REACTING to my OLD Magic Tricks!!!

(heavy rock music) – What is up, guys? Alex Boyer here, and welcome back. In today’s video, I’ll be reacting to some of the greatest magic tricks ever! That I’ve done on YouTube since day one. So in that video you’re going
to see lots of magic tricks that I’ve created over the years, and it’s a bit of a compilation
of what I did on YouTube. And if you’re new here,
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know when I’m posting stuff. So I’ll stop talking, and let’s react to some of my old videos. Ah, let’s go! So for this first one, guys, this was actually part of my first vlog, and I think it was my
second video on YouTube, and if you wanna see it, it’s gonna be right here in the corner. And I was actually super proud of that one because it was my first
time actually vlogging and doing some B-rolls, and I think it turns out pretty well. So, let’s watch it right now. (dramatic synth music) Yep. Little letterbox. I love the sound effect
of every move that I do, it’s pretty cool. Looks like a superhero. Look at that handsome man! Hm? Yep. Okay so, by the way, this is
actually a super cool effect that you can actually
buy in every magic shop, and it’s iBalance, and it’s super great. So my goal with that
was actually to make it look more bigger than it looks, because this effect is actually
taking someone’s phone, place it on your finger, you balance it, and that’s pretty much it. So I wanted to do something
a bit more cinematic to it, and I think, I think I did it. Let me know in the comments
if you liked that, by the way. (dramatic synth music) What a shot! Ohh, man! Oh man, oh man, oh man! With the confetti, hmm? If you guys don’t know, I have a lot of Instagram
videos with magic tricks, obviously there is a lot of
them that involve confetti. So if you guys wanna see
some of these videos, you can actually follow me on Instagram, @alexboyermagic, and if you’re
not already following me yet, what are you waiting for, man?! You’re missing on life. Just saying. Oh, so this one actually was
my 2018 Instagram compilation. I actually didn’t know how to
do a compilation on YouTube, but, well, yeah. But I started my video
with a crazy effect, and yeah, it’s pretty dope,
so let’s watch it together. (cool bass music) Come on, black nails? Hm? Some cardistry here. By the way, if you wanna learn that move, the video’s gonna be right here. Click on it. Click on it! Check out this video too, but after that check out the other video, and after watching my tutorial, well, just come back to
that video, and watch it. I’m counting on you. (cool bass music) Okay. M-hm. So pretty fair, pretty
fair, mm, pretty fair. Little snap. Bam! That’s right. That’s right. Where the cards at? Where the cards at, Alex? Thank you and happy New Year! Aww! Pfft. Look at that face. I mean, come on. And if you like that guys, please don’t forget to
smash that like button! Smash that like button,
button, button, button? I don’t know how to say it,
but smash that like button. Alright. On to the next one. Oh! This was actually a video
I did about creativity. How to be more creative
for creating tricks, or just in general how
to be more creative. Again, this effect is
based on something else. Actually, two other effects. It’s the other card and the other card, plus, by my good friend Nick Lawrence, you guys should check
it out, it’s amazing. I love taking other effects
and combining together to do something just different. Not better, but just different. Alright so, here we go. Here we go!
(atmospheric electronic music) Oh my God, I miss summer. Okay. Oh! Just noticed that I was
wearing my grandma’s sweater. Um. Don’t judge. Yeah! That’s right. Must be in the back. Nope! Nothing in the back. Come on. Again, confetti! Who doesn’t love confetti? This one was actually just
a little something funny for our followers on
Instagram, so yep, there we go. Now let’s watch it! (light music) (exhaling) Yeah, freezing cold, Canada. (upbeat music) My trusty coffee. (laughs) That’s awesome. I love it. (slurping) My little confused face. Awesome, love that. And I’m sure you’re asking,
where did the card go? I actually made the card
reappear the next morning. I think you can use your imagination to know what I’m talking about. (imitating farting) Alright for this next
one, this was part of my I think that was another
vlog, I’m not sure. But I did a TV interview at my home, and it was super great actually, and the guy that you’re going to see there was his first time seeing a magician live and he freaked out. His reaction is actually
why I do what I do. You’re gonna see it, it’s priceless, so let’s check it out. Alright guys so we’re here with Andre, our trusty cameraman, we just finished the interview. It went super great. I just wanted to show you a
quick magic trick if you want? Yeah?
– Yeah, yeah, sure, sure. – That was super awkward. Alright, so let’s do it. We’ve got our deck of cards ready, I’m gonna try something really cool. I want you please to say
stop anywhere that you want, just go ahead. – Stop.
– Here, perfect. This is gonna be your card. Is it alright if I see the card? Guys, Queen of Diamonds. Mm-hmm. I want you to place your
hand like this please, Andre, I’m gonna take the Queen
and place it right here, and I want you to place your other hand on top for me, please. Perfect. Again, say stop, one last time for me. – Stop.
