Shelldon Season 1 : ตอนที่ 24 พลังวิเศษ “Mascot Mojo”

It seems like yesterday, but it was months ago.. the beginning of the fin-ballseason at Coral Deep High. That was the first day of Shelldon’s journey into the power of his internal MOJO! Like all great games, it went down to the wire.
It started like this. Sports fans, it’s the day the locals
have all been waiting for. It’s the tryouts for the Coral Deep High School Fin- Ball
team: the Shell Land Sand Dudes. I’ve got Coach Crabby right here. Coach,
what are you looking for this year? We’re looking for spirit! We’re looking
for strength! We’re looking for gumption! …And maybe winning the occasional game? Well, yeah. That, too. My stats show that the Sand Dudes have finished last for the past 32 seasons, as long as there has been a team. We’re workin’ hard on our defense. No team in history has had a worse showing… We really think this year’s play-offs
will tell a different story… You scored your only point last season when the entire opposing team fell over onto the field, laughing at you… Look, Nautilus – back off! We’re gonna
have a sensational season. You’re welcome to watch the try-outs — or back off, outta the way! Let the try-outs begin! Will you guys sign my petition? It’s to make sure Cracken isn’t allowed to drill
on the North Beach. Later Connie. We’ve gotta concentrate. I’ve gotta make the team this year. No sweat. They’ve got to take us. I don’t know. Coach Crabby sounds like he
actually wants to win this season. Guys, you can do it. Just throw the ball. Right. A girl is telling us how to play. I think it goes something like this… Now: How about signing my petition? Sure, I’ll sign. Me, too. You’re so good, Connie.
It’s too bad girls can’t be on the team. I can handle it. It’s not really my game. I choose my equality battles. And this
petition means more to me than a game. And NOTHING’S more important than cheerleading! I’m going to be the head cheerleader this year and if you’re lucky Connie, you can be on my squad. Behind me of course. Go team Go! Grab that Fin! So that we can WIN! WIN! WIN! Bet you can’t do THAT, Connie. What-ever. Go team go…grab that fin.
So that we can win, win, win… Sign right here, Hurley. Uh, sure. Good luck, guys.
Gotta get more signatures. How did she…? Don’t ask. Connie’s amazing. OK, team! Let’s go.
I want to see nothing but winners on that field! Great. I hope he’s called in some guys
from out of town. Good luck, Herman. You too, bud… Gotta think positive. I feel good about
this! I’m gonna make that team! Unfortunately, Shelldon’s plans didn’t go
quite as expected. On the plus side, he had determination. And heart. First Shelldon tried passing the ball. …Then, he had to face the tackle dummy. OK: Herman – GO! Sam, go! Mack, go! Hook, Go! Get that dummy! Not bad, men, but hit it hard! OK, Shelldon – go! “He runs with the force of thunder!” ..Then there were the tires, to test their physical agility — how fast they could run without falling. Finally, there was the all important, place kick. OK, Shelldon. Kick this baby across the goal post. Sadly, Shelldon didn’t make the team. What made it harder for him was, all his friends did. Even Herman had a place on the bench. But Shelldon? He was left out. I can never go back to school.
Everyone’smade the team except me. Shelldon, you’ve got to go to school. Exactly! What your Mama means is: You
can’t let one setback get you down. You’ve got to pick yourself up and face
every new day with determination. Right, Mama? We believe in you Shelldon.Always believe in yourself and there’s no end to the things you can accomplish. Shelldon, you know it doesn’t matter to
us if you don’t make the fin-ball team. We love you, on or off the bench. What matters is that you tried. Your family is proud of you and nothing can change that. Thanks. You’re right.
What’s the big deal? It’s just a game… And Click goes back for a pass. But Clack is right there, for thesweetheart play. Wow! I don’t know my own strength. We’ve had enough sports before breakfast. It’s time for school. Go brush your shells. Aw, Papa! We’re just trying to be like our hero. You see, Shelldon? Yeah, Herman! He’s gonna be quarterback. Yeah, I see everything. Shelldon, I’ve got some great news. Let me guess. You’re the head cheerleader. No, I let Hurley do that. Big news for YOU. Crabby called. He wants to see you before practice today. Really? Way to go, Shelldon! It’s probably nothing. No way. Crabby made it very clear he has
a very important job for you on the team. Wow! I thought my try-out was the worst.
Maybe I didn’t totally blow it. A blowfish?! Blobby the Blowfish. Our team mascot.
I think we need one. You’re kidding me, right?
