See why MOJO COLD BREWED COFFEE loves making video with Rewatchable!

We had the best experience
working with rewatch Rewatchable. I’m gonna say that again. My name is Annie Brainard. I am the MOJO Mama at MOJO Cold
Brewed Coffee based in Beverly, Massachusetts. I, along
with my amazing team, bottle cold brewed coffee
drinks that are all natural, tasty, fresh, and potent. It was a total joy to
work with Rewatchable, especially since I’d never worked
with a video company before. I didn’t know what to expect and I knew
that I was coming at them with a lot. I was not giving them a lot of
time. We were under a time crunch. My budget was not that huge, especially given that we’re
a smaller growing company, so I had some big asks and they
were incredibly responsive. They brought so many ideas to
the table. They had a vision. They were completely happy with
working with a dancing hotdog, which was a little bit of a curve ball, but they owned it and they helped
create a video that was really unique, really special. We could not have
been more thrilled to work with them. I would be a huge advocate for
using video. It’s captivating. It’s just more fun than a PowerPoint.
It really does create a buzz. It makes your story unique. As a small
business owner, as an entrepreneur, sometimes you make
decisions for your business. You’re not sure if it’s the
right investment to make. Putting together a brand video, while a big investment for us was probably
one of the best decisions that I’ve made. It allowed us to come away with a product
that we can share as a sales tool, as a marketing tool. It’s an
exceptional way to tell your story. When looking for someone to
create and curate a video for you, you should absolutely
reach out to Rewatchable.

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