Professional Magician Reacts to GENIUS Magic Tricks!!

  1. 8:00 here's how that's done but if you dont wanna know then skip this

    The paper clip is already bent but he has it bent away from the camera, making it look straight, then he just twists the paper clip slowly to show the bend ,it's a perception trick

  2. Can you solve the trick (in your video: Respond to my old videos) by placing the ace of ♠ on the red aces and then changing the color? Please. Sorry for the Bad English. It was the Google translator! You're cool, Chris keep it up !!!

  3. what happens when you "go back in time" and dude's girlfriend is standing by says, hey wait a minute you went back in time but that is the time right now!? you recommend just to do this around drunks or is it better that nobody else is around like a 1 on 1 trick?

  4. Us fans used to love you because you weren't all corporate America/Canada. My-my have things changed. SMH. "and now you too can learn to fool people for the small payment of (Chris fill in the blank). Disgusting bro. Unsubscribe now people. Chris is no different! Unfortunately..

  5. Hey Are you the thingamajig on the masked singer. You really really remind me of him. The only thing that confused me was the sound of his singing voice.

  6. Why don’t you mention ballet cut or second deal etc… you don’t even know what those moves and flourishes are called.

  7. S T O P. R a P E I N G. B a b I E S
    Well it your buddy's old lady not mine / my old lady shoots people/ the rifle resigtery is our divorce paper then /

  8. I think you and your magical friends should do a wizard wars type show see who can come up the best things outta nothing…… maybe a video on each channel and most likes wins ????

  9. Honestly to me it looks like he could have just thrown the card off the screen, no reason for a green screen, just camera magic of it being to far down when he threw the card.

  10. For first time am on your channel and i can say only one thing. You are fooled a long time ago. Why? You have macbook. If you are real "magician" you will know what i mean. Best wishes. 🙂 And tumb Up for the video.

  11. Is that an App that makes your phone count backwards in time?

    Also how did he change that deck to a brand new one… since he used an opened one b4….?

  12. The black guys at 11 mins who does (tries) to be all like 'look I'll even show u with the camera' was just pure unfiltered whackness!

  13. Chris Ramsay

    so heart warming to see you react to fans (09:07–09:37) sorry mate i think you've lost your job to some of this kids lol

  14. That was crazy I love how you incorporated the iPhone into the trick which made it seem way more realistic than any of those cheesy magic tricks

  15. Chris constantly overwhelms me. His house has EPIC artistry just without a video. His video's freak me out, i keep imagining what i could POSSIBLY come up with that would impress him, i have a LOVELY card art image to make, i will post it shortly.

  16. I still love these reaction video's, never goes by without me laughing out loud! 😂 Your face and reactions at times is priceless 😁

  17. Would've been absolutely crazy if you got him to open the sealed deck… And got him to pull out his signed card 9 of ♣️!! Mind woulda been BLOWN 🤯🤯🤯

  18. I know the deck swap happens at 1:31 and I've played it back 20 times and I can't see it. Damn Chris. That's good stuff.

  19. The green paper clip was already bent he just held it at an angle and turned it. Lmao even a Cro-Magnon like myself can figure that out haha

  20. Fool me one time shame on you
    Fool me twice can’t put the blame on you
    Fool me three time fudge the peace sign load the chopper let it rain on you
    J. Cole

  21. Hey Chris, I've been trying to get my son excited about magic and or cardistry. I recently showed him some of your vids, and got him hooked 🥰🤟
    He wants to get into cardistry…what is a good starting deck for him? Thanks in advance. Keep up the amazing magic and vidz

  22. My favorite part of all this is how humble you are. you are able to still see the artistry. You know the move, the slight, the "trick", but can still see the magic performed. Kudos sir.

  23. And just in case you did not see it I commented on how great you did in dismantling the lock and you are special box that was cool, thank you

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