(upbeat music) – Hi. I feel like an idiot today. (laughs) Welcome to “Reacting To Christmas Magic.” I am your host, Chris Ramsay, and today we’re gonna be taking a look at some of the magic tricks that you can perform during Christmas. Now, Christmas is innately a magical time of year, and it would be rude not to acknowledge the very organic nature of magic within the holiday season. So I’ve compiled a few magic effects that revolve around the Christmas plot. And I’ve not taken a look at them yet, but today we’re gonna
look at the together. Hopefully bring some Christmas
magic to you at home. Now I know you guys are thinking. You guys are thinking, “Chris,
you weren’t gonna react “to bad magic anymore,
you said it was rude.” Well, you’re right. So, not all of this is going
to be bad magic, I hope. These are tricks catered to magicians that should be performed during the holiday season, and that’s all I know. And I will let you be the judge of whether or not you want
to perform these tricks, but today we’re just going to have a look at them and see
what happens. Alright. I’ve got my little laptop
set up in front of me, I’ve got the fire roaring
right here beside me, so, ladies and gentlemen, let’s start watching Christmas magic. By the way, like this video, and I’ll fill your stockings with… With children’s tears. Here we go. (humming “White Christmas”) Alright boys and girls, let’s start witnessing some Christmas magic together. Sumit Chhajer with Santa’s Hat. Santa Hat. (explosion and rumbling) Jesus. This is terrifying. (laughs) Okay. Let’s give it a fair shot. (door creaks) (footsteps) Sound effects on point. What is he looking for?
What could he po… Oh, oh. (inhales dramatically) Santa’s hat. (typing sound) A look never seen before. (“Jingle Bells”) – [Santa] Hey friends,
this is Santa Claus, do you know where my hat is? – Bald Santa. – [Santa] It seems as if I
have lost my hat somewhere. – Oh, he’s got it on his head. (claps) Here we go. Just gonna open that slit. (“Jingle Bells”) (laughs) That jump cut though. (laughs) – [Santa] Thank you, magician,
and have a great day. – (laughs) – [Santa] Ho ho ho. – Oh, I love this guy. There’s a– (laughs) (clapping) See, that’s what Christmas is all about. That makes me so happy. My
fire’s dying, by the way. That makes me the
happiest boy in the world, to witness true magic at Christmas. My favorite part is when he’s opening the slit and shoving the hat in the bag, and then there’s a jump
cut; he’s like, oh! (laughs) And then it’s flat! Christmas magic is the best, isn’t it? Well, that was great! How do you guys feel about that, is that something you would perform? Let me know. Alright, next we have an
effect called “Santa.” Lookin’ forward to this one. Here we go. (hip hop music) Ooh, they got that… Oh! (laughs) Little
S– Awe, where’d he go? Oh, that’s cool. Zamm Wong. What up? I like the hip hop beat they
used. That’s kinda cool. A little Santa emoji, I guess. Kay, the card’s signed. Nice, nice. Lost in the deck. Ooh! Oh! And then he appears
in the deck! Oh, I see. Then he’s spread through. (gasps) There he is. He’s found your card. (gasps) (laughs) This is actually a cool
effect, I like this a lot. Oh, and then there’s a– There’s another thing inside. Awe. (laughs) (laughs) I like that these guys are not taking themselves too seriously. (hip hop music) Gotta say, I like that
effect, I think it’s cool. Visual, little Santa,
you know, maybe for kids. And obviously you can replace the Santa with probably any other emoji. Very cool, something I
would consider doing. Kinda like that, like the little Santa popping out of the deck there, and then he hops back in. Good job! Next video. This is fun! (claps) You guys get to see some
cool Christmas magic and witness it with me. This shirt stinks, I
don’t know why. (laughs) Another one revolving
around the Santa hat, seems to be a popular
theme during Christmas, is “The Santa Hat Tear,” so I’m guessing this is a tore it and restored Santa hat. So, here we go. Let’s watch it. (bright pop music) Plays big. – (speaking in foreign language) – Okay. Two papers, Christmas colors,
got it. White and red. White! Red! Nice. Magic for Christmas, I tear the papers in one piece, two pieces, three pie… Everybody. Four pieces. And very tight. Okay. (laughs) Look at… (laughs) She’s totally like… She has no idea what
she’s doing, poor girl. Feliz Navidad! (blows air) (laughs) I like how they added that music
at the end, there’s like… Everybody’s like, “huh, what happened?” And then they’re like, (imitating music). “Santa Hat Tear.” Classic. What else are magicians up to these days? Let’s have a look. Oh, here we go, this one’s a banger. “Christmas Card Monty.” So it’s like a Monty,
with Christmas cards. Which could be good for children. Could be a lot of fun,
Monty plots are usually a little bit complicated, but we’ll see how simple we can be with
“Christmas Card Monty.” (light drumming) No idea what that says. Okay. (claps) Let’s go, focus, focus. – Just in time for Christmas, we have a magic trick with our very good friend, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
– What’s happening? and his very good friend,
– I feel like I’m in some… Santa Claus. – Feel like I’ve just taken, like… – Now, I want you to watch very closely, keep an eye on Santa, make
sure you know where he is. I’ll put Rudolph behind my back. Now, where is Santa Claus? – [Assistant] Santa Claus is here! – Here. (mumbles) He’s
over here (mumbles). – (laughs) “Huh?” Am I on LSD? – We’ll take Rudolph one more time, put him behind my back,
where is Santa Claus? – [Assistant] Santa Claus is here! – He’s jumped again, he’s getting bored. Let’s try this one more time. In fact, let’s just go
a little bit faster. We’ll put Santa Claus behind
my back; where is Santa Claus? – [Assistant] Santa Claus is your back. – It’s Rudolph again,
(cheering drowns out) You know, Santa doesn’t
have time for this, it’s almost Christmas, so he’s going to take off and go back to work, and we will just wish you
a very Merry Christmas. (cheering and clapping) – I like how they switched out
the children for a grown man. It’s like, “Yeah, let’s
not perform this real, “we’ll just get (laughs)
the guy behind the camera to ‘Oh, Santa Claus!'” (laughs) This is great, this is really
great. I do enjoy this. Also, as a bonus, I think
this is actually pretty cool. This is, let me pull it up
right here, a Santa change bag. This is probably, and
I’m being quite frank, probably a really good
use for the change bag. Normally change bags
are a little suspicious, they’re like, “What is
that?” (laughs) “What?” And this one actually
looks like a Santa hat, which I think is magical in itself. So if you’re gonna perform for children, I think, during Christmas time, Santa Change Hat is
probably the way to go. There’s no sarcasm about
it, I actually think that’s a great idea for a change bag. I’ll leave the link below to that; you guys can check it out. You can use it all year round, just starts getting weird after Christmas. Alright guys, that about wraps up “Reacting To Christmas Magic.” I hope you enjoyed yourselves, I hope all of you out there take something away from this and let
the Christmas spirit live on through the magic that you create. Thanks again, boys and girls. Remember to subscribe,
if you’re not already. Like this video if you did enjoy it, and let me know below
which of these effects you would actually probably perform. And I’ll see you on the next video. Peace, ah! I should probably perform wearing this, like, in the streets. Imagine? This really smells, I’m gonna
get this off me right now. What has my life come to? (upbeat music)

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