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welcome to the magic fun studio today
I’m going to show you not the show I’m giving the tutorial how you can eat the
razorblade with the full explanation so always remember this magic is dangerous
magic so please was my tutorial until the end
and all the explanation because you can might some missing something this could
be happen to you because it’s you need a fully concentration when you’re
performing these tricks and so you have to watch this video and then you can
learn how you can eat a real or razor blade it’s a real razor blade so please
stay with me until the end and learn this amazing magic trick
and also these tricks I have been upload the previous video ten months before and
lots of people are requesting me that please I want to learn this blade magic
a trick I want to learn this magic blend magic trick so I stay with me until the
end around this amazing razor blade magic trick how you can it lets go until
the end what do you need the first step are you gonna show you now how you can
create this plate always remember the blades the Gillette blade is really
sharp blade it can cut the hair so first of all you need to do you have to
destroy the sharpness of the blade I’m going to show you now how you can
destroy the sharpness of the real blade then we will go for the next step always
remember you are eating a blade not just anything else it can cut anything so
first of all you need you know the people doing the knife sharpness this is
the knife sharpness and then you have to destroy the see how I’m describing the
destroying the sharpness is just crash it with the where you can make the sharp
of the knife or anything just destroy the sharpness so how many blade you
going to performing all the blades should be no sharpness and also I will
show you in the end because when you do the performing
you have to cut some paper or something yeah in this case I’m gonna show you in
the end of the video how you can do that as well to cut it so let’s go see when
you confirm that all the blade has been nicely destroyed a sharp so there is no
reaks to cut your mouth because if you are if you eat one blade not a problem
you can just with sharp also you can do it because I can eat a real sharpening
blade one peach or tip is not more than but you are eating and lots of blade so
in this case you have to be controlling your blade by the tongue I will show you
also how you can control the blade with your tongue so your things is done you
confirm that all the blade has been destroyed the sharpness then I am going
to know the next how you can tie them late so this is very important people
are get confused how the blades come from the mouth with the ropes yeah it’s
not coming magically it’s also kind of tree so you have to know make it knob
all the blades and see that how I did know so you your first stop is done the
second knob is done you can use the especially line on type and also you can
use the contour but the cotton is not stay for longer so since the blade you
see the gap of the blade not too far not too close it’s like two or three in so
you can do more even but I’m just showing you the basic way and how many
blade you want to perform you can take it more but I’m just showing with the 10
or few piece blade just for the tutorial but you can do it more doesn’t matter
how many blade you want to bring out so since Erin’s man is done you can see all
the spring on the top and you got laying down on the down so one side because
just to make sure when you bring it out the blade is not getting mixing and a
blah blah then it’ll be problem to comes out then the set up this is the set up
so the blade it could be 20 in the middle it could be 10 is depend how many
and how long you want to perform the rope will be on the top then you put
another blade on down just to make sure that if you show them the examiner
they’ll see because and also try to use always the black color sprin because the
black color is praying is not visible when you do the performing on the
audience so and so I keep in this case on the down part one blade on the top
part five six blade but you can do it more you know you can do it six play
eight seven blade it’s depending how long you want to perform because first
you have to show them you are eating the blade one by one so and then you take it
to the hand and you can show them I have some blades and they don’t know how many
blades is there this is the one where like you’re performing in the street
you’re performing you don’t have table that time you can put in the hand so and
then you take it out from your hand from here because you know on the top you
have three four plates already there then you show them to exam see I have
some few blades here I’m going to read the blade one by one so now you see I
take the first blade and I’m going to show you on details as well how you can
put it in your mouth see just watch my mouth and see how I’m controlling the
blade so you put the blades in the mouth and you control with your tongue see so
you put the blades on the mouth and since it’s got inside you put
controlling the blade with the tongue and put in the side you know it’s blade
is no sharp it don’t it will not cut but always remember don’t don’t eat either
then will be very big generous so but it ceases goes to the inner side of the
cheek it’s yourself and also you from the beginner you just try to practice
from this side to that side this side to that side then he will get it proper
think about the blade so this is done then you’re gonna check to see how I
practicing from this side this side and you take it out and now I’m going to
show you how you can take it out the blade this is lots of question when you
eat the blade see it’s go sounds on the side and then you couldn’t talk but I
would prefer you don’t talk too much just talk little bit so if you talk too
much your voice will be different because but if you’re performing in this
stage they will not understand because they don’t know your voice but you feel
performing in the colleagues they will understand because
your voice will be different see its goes there um on the side since it goes
to the side yourself because if you can keep 1020 blades in the side of your
cheek because blade is very thin and when it goes close together this coming
very small see how many pieces blade is here so one like you act like you eating
you have to act little bit this is the performing if you don’t want to hide