I can barely move in this thing. Shelldon, I won’t lie to you.
This is a team building year. We’re gonna face the toughest players in the league and I don’t think we’re ready yet. So that’s a reason to utterly humiliate
me in front of the entire town? Exactly! If the crowds are laughing at you, they might not be so depressed when the visiting teams wash the sea floor with us. I never thought of it that way. Shelldon, the team mascot is a very
special position. It’s beloved. It’s… It’s got — MOJO. Mo- – WHO? Mojo. That special thing that you can’t quite describe, that gives you the power to be special. You think Blobby the Blowfish has power? More than power. Mojo. Wow! I’ll do it! While the Sand Dudes were facing the new
season, Cecil Cracken, the richest — and meanest — man in town, had other things on his mind. Muggsley, the entire town is totally into
fin ball. Do you know what that means? We spend Sunday afternoon in the stands
with hot cocoa, cheering on the team? No, you idiot! I need my own team.
The Sand Dudes are losers! I’m a winner. I need a team that the town will rally behind. Chief, I never knew you cared about sports. I care about cash! A fin-ball team could make me millions of clams. And maybe give me even more than that! Come on. We’ve got work to do. And so, Shelldon became a great mascot. But despite Shelldon’s enthusiasm, the
team continued their losing streak. Hurley, the guys have lost every game.
I really want our team to win. What difference does it make as long as
WE look good? “Go team go! Toss that fin!
So we’ll cheer: “Win! Win! Win!” But it was at the team’s lowest moment,
that a miracle occurred. Blobby the Blowfish says,
“Go Sand Dudes”. I can’t believe I’m doing this. Coach, can I call it a day..? Not now, Shelldon. Deeee-fense! Do something with that finball.
Herman, pass to Sam! Will do, Coach. This is it, Hurley. Time for my big finish. I’ve learned that fancy flip you do, Connie. Get a load of this. Pretty birdies… The ball is in the hands of team mascot,
Shelldon, better known as Blobby the Blowfish. Shelldon, Sam’s down.
We’re a man short. RUN! Shelldon, this is your big moment. RUN! Go, Shelldon! That’s my boy! Mugsley! This is working out even better than I planned… Look at him go! Offense! Offense! What’s ten minus ten? He scores! The Sand Dunes win! Hooray for Shelldon! I’ve got MOJO! So, with Sam on the bench, Shelldon became the star player of the Shell City Sand Dudes Fin-Ball team. The team actually began to win!
And the world began to take notice. All of Shell Land is going wild for the power house team that is the Shell Land Sand Dudes! Tickets are selling like fish cakes! And what’s driving the fans wild is the mega-mojo of mascot-turned major ticket, Shelldon. I’m here with one of his team’s biggest supporters, cheerleader, Hurley. Shelldon’s really turned things around for the Sand Dudes, hasn’t he? Yes, it’s true.
And speaking of turning things around… “Sand Dudes are the best this year, Come
see Hurley CHEER! CHEER! CHE– Listen to that crowd roar! Shelldon has
just scored another touchdown. Shelldon refused to take off his
Blobby Blowfish costume. But while Shelldon was celebrating, Cracken was planning.
And his plan was about to be announced. Hooray for our mascot. Aw, it was nothing. Nothing? nobody can beat us. With you on the team, we’re certain to win the championships. Has anybody seen this? “Cecil Cracken today announced them formation of his new Fin-Ball team, the Sea Side Sizzlers”. It says he’s building a stadium on the North Beach side of the Island. North Beach? I thought he was only interested
in drilling for oil on our beach. I’ve, got to start a new petition. Yes, it’s true. My Sea Side Sizzlers
will be coming to town this week. They are the biggest, best and meanest players in the whole world. We don’t need your team OR your new
stadium. The town loves the Sand Dudes. NOW perhaps, but not when my team takes
yours to the cleaners. Who says they will? We can take on
anything you’ve got and more! Yeah! Muggsley! You only agree when it’s MY idea. Fool!! Sorry, boss. I got carried away by the rhythm… Crabby, maybe you should back off a bit, here. Why? I meant it. Good! So we’ll play this Saturday on YOUR field. Let’s shake on it. Winner becomes the official team of Shell Land! And they can play wherever they want.
which means I start.. drilling… beneath your old stadium as soon as we win. Yeah! Oh, get over it..! Cracken’s never stooped so low. He wants
to beat us only so he can ruin the beach? We’ve got to beat Cracken’s team. This is, more than just the game.
