting time would they bet a dollar? And the 3 of hearts is there Its easy as that. If you like the video you can subscribe and there will be more videos see you again

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