Quick-Start Settings for the Keto-Mojo BLUETOOTH Blood Ketone & Glucose Meter

– Mister Mojo here with Keto-Mojo and we’re going to introduce you to our second generation
of our Keto-Mojo meters. What have we different this time? We’ve included Bluetooth
into the meter itself at no extra cost. Let’s take you through
some of the features and benefits that we
have on this one here. As we’ve mentioned before, Bluetooth. What does that do for you? It connects to our new
app, But guess what? Our app also connects to the cloud, which is a HIPAA compliant encrypted cloud and so we’ve become
more than just a meter. You also will find that we have
excellent customer service. Anytime you’ve got any
questions about our meter, We are there online via Facebook, or, um uh on the phone to help you out, and answer any questions to make sure that your testing and really
happy with the product. More than being really
happy with the product? We also have a lifetime warranty. We’re the only meter in the
world that carries that. So let’s dive on in and see
what’s in the box, shall we? You’ll notice as you open it up, It’s um uh there’s a
registration card there for you to activate your lifetime warranty and you can do that, online. So lets pull this one out. You’ve got lots of how to guides, quick start guides, information on all of the pieces that you need. It’s all federally regulated
to put it in there, but if you watch the videos, it’s the best way to learn. So I’m going to put this to the side, and then we’re going to open this up. So, lets take a look inside. Here you’ll find a meter, a lancet device, you’ve got spare lancets,
you’ve got ten glucose strips, and you’ve got ten ketone strips. And we’re going to dive on straight on in and how to set it up. If you open up the back, like this. You’ll see, can you get that guys? There’s a little yellow
button, right there. If we press that, (beeeep-beep) you’ll hear it beep, and if you turn it over the first thing that is showing is the date. Right now it is 2019, so if we want to advance that up there we press on here like
this to 20, 21, 22, 23, as we go through the years. If you roll on all the way to 2050, it’ll come round to the start again. And so we’re going to bring it back to where we are right now, which is 2019. That’s the right year,
so I turn it over again, and you see the little yellow button, (beep) I press that to set it, very simple. The next thing to come up here is the, um uh, the month and the date. Well it’s July the 30th,
so that’s what today is. So I’m going to say yes to July, and then I’m going to
press again in the back, (beep) and I’m going to say yes to the 30th. The next thing it’s going to ask, is whether or not it’s a
24 hour or 12 hour clock I’m not top sure that you
can see that on camera, so what I’m going to do this so, WOW, look at that screen, it’s looks lovely. So here we go, if I press
here to get 12 hour, I say yes that’s what I want, because I’m not into military time. And in the back here, I
go to the yellow button (beep) say 12 hour clock. Then the next thing
that’s going to come up is the time, and right
now it is one o’clock so I’m going to say yes to that. It is twelve minutes past one, so I’m going to say yes to that. Now it’s going to ask me
if I want my measurements in milligrams by deciliter or do I want them in millimoles? Depends on where your region
is, as to what want on that. So actually, we’re here in America and that glucose measurement is done in milligrams by deciliter. So I’m going to say yes to that. Then it’s going to say or
you’ll see an icon up there, for sound. Do you want it to beep? I like my meter to beep. (beep) Then the next thing it
says I do you want to delete everything in your meter? Well we’re just setting up,
and as we’re just setting up we don’t want to delete anything, so I just say, I’m all
right with that one. And the next thing we come is alarms. There’s four alarms on this meter I don’t like to personally set them, because I use my IPhone a lot, so I’m just going to say, no
we’ll go through all of those. We’ll set those later. Then here’s a new feature,
now we’ve come on in here. It says “AS” which is auto send. You’ve got Bluetooth built on in. So if you’ve downloaded your app, it will automatically connect to that app and send your data to your phone. So I’m going to say yes
to that, that’s great. “BL”, that’s backlight,
uh, I never say off because that’s easier for the camera, but if I wanted it to go on, I would just press it like that, and say hey I want to have the backlight. But it’s easier for
there camera like that, so we’ll leave it on that. Ant that is the basic setup of your meter. The only other setup left to do is to use the little code key That comes with every single
new, uh, ketone strip box. So and, here is a new set, you’ll see the little code key is here. Um, Saying six, eight,
two, if you get a new box you’ll find there’s a code key in that. What do we do with it? Quite simply, we take our meter, we put the code key in the top, (beep) It’ll beep, it’ll show “CH” for checking. Now once it’s checked, you’ll see the code that matches there. Six, eight, two that six, eight, two matches to the vial. Now you have coded your
ketone strips to your meter, so you have greater accuracy. The last thing to do
is to download the app, for either your iOs or android phone, and then you can get
ready, to get your mojo on.

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