SIMPLE and FUN to PERFORM! The World’s EASIEST A.C.A.A.N. Trick!! + 4 FREE Bicycle Decks GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello and Welcome back to Cool Magic ForUm! I’m Cuz Red, of course you can call me Cuz! And Today I’ve got the world’s easiest ACAAN
trick! Don’t go nowhere! You’re gonna want to learn this one! Hey everyone! I hope you’re doing real great today! I’m feelin’ real fine! Like I always say if it’s your first time
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Magic ForUm! which we’ll be talking about a little later on in the video. So do stick around for that! Meanwhile, like I said I’ve got a really easy
to learn, fun to perform ACAAN trick that you can use to amaze your friends! Stick around for the tutorial. You guys are really gonna like this trick! If I had a spectator here, first and foremost
gotta get card chosen. Say they choose that card, I don’t need to
see it , I will show it to you and the camera. Get that all in your mind and everything. Got it memorized? We will go ahead and get completely lost into
the deck. Real easy to do! We’ll even give the cards a god shuffle! Always good to shuffle the cards and start
the trick with a good shuffled deck. Get ’em all mixed up, so that I don’t know
where your card is. Actually you’re gonna tell me in a minute
or so exactly where your card is! I would have you go ahead and pick a number
between 1 and 20. You say 9? Nine sounds good to me. Then I’m gonna tell you about a magician’s
magic snap. Now you see a lot of magicians using the magic
snap over a deck. and I’ll tell you what that does. We use it in different ways. Maybe use it to move a card into a certain
location in the deck. Maybe to make a card reversed in the deck
is another thing the magical snap will do. Also find a lost card. A lot of power in a magicians magical snap! But, it takes a little practice. A lot of magicians will tell you it takes
a lot of practice to get your snap exactly right so your tricks work out perfectly! I’m gonna show you. You can try it. Just give the deck a snap like that. have the spectator snap over the deck. You said 9? ok Let’s count down. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 this will be the 9th card. Is that your card? That’s not your card? Ok don’t worry about it. Like I said it takes a little bit of practice
to get this exactly right. We’ll go ahead and start over and shuffle
up the deck a little bit more. Get them all mixed up. try it again. this time, it’s really important. You gotta like really get your card in your
mind! Like really think about your card. make sure you’re thinking about nothing else
but, your card. and Then snap over the deck. Think of your card. You said 9? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8, this would be the 9th card.
is that your card? it is see! You did great! that’s all it takes is a little
magical snap! No sleight of hand! Just a little magical snap! and that’s the
trick there ladies and gentlemen! I hope you guys really like that one! Let’s get into the tutorial right now! Here comes the tutorial for this great , easy
trick! Like i told you guys, this is a really simple
one! A lot of you probably figured it out! Just an easy fun , little trick that you can
do for your friends. Would go like this, of course you gotta get
a card chosen. Have a spectator chose the card and This time
around , you saw me do it, we got the 10 of diamonds. It’s real simple i just stuck it in the back
of the deck. Pushed it in, get that little break there
and then i just cut ’em right to the table. Just to bring the 10 of diamonds to the top. Then a little overhand shuffle action going
on. You might have seen that. Get it all shuffled off. Bring those right back up to the top if you
want to do it again just in jog one card there and then go ahead and make a mess of an overhand
shuffle. Once again maintaining the 10 of diamonds
right there on the top of the deck. then you would have the spectator pick a number
between 1 and 20. Last time we used 9 so we’ll just say 9 again. say they picked the number 9 and you’re gonna
have them countdown. tell them about the magical snap. You can say it any kind of way that you want
to. As a matter of fact this trick is originally
called Magic Breath and I just kinda changed it around. Its where they would normally have the spectator
breathe on the deck and it doesn’t work. the the magician breathes on the deck and
it does work. I kinda like that method. But, it is better to bring the spectator into
it. Make them believe that they caused the magic
to happen! Instead of saying “Yea sorry your magic doesn’t
work, mine does.” Have them create the magic. So that’s why i came up with the little bit
of talk about the magical snap. We all use it. You see it commonly. every body snaps their fingers over the deck! You can tell them about the magical snap and
you have them try it. You picked No. 9 . Remember you’ve got the
10 on top of the deck so this is a really easy ACAAN. You’re just laying down 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and
then his would be the 9th card. It’s not gonna be their card. yea, it doesn’t work every time, the magic
snap. A lot of magicians will tell you it takes
a lot of practice and it may not work every single time. all you did was just reverse the order. see what I’m sayin’? Really simple! Now you put the cards back on the deck. and
you say We we are gonna shuffle them up again. Give the cards another good shuffle, leave
your self that little injog, that little break, throw off at the break. then of course, you’re gonna say. OK now try it again. Really, really think about your card! You gotta think about it exactly the same
time that you snap! and They snap over the deck and 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 , this would be the
9th card and there it is! the 10 of diamonds! really simple but, yet powerful trick! You can even put that last part in their hands! Just have them snap over the decks and they
deal down 9 cards and the 9th one is their chosen card! Really good simple trick! you guys definitely
do that, learn that one! Have a lot of fun doing it! It’s a really great simple trick and has a
lot of power to it! I hope you guys enjoyed that one! let’s get
into talking about the contest! Ok So for the month of May, One winner is
gonna pick up a four pack of Bicycle playing cards. Two red decks and two black standard decks. The black ones are only available in these
4 packs. So they are exclusive to the 4 pack. A little harder to get the black ones these
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into the May contest. this video I’m gonna simply ask you guys,
What are some of your favorite decks of cards? maybe name off your top 5 favorite decks of
cards would be a good thing. Your top 3? Just whatever your favorite decks of cards. Give me a good sampling of what the favorite
cards you like to do magic with. which ones feel good. which ones look good to you that you really
like. Just whatever. Name off your favorite decks of cards. That’ll be the like I said the final step
to get you qualified into the May contest and help you to win this 4 pack of Bicycle
playing cards! Real simple easy to do! you guys take care
of that. Take care of yourselves! Say Cool! And I will see you in my next video!