– Awesome. This is gonna be your other card, Guys, look at it, remember
it, and watch this. I’m gonna take the corner of it, just like this. So good. And my goal is to place this corner. If you didn’t know about that guys, a couple moths back,
Bruce Ramsay called me, and he was like, ay bro, Mr Beats wants me to perform for his crew, to do some magic, and I’m inviting you to
come perform with me, and it’s gonna be super great, you’re gonna meet up so many people. And I was like, yeah, sure, let’s do it. So it was me, Franco
Pascaly, and Chris Ramsay, and we did the Beat’s Got Talent. I had a blast, actually. But all of this is to say that I did this exact magic
trick to Beats’ Got Talent, and I think I freaked him out pretty good. So if you guys want to
check out that video, it’s gonna be listed in
the description below. And I had so much fun
hanging out with Mr Beats and his crew, so, yeah. Let’s do it. Let’s keep watching. Under the card. Through this, the corner will pass, through your hand, and through the card. Through the card. Watch this. One, two, three. Just like this. – Hey hey, wait, wait a minute! (laughs) – Did you feel something?
– Yeah? – Here watch, slowly remove your hand, and look under the card. (record scratches) What?
(Andre laughs) Wait, okay, this is awkward. But I think I know what happened. Here, watch. So the goal was to make the
corner appear under your card, but I think I know what happened. The corner got stuck, not
in your hand but look. Inside. This is such a magical moment. Inside the card, we got one corner. (Andre laughs) And make sure it’s a perfect corner of it. Take it. Make sure it’s a perfect one. Come on, that’s pretty cool, right?! – [Andre] (laughs) No! – [Alex] Thank you so much
Andre, put it like this. Bam. – It’s correct!
– He looks so confused. – That’s exactly what he’s
saying right now actually, he’s like oh my God, how did
he do that, it’s impossible. Again, that’s his first
time seeing a magician live. And you can pretty much
see by his reaction. Love it. I love it. So this one is one of my
favorite performances of all, that I did in one of my vlogs actually. And let me explain to you
a bit the situation here. So, those guys were
actually, how can I say that? They really didn’t
believe in magic, I think. That’s what I felt, with
their attitude, and stuff. So, my goal was not to
make them believe in magic, obviously, it was just
to have fun with them, and to show them that magic is pretty much just super awesome, right? So my magician friends that
are listening right now, this is a really good tip for you. If you have a spectator that is like, I do not believe in
magic and magic is fake, and blah blah blah. Well, we already know that. So don’t try to make them believe in it. It’s all about your attitude. So, the only goal here
is to have fun with them, and to show them a really good time. So, yeah. Let’s watch this. So, if I was a real magician,
that was obviously a joke. See, what I say here? If I was a real magician,
and now I continue. I would maybe go not to read your mind, but to influence you to think of something in particular, right? So, I want you to think
of a card, right now, and change your mind. Change your mind again. Change your mind. So now you’ve got one
card inside of your mind. By the way, completely free choice. He could have changed his mind
as many times as he wanted. Alright. Think of it. It’s impossible for me to
know what it is, right? Think if it’s a black card or
a red card, only in your mind. – Okay.
– See? Okay, so you react at black,
so obviously it’s black card. I’m gonna go with spades. Is it spades? See! Wait, wait, wait. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine. You reacted at Eight of Spades, right? – (laughs) what?
(crowd laughing) – Yes. See? Good times only. He actually came back to
me after that performance, and he told me that he
believed in magic now. So, yeah, was super happy
about that performance. And I think I fooled a
lot of people with that. So, yes! And you can actually see by his reaction that he’s like, (grumbling). Yeah. So, just saying. I got him! I got him. For this next video, again, this was a little something that I did, and yeah, it goes like this. Here I go. Bam. (mysterious jazz music) Oh yeah, I had so much fun doing this. So Three of Diamonds. Bow! And now it’s a Two of Diamonds with a missing pip in the middle. Come on. (laughs) I forgot about that. Yeah, me in boxers. I love it. I love it. I think this deserved
a little, a thumbs up. Hm? (laughs) Oh my God. Now, for this last one guys,
I’m super happy about that. Again, as I was saying earlier, I love combining different
effect to create something else. And this is a super, super old effect. Basically, you take a Sharpie, you ask a spectator to pick
a card, you take the Sharpie, you place it through the card, and when you remove the Sharpie, there’s no hole on the card. So, that’s pretty cool. My good friend Caleb
Morelli created something super awesome, actually, and it’s a must. I mean, it’s pretty much one of the greatest magic trick effects that I’ve seen for a
while, so go check it out. Caleb Morelli, Quantum, on Perry 11. So, here we go, that’s
my little take on it, and hope you guys enjoy this. Enjoy this, that, anyway. Here we go. ♪ For the record ♪ ♪ I’m done trying to
make y’all comfortable ♪ ♪ For the record ♪ ♪ You ain’t tryna grow
then it’s done for you ♪ ♪ For the record ♪ ♪ Labb on me going all the way ♪ Blue Sharpie, blue card. Okay. I mean, come on! Woo-hoo! Yep. Pretty happy how everything
turned out actually. So that’s it for me today guys,
hope you enjoyed this video. It was really interesting
for me to go back to see my first videos,
to see what I’ve done, and I think I came a long
way since day one, so. And by the way this is all because of you, so thank you, and thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Aww. By the way, in the near future, I’ll be focusing more on vlogs, so stay tuned for some crazy content. I promise you, it’s gonna be really crazy. And if you liked that
video, please don’t forget to hit the smash that like butt… Hit, hit, whatever. Smash that like button,
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see you really, really soon. Peace! (hard rock music)

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