Series Introduction – 00 | How To Make And Sell A Card Game | Matthew Boyle

Hi there, everybody. My name’s Mathew Boyle. I’m from, and
I want to welcome you to this series where I’m going to be talking about how to go
from having no card game to making your first sale. And the reason I think this is important is
because if you’re a card game enthusiast and you want to dabble in design, you want
to create your first game, and you hope that you can sell it, a lot of the information
online that you’ll see is from very established game designers and game design companies. A lot of the information they can put out
is very intimidating, or at least that’s the way I felt when I was starting out. Useful, but maybe a little bit overwhelming
and intimidating. At the stage where I’m at right now, I’ve
been working for the past two or three years to print and sell my very first card games,
and I was able to do that. So I want to take a moment, not only for you,
a game designer who is just starting out, but also for me, because I want to take a
moment to step back and kind of diagnose how that all worked and lay out an outline or
basic strategy that you can follow to finish your first card game, to print it, and to
sell it to your first customers. So let me tell you the way that I’ve set
up this video series. I’m going to try to just hit the most important
details in short videos. I’m going to do ten videos and try to keep
them each under three minutes, so if you watch the whole series, it will be about a half
an hour of very valuable material. Then if you want to go into it more deeply
or if you want to explore the topic further, we can do that in the comments section. And if the video series has some good feedback
from people, then maybe – who knows; maybe a year or two down the line, I can do a more
in-depth video series. The only other thing I’ll say before I start
is if you get a lot of value from this series, I hope that you’ll consider how you can
support what I do, either by subscribing to this channel or by buying one of my card games
from for yourself or for a friend. We’re about to hit the first three-minute
mark, and I promise, I’m not going to try to talk longer than that in each video. So I just want to say really quickly what
topics we can look forward to, and if you would like, you can skip around the video
series or else just go through it in order. And make sure you hit the playlist button,
too, because I’ll put these in a playlist. Some of the topics: we’ll talk about the
materials and the mindset that you need. We’ll talk about blue ocean philosophy,
the actual design of the cards, how to network online, and how to catch those first customers,
which is so hard to do. We’re not talking about family and friends;
we’re talking about complete strangers as your first customers; how do you get them? How do you reach out to the general public
beyond your family and friends? Okay, so I hope you’re looking forward to
going through this video series with me. Again, my name is Matthew Boyle, and I will
be your guide. You can also check out Without further ado, let’s go to the first

  1. I've made this series to provide the best advice I can for complete beginners. It was almost four years ago that I got my first creative spark to make and sell a card game, which I have nursed until now. After printing and selling Chinese Champions 1, Chinese Champions 2, and Othertongue, I'm taking the opportunity for a breather and a sit-down with my friends and fans. Let's try to analyze together how a total greenhorn can get started!

  2. Thank you very much for this series of videos. I have found nothing else on youtube to help me with this. the information provided was fantastic. If an when I am able, I will help signal boost your game and its channel.

  3. For those eager viewers just beginning this series:

    He's not going to teach you how to make a card game. He's going to teach you how to promote the card game you already made. There is absolutely zero game design information in this series.

  4. Hey matthew! Great story. I teach primary school Mandarin and use games like Uno (Chinese version), Go Fish, Match, to teach the kids. I also modify other card games (exploding cat, three cheers for master) for learning mandarin. How did you learn to create your own card games? Was it difficult to get nice designs on the cards? Thank you!

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