Math? He apparently forgot his phone. Hmm? Too bad for him. *laugh* Remember the best RPG-Strategy games of the 90s and 2000s that we played all night? Well, you’re gonna love Vikings Let your beard grow catch the butcher’s ax and come bawl with us. *Spartan’s screams : Arghou Arghou* Arghououeee… *Clown’s laugh*
Math : Who are you? Do you want your boat back? No… Whatever I see you know the good games, huh? We are already 12 millions floating Really? Come with us You’ll float too Why not? I hope there’s chicks You can download the game in the description, I gave you a shield with 200 gold, have fun. Why do I speak like that? Bill: “There it is.” “Be carefull okay?”
Georgie: ” I’m getting out of there!” Georgie: “bye asshole!” Ah it starts well, we are here with a big brother completely irresponsible absolutely yes No parents in the house? I… No because the oldest left the boy outside with hurricane Katrina, I don’t know if… Georgie can you take this downstairs for me, yeah you’re great thanks, just careful when you go downsta… *falling noises in the stairs* *Sigh* It’s okay, there is no… *Stabbing noise* *Child scream* Georgie? Georgie? The boy certainly missed some traction classes, huh. “FAIL” Georgie : “Noooooo” Pennywise: “What a nice boat!” Pennywise: ” Want it back?” The boy is still chilling in a puddle having a conversation with a clown living in the sewers I don’t know if it surprise someone? “FAILLING TO HELP A PERSON IN DANGER” And you are an owner or a lodger? Georgie? Georgie, didn’t we told you not talk to people who live in sewers? Sorry, but, he had a funny face. He had a funny face, sure it’s true that it justify everything Georgie of course *Georgie gets bitten by Pennywise* *Sherlock cat* Oh wow ok… But bitch, it was before that you had to ask yourself questions Now it’s too late, he’s gone! No more Georgie Oh we have a big intro of course! And you’ll see, the kids introduction isn’t bad neither. “Mike’s uncle: Come on, pull it” *HEAD SHOT* Mike’s uncle: ” You can only be on two sides in this world, you can be in this side with us, or you can be in there.” What does this have to do with this? It’s a fucking goat mate! Eddie: ” What do we do tomorrow?
Richie: I start my training
Eddie: What training?” Richie: ” Street Fifhter
Eddie: You spend your holidays locked up?” Richie: “Well it’s better than to be in your mother!” *RECALL FOR RESPECT* Mike (Finn’s name in Stranger Things), “come on, not the mothers, it’s not right” You clearly changed since Stranger Things man! We have a new role for you Finn.
Finn: Eleven? A role where you can fuck mothers my boy!
Finn: Oh uh okay… Huh it’s.. I honestly don’t know It’s pretty different from what I was doing before, people will… Millie Bobby Brown?” Don’t worry about that Finn, We planned everything Finn: “Oh the trick! *laugh* Richie: “Are this your contraceptives pills? Eddie: “Yeah I keep them for your sister. Stop looking everywhere” It’s one of the main features of this group. The lack of familial respect, huh yeah Beverly: ” The New Kids on the Block
Ben: No, but I actually don’t like them” Beverly: ”You’re new ? And new,… Is that why you listen to them? Ben: ” Huh it actually have nothing to see with this.
Beverly: “It’s okay I’m just joking” “No but seriously is has nothing to do with it;” Bevelry: ”Beverly Marsh”
Ben: ”We were in the same class actually.” You wished you were in here class in your playground But the truth is, that you guys, are 5 years apart! Ben: “Help!” Boy: “Hold him” Henry: ” I’m gonna carve my name on that big jelly” *Screams* Oh what an idea! With this we will find you faster, it’s perfect!” *Screams* The school holidays starts in that imaginary towns and pretty incredible of the United States. A few months after the little Georgie’s disapperance But! He is not the only one who is missing, and Bill feeds that hope to find his brother and put him in another shitty situation Eddie: “My mom is gonna have an aneurism, okay, if she knows that we are playing at the explorers in the sewers” Bill: “If I was betty Ripson, I would want someone to find me Eddie: ” And what if I don’t want to find them” Well, you would be a pretty son of a b… Eddie: “I don’t want to end up like Geo…” Bill: ”WhaWhat kind of friend are you exactly, uugh?” Eddie: ”A buddy who takes care of him, that’s it.” Stanley: “He is not wrong”
Bill: “You’re…” “YouYou’re aslo an asshoho…” Richie: “Shit! What happened to you?” When did it became an human’s hunt actually? “A man… …A man who likes to read… …Respected by everyone… …except from the females… …will have to put his life between parentheses… …to run away from those who killed his family… …or maybe just because he is fat…” Anyway, I don’t know if it is a reflection of Stephen King’s childhood, I did not checked his bio but still, in the persecution level, they are pretty great! Henry: “Wanna bang her? Just ask nicely” Ben: *warrior scream*
Richie : ”Rocks fight!” Henry: “You are going to die!” The guys are throwing rocks at two meters away How do you want this to end? “Styrofoam fight!” “Uh guys, I think she’s waiting for me actua.. *cough* *whistle*” “Anyway you’re alright? *whistles*” Ben: ”You hair looks nice”
