– Catching a playing card
from the middle of the deck. I wanted a way to do it,
so I came up with it. And I just did it, that’s really it. – We think you actually did it. We don’t think there was a trick. ‘Cause you reached in and
grabbed the (bleeping) thing. – And I’m about to teach
you exactly how I do it. If you’re a fan of magic,
you’re gonna love this. If you’re a client of if
you’re someone who watches magic and says I don’t
want to know how it’s done, I promise you this is the
one rare occasion where, understanding how something is done, will give you a deeper
appreciation of the art of magic. – I want to get into this trick, because this is something
that I love magic. – I know you do, yes. – Take it away. – Let’s do it, so here’s the thing, Jason, you know, in magic there’s a
method and an effect, right? And as a magician, my job
is to hide the method, so that you don’t know
how something is done. But the problem with that is
that you don’t know if what I’m doing is something easy
and self-working, or something difficult that requires a
lot of work and technique. So, I’m gonna pull back
the curtain this one time, and I’m gonna tell you exactly
how this is done, okay? – Okay – Just this one time ’cause
I know you love magic. Here’s the idea, when I was 18, I was obsessed with playing cards. And what I wanted to do, was, I wanted to be able to count the cards. And practicing dribbling,
magicians call it, like this. And I wanted to count, to see if there was exactly 10 cards, half or the whole deck. And, I came up with a technique for this. There’s 52 cards in the deck and there’s 26 letters
in the English alphabet. – Yeah. – So what if I could use the alphabet, to keep track of the cards as they fell? It would sound like this, A,
B, C, D, E, F, G, (mumbles). And English is my second language too. (laughs) I know, you see, it seems crazy, and no one believes me when I do this. But, if you practice
this, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, all the time, you eventually
perfect this technique. – And you use that to
keep track of the cards? – Exactly, exactly right, now,
it’s not a perfect technique, ’cause there’s two cards
for every letter, right? – Yeah. – So, here’s what I’m gonna do, I’m going to take the
cards, and you’ll see, it’s exactly half the cards
and I’m gonna shuffle them, so that half are here,
so now we have 26 cards in each of these halves.
– That’s a beautiful shuffle. – That’s years of my life, right there. (laughs) So now, if I riffle down like this, you’re gonna be able to
pick out a card for me. – Okay.
– Okay. And again, you can see
them interlaced here, 52. Do me a favor, anytime you like,
as I riffle down, say stop. – Stop. – Right there, I want you to take a look and remember that card. We’ll show it to the camera,
make sure you’ve got it. Perfect, now I’m gonna let it go. I’m gonna push the cards in all the way. Notice, I don’t know what the card is, but I know where it is, you
stopped at the letter S. S is the 19th letter in the alphabet. By doubling them, by
pushing them together, they’re now the 38th position. So, now what I have to
do, is I have to estimate. So, A, B, C, D, E, F, G,
(mumbles), S, right about there. But I’m gonna take it one step further. I’m gonna try to reach in
and grab it as they fall. Are you ready? How much time do we have? – We’ve got about three seconds. – No pressure.
(dribbling) Your card? – Yes.
– Five. – Oh my goodness, five of
hearts, there it is folks. Right there, impressive.
– Yes, thank you so much. – I don’t even know what to say. – So there you have
it, that’s how I do it. And that is almost how I
did it for Penn & Teller, with a few variations and a
few ways that I structured it, and changed it differently
for that exact performance. But, now you know. There’s lots of ways to
do the same exact trick. And that’s true of all magic. There are many methods to
accomplish the same idea. And, there’s ways to cheat
and accomplish the same idea, in very easy and simple ways, that the audience would
never know you were cheating, but they would give you the credit, for having the skill
of catching that card, but I didn’t want to do that. – We think you actually did, what you said you were going to do. – Years after I created this trick, and I showed it to
magicians at conferences around the world, other
people started coming up with their own variations
and ways to do it. And, the funny thing is, that their ways were the cheating ways. They were the shortcuts,
they were the gimmicks and they were special cards,
whereas, I was sitting there, going, but I’m doing it for real and I couldn’t tell
anybody because with magic, that’s the irony of it. Because we have to hide our methods, so that the audience can
experience the effect. So, I couldn’t tell anybody, but no, I’m really doing this, until now. So, there you go, there you have it, that’s my exposure video. Penn & Teller, when they
started going on TV, they made their mark in magic
by exposing secrets, right? Supposedly, and what they were doing, they were exposing their own
ideas, not someone else’s. And so, I feel comfortable
telling you my secret, because this is a
principle that I created. It’s not somebody else’s
and I feel like this is a rare opportunity for you to learn something about magic, whether you’re a magician or not, that gives you that deeper appreciation. That there are ways to cheat and there are ways to do things easily, and to trick your perception. And a lot of magic is making you believe that there’s a skill when there isn’t. But this is one of those rare things, where you get to see the
work behind the magic. And that some magic
methods can be difficult and can be interesting and can be tough. And, most importantly, I tell you this, that if you ever come to one of my shows, if you hire me to perform,
I will still create that feeling of magic because
when you’re in person, when you’re seeing
magic the way it’s meant to be experienced, the methods disappear. You don’t realize that
there’s something being done, and then hopefully you
get to experience that feeling of awe and wonder and magic that magicians can bring for you. Now that you know my method,
maybe you’ll practice it, maybe you’ll find a way to make it better. I’m sure in no time, there’ll
be a kid on the internet doing this 10 times better than me. Maybe you’ll go on and you’ll learn it, and you’ll perform it
for somebody yourself. And you’ll tell ’em the truth and they won’t believe you either. They’ll think you’re doing a trick. Or, maybe they’ll say wow that is magic. And that is one beautiful line. (audience cheering) Thank you so much, you guys are the best. – [Penn] So good, baby, he’s great. – Thank you, you guys are the best. – [Penn] He’s better than you
think, I’m telling you that. – Kostya Kimlat. – Thank you very much.

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