  1. Well…I'm guessing that for practicing, my favourite deck would be OG Bycicle decks. While for performing, I think any Theory11 or Ellusionist deck will do. Though, for cardistry, I do like the Stripes deck by DealersGrip

  2. My favourite deck for magic are just bicycle standard, they are high quality, and i do street magic, so it is cheaper than custom decks. And my favourite deck for Cardistry? I dont do too much, but i really want a virt deck! 😀

  3. Well you know everyone's got to like the good old standards but other than that I love the monarchs, memento Mori, and black scorpion

  4. I learned this from a very old video on mismag822's channel. 🙂
    and i have this on my channel too.
    By the way, how do you got subtitle on your channel? 🙂

  5. If i must choose, Monarch or Madison Rounders is the best but the're very hard to find the gaff deck for that stuff, for cardistry I like Touch… the're have very HQ contents

  6. I'm in it to win it 😂😂 my favourite deck for cardistry would be any borderless deck because it makes your technique look so much cleaner

  7. your energy level in this video is just 👍👍👍
    and my favourite deck is the bicycle standard, especially the black bikes you sent to me!!! really enjoying those. also, I think you already know this but I'll just say it. as Chris Ramsay said in his video, there are decks for magic and decks for cardistry. bicycle cards are really standard to not draw suspicion and cards like the virts deck and school of cardistry cards are for cardistry. so… ya. I guess different deck are for different purposes.
    keep up the energy level in your vids!!!

  8. thats the truth magicians practice the snap for years to get it down perfect.

    lets see Absinthe V2, The Black Arcane, The 1800's series, Black Ghost, Black Tigers. those are my top 5 favorite decks as of right now. you can never go wrong with some black bicycle standards.

  9. And My favourite deck is the Black arcanes by ellutionist…very clean handling. i also like monarchs. What is your favourite man??

  10. My favorite cards would be Madison Rounders, Fountain, and Artifice, love design of those cards but unfortunately they are not available on the website where I order my cards.
    And some cool design and for cardistry it would have to be Virtuoso (especially black & red version) and touch deck as well but can't order them in my country.

  11. any deck is good for magic and cardistry it is just the preference of the deck you like to use and the type of trick you are doing

  12. my favorite deck is bicycle standard, because it is very smooth to use and it is one of a cheap deck for me…

  13. I dont think I have favorite cards because I have not yet tried or used nor have I handled any paper and the good quality cards, The only deck of cards I am using are the 100% plastic playing cards because they are the only available ones in my area, but I would really like to own or handle those good quality decks 🙁

  14. awesome work man! we liked and subbed to you, would appreciate it if you checked out our channel and considered doing the same! (:

  15. white lions ,virtuoso ,bicycle, white tigers and maybe the Madison deck is my top 5 decks pls help me win man I already have comment on all your videos I love them

  16. This was an invincible card trick. Your presentation is missing the powerful point not only acaan but also mind reading. Double effect. Well nice effort.

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