Beverly: ”That’s nice” “You know, I am a bit the adventurer of the group so, if you ever need to look around…” In the group, they all had the lovely visit of that clown who uses their biggest fears, so, you have people like Mike who actually lives over and over his parent’s death in a fire “Oh! Today is a big day! Turn on the oven, we are going to see Mike today! *laugh*” Bill obviously sees his brother everywhere Georgie, if you want to scare you’re brother it’s today! You can borrow my teeth! *laugh*” Georgie: “If you come with me, you’ll float too you’ll float too!” “Meeeee, i’m don’t want flofloat, Georgie!” And then, you have the boring people like Eddie, who actually sees a leper because he is a little hypochondriac on the edges.” “Put the leper, it will do.” Or Stanley, for exemple, who gets scared in front of a painting. “Does anyone have seen Jacqueline?” “Really?” And now that they all experienced stange things, they plan to take advantage of this summed to break the mystery of those missings. Stanley: ”He is in the house on Neibolt Street.” Bill: “It’s where IT lives.” Even if their degree of involvement isn’t the same. Richie: “It’s summer after all.” Bill: “If you keep pissing me of with youyou’re summer Richie: “Sure his brother is missing but still” Salamèche (Pokémon) is not going to evolve by himself” Eddie: “It saw us and It knows where we are.” Bill: “It always knew” Bill: “I-It does not live far et It is waiting for us” Richie: well it I’m not sure that it is real actually.” Richie: “Well, IT is real but it’s not what i meant.” Be,: “ahh yes it is exactly” Richie: “yes, yes I know but it is not” Bill: “Yes ex..exactly, thats what he tries tell you” Richie: “Haha, yes, alright, ok, haha, pff it was only missing IT *chuckles* Ben: “haha, It is funny” Bill: “Haha” Richie: *noiseless chuckles* Eddie: “They found a piece of his hand jagged near à manhole” Ben: “Once he lent me a pencil” Why the F do you what me to care? So they arrived in front of the clown’s lair who is not less than the village weirdest house Stanley: “Shouldn’t we let someone to keep guard?” Bill: “who wa..wants to wait outside?” *What a gang of faggot.. The girl has more balls than them…* I can’t believe I lost at the short stick aka the most aleatoric game ever What is exactly there rules at the short stick because there is still half of the group waiting outside. Beverly: “Ok, well then I’ll watch hein” Ben: “Ok then me I’ll juste watch her watching hein” “Well me for the few I’m in this movie I thing we just all don’t care hein” Wow and it’s again the girls that has the biggest balls here! That’s crazy! Guys! Where did your balls go? I still have a broken arme! No one gives a shit? Eddie: ” We have to go! We have to go! Come on!!!! Ok so now, normally, by the look of the clown, rather he stops laughing and starts nibbling everyone, or he leave the red nose between his legs *cut you’re fingernails, shit man! Apparently he has made his decision “clown laugh” Man you have to choose now, you have to choose! Ok, well, we end up with a laceration completely for free, ok ,great. Pennywise: “I see that everyone have fun scratching the little fat guys belly then why not me? The guy has his stomach going away, but still chilling. Eddie’s mother: “Where do you think you’re going?” oh! Something els! You only begin to heal, you’re still sick” Illegal confinement of children, it sure can be interesting Eddie: “those are placebo! It is useless!” Hey! what a cliffhanger! Wow What?! Well come, come, you’ll see by yourself *chuckles* Oh great, again an imbalanced situation, I love that ! Eddie: “Sorry, but I have to go see my friends” Eddie’s mother: “Eddie! Stoop! No! already? oh ok, it’s shitty actually ! tchao We’re on a “pet mouillé’ then, ok If ever Bill wouldn’t have convinced the others to end the clown Beverly nevertheless just got kidnapped, hein! Pennywide: “I chose the girls by total chance, of course hein!” Richie: “Well you know euuuuuuuuh..” I know what?! Richie: “Well we don’t really know her since a long time” And nevertheless I don’t seem to be her type, so if she’s here or not…” Tetetete, you’re gonna shut up and enter this house. ok.. Pennywise: “Come closer Beverly” Does it makes you lore comfortable when I dance? *clown chuckles* Ah! A returning! Mike? Henry: “”Bêêêh” Well it was an all in all a brief appearance. Richie: “Mike, are you ok?” Yeah, I’m ok I’m ok?! alright, the guy just kill someone, but it’s not, he is ok, he’s good Bill: “Go away” Eddie: “We’re in a pigsty, that’s it? Richie: “You dragged me to those crappy sewer You bring me to a junkie shed And moreover I’ll have to kill this motherfucker clown Men, leave this bat alone, you’re ten! What weight do you think you have? Richie: “Welcome at the nerds bastard Congrats, now I’m stuck on the sharp teeth mode Finally thanks to a team work and a particularly bad at close fight clown, They got rid of the clown Beverly: “I thought I was dead” Bill: “We all swear together” Bill: “If IT ever comes back” Bill: “We’ll come back too” Together, we have the tetanus It’s “already” finished, I hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to subscribe if it’s not already the case. We are in January 2018 but we can still make good resolution, yes IT is possible 😉 As usual You choose the next MSF I put it as a survey, ok in the little “i” Thanks for watching and see you next week Ciao Don’t forget to subscribe Don’t forget to subscribe.Realy this time I’m gonna be honest with you if you sbscribe this time you’ll have chocolate.Wait what did you say? Chocolat.But no one believes you?! Chocolate.Come on stop it hihi. Chocolate

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