(soft guitar music) – Archie! If music be the food of
love, play on, play on. – Episode 109 is called
La Grande Illusion, which is French for the grand illusion. It was written by James DeWille, who of course gave his
episode a French title and it was directed by Lee Rose. – Did you know this week’s the official start of maple syrup season? – No, I didn’t. – The big story in this episode
is Archie and the Blossoms. The Blossoms ask Archie
to help Cheryl with a tree tapping ceremony, which
the Blossoms do every year. They go into the woods, they find a maple tree and they tap it. – Like I told her, I don’t
feel comfortable going. – Archie feels weird about doing it, he’s dating Valerie and his
father is kind of in a feud with Clifford Blossom but he does it because the Blossoms say, we can get you into this really
prestigious music academy that otherwise you wouldn’t
be able to get into. – These kinds of favors
always come with a price tag. – I can take care of myself. – Famous last words, Archiekins. – So Archie kinda makes
a little bit of a deal with the devil with the Blossoms and is sort of drawn into their web. – They put me in a wooden
box as I desperately opposed but all my screaming was for not, my mouth had been sewn closed. – [Roberto] Ethel Muggs
reads a poem in class and it’s a pretty dark poem. – It sounds like you
need some cheering up, which happens to be a
Veronica Lodge specialty. – Unfortunately, when Veronica does that, she discovers that the
reason Ethel’s family is in trouble might be
tied to her own father and his sort of, financial scandal. – Her father, Manfred Muggs,
invested with your dad and it’s probable that they lost a lot when your father was arrested. Maybe everything. – Mom, they’re being kicked
out of their house, their home. – Well from what I’ve been told, the Muggs family is gonna
testify against your father. – They should!

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