The future of Shell Land is at stake. You kids are playing a much bigger game
than you planned. We’ve got to win that game. And we will. It’s all up to our Mascot.
I know your mojo won’t let us down. No sweat. With Shelldon’s mascot mojo,
we’ll cream ‘em. Time to call it a night.
See you at practice, tomorrow. You look upset, Shelldon. We’ll win, won’t we? I’m not worried. As long as I have the suit. Oh, the suit! I forgot. Where is it, Mama? It was so dirty…I wanted to surprise
you and…Then the party….Oh, my! Mama? The suit’s okay, right? MAMA? Before you say anything, look at the
bright side. It’s very clean. Mama, what did you do? Washed it.Cold water!
I didn’t think it would shrink. Who cares? It’s only a suit. It’s not just a suit. It’s my mojo! Nikki Nautilus coming to you LIVE with
this special sports bulletin! Cecil Cracken has just announced the formation of a brand new fin-ball team, the Sea Side Sizzlers. Within minutes of learning that the Sizzlers will face off against our home town heroes, the Sand Dudes, every ticket sold out. Cracken says ticket sales will be ever hotter at the new stadium he plans to construct in the North Beach Area of Shell Land. One can only wonder what Sand Dudes hero, Shelldon, is feeling right now. If he thought things were hot in his Mascot Mojo blowfish suit, wait til he feels the heat of the Sizzlers breathing down his neck. We have one of them here with us today.
Please welcome, Sea Side Sizzlers Quarterback,Finny Henderson. Finny, would you like to
say a few words to the folks at home..? Boy, he’s big!
This is Nikki Nautilus signing off… I was on the beach, working on a great new invention that turns jellybeans into peanut butter beans. But that’s another story.
Shelldon found me and we talked. Dr. Shell. I’m in big trouble. You’re afraid you’re mojo’s gonna be a no show? Exactly! I’ve tried playing without the suit.
I was a disaster. Everybody’s forgotten how rotten I was before I
found my mojo. I haven’t. Thanks. I mean, maybe you’re not as awful as you think. Maybe hiding behind the suit was just a way to get you to stop holding yourself back. Maybe deep down inside, you’re the great player you always wanted to be. And you don’t need any gimmicks.
You just need to BELIEVE in yourself. Nah. I stink. It has to come from inside yourself. Thanks. Shelldon, this is a team effort.
If you go out and do your best, the rest of the team will follow your example, come together and win. You haven’t seen the size of those players.
They’ll crush us! How can I help? I thought maybe you could…help me find
some new mojo. Why didn’t you say so? Wow! What is it? You want your mojo back, right? ‘Course. So: what is it? Don’t ask. Just keep it close to you at all times. It’s making me feel kind of …different. Of course. Stronger. I can do this. Of course. I gotta go! Thanks, Dr. Shell. You’re the greatest! Of course. Men, this is it. Don’t worry, Crabby. I’ll get the fin
ball and make the goal. Let’s go! I want you guys to go out there and play clean. But Cracken had other ideas. Men! You’re hear today, not just to play
fin-ball, but to conquer the beach. You all were chosen because you’re more than athletes. . You’re monsters! I want you to go out there and play dirty, cheat as a team and make me proud of you. Those guys’ll squash the Sand Dudes. Won’t that be lovely? It’ll just be my
team, my new stadium, and my OIL FIELDS Go, Sizzlers! There’d never been a game like it. Shelldon was on fire! And just as the clock counted down the final seconds… Shelldon scored the winning goal! Mayor Yoka himself presented a medal to the team. Shelldon, you not only won the game. but thanks to your skill and determination our beach is saved. Cracken, we have no need for you
OR your new football field. Which brings us to today. Right now. The game is over and the beach is saved. So, I guess that’s all… Wait, Dr. Shell. I want you to have this. Why? Well, I’m glad it all worked out OK and that the beach is safe. But I don’t deserve any credit. You do. Me? Why me? Your magic mojo. I didn’t do anything. You gave me the power, so you deserve the credit. Shelldon. Take out your magic mojo and give it to me. Oh I get it. You want it back. It’s a little sticky… What are you doing? Isn’t it dangerous to
swallow such a powerful invention? Shelldon, it was nothing but one of my
peanut butter beans. Chunky. Very tasty. But you told me it was magic. Only because you wouldn’t believe that
YOU had the magic. You did it all yourself. Come on. I could never stand up against
those Sea Side Sizzlers. Of course you could. And did. I did? I did…! You didn’t need a suit, or an amulet or an invention. All you needed was focus and determination and YOU.

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