your mouths or something but for the beginner I will show you also how we can
part from for the vegan of like you do want to show them it’s little bit risky
for you like you eating so in this case you can go straight and you can keep
your hand also in the mouth just to give some wrong direction and don’t talk too
much I would suggest you please don’t talk that person so they will get a
confuse so put it here inside on the side it goes to the side this is the
wrong direction that you’re giving to the audience that you’re taking out the
blades or something but on the end when you show that they’ll make sure they
didn’t take nothing so they will try to look where you drop the blade but
actually the blade is staying in your mouths okay then what do you do you have
to do some wrong direction during the wrong direction when you eat three four
blades do not really concentrate your hand you just do show your hands what
about the maybe last time when you get a chance and just take the blade on the
hand this is the one way you can take the previous blade in your hand and just
hide it just remove it because when you eat the fool blade with the spring
alright that you can take just a glasses see just a glass this glass you just
drink in there drink the water since you drink the water already you drop the
blade in the glasses so they will not really focus because it’s the blade when
goes to the water and it goes to very down of the glass they will not see it
but you can if you feel a risk you can use another glass like a steel glass but
the glass which is not really clearly visible inside so these types of glass
you can use or if you are just confidence to perform you can just grab
it to the hand this is the tricks then now you going to do
you just still explain off we see one by one ladies takes too much time
I’m going to eat all the blood together so you just show them all the blood
together but don’t show that you hiding the spring just press it goes to the ham
outs on the side is drawn clear and you used to try to talk a little bit to
Norman I’m drinking some water then you’re done but the blade already in the
mouth because how the way you spring the blade you try the blade you know of the
blade it’s easily will come one by one I have few blade on the top as well so I’m
trying to take the blade out oh it’s one cam then you show Oh to take that
another blade as another Kim and then you’re just pretending that it’s text
time so you try to bec bring the blades all together then since you cast the top
of the blade see it’s a sprain is there you just try to turn it it looked like
you can do some acting as well like you’re really coming from inside it’s
different how you’re performing but I’m just even a tutorial how the tricks has
happened see it’s look lights is coming but it’s coming one by one because how
the way you enters the blade that’s you the tricks so when it’s done and your
people will be surprised really so please I hope you like my face how
the trick system I hope everyone liked this tutorial so what is remember this
is even though you know the tricks when you’re performing you should be able to
practice more and confidence because if he’s scared don’t do the streaks this
tricks is a really dangerous type of tricks because any accident could be
happen but the things is you know you you you just need to do some acting like
really because some people can make a comments or you eating plant the blade
is here or there if you do performing in this stage is okay you can do the
performing in this stage nobody will ask you you just do yourself but if you
always remember if you performing to the audience like the in the street that
time you have to put any like like you take the blade you know like you make it
acting like like you pretending some acting so
they’ll realize even the don’t they feel that the blade is hiding here they’re
still they will not talk about it because they think even though this
hiding here maybe could be one blade to blade three blade but it’s lots of blade
so do not talk so you have to control the audience please I’m going to show
you one dangerous magic tree so please don’t talk during my performance you
have to control them they will watch it it’s a reindeer happening so why do you
eat two two three four blades and they’ll not really concentrate that the
time you get a chance but I will suggest you all the time just take a glass see you’re pretending like you are drinking
the water with the glasses then you just oh it’s gone so it’s very easy to drop
in the glass but I would suggest you don’t use clear glass use the heavy type
of glass like what is going inside they counts each fairly and they’re not
concentrating because it’s all about your act that’s it for today I hope you
liked this trick also if you want to see the full performance how I did you can
do it to the audience just I keep the link description below you can click the
link and if you see the real performance and and then you can follow it but the
tricks is that that’s the way this happen but you can buy from the market
also there is a plate from the magic company but i’ma show you how you can do
it at home fee of cost of course not you have to buy the blade st at please so
that’s it for today I hope you like my tricks so please if you like and click
the like button and subscribe to my channel and also put in comments which
tricks you want to learn and for my best I would try to districts I published
after a long time I have been published my previous video around ten months
before and then I now giving the tutorials so please thank you for
watching have a good day see you next time with

  1. really nice explanation. I understand now how to do the blade magic trick. thank you magician iqbal for revealed the trick.

  2. Wow it's a cool trick but I do not recommend this to kids they might cut them selfs on accident and might die from this.This is only a disclaimer no hate btw awesome video 🙂

  3. after you revealed that,some peoples can against you , because of the closing questions you have opened. they just keep in their mind that these things are always to be thought.

  4. This is actually really dangerous.This is definately not the method that a professional magician would use.There are other easier and safer methods out there.

  5. eh!hey!!i have met u!maybe 6 years ago..somewhere in mohammedpur i gues??u did a trick witha rubber band?maybe u had ur child with u too???is dat u?the very same person???

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