Hi How’s it going? I’ve strapped you to a tree. So sorry about that. I’ve got a bit of an experiment I want to share with you. I Feel like I’ve lost my creativity and I’ve been looking at a bunch of ways to get it back and my most favorite video to watch in times like these is “Where I get my original ideas from” by Kesh, I don’t know I’ll link it I’ll link it but he talks about different ways to get your creativity back and I’m going to be making 30 days of deposits We’re gonna see how we go We’re starting off strong today by going outside. It sounds a little bit lame, but do you know what this time – shining! It’s a beautiful day! I have found the perfect sound track for my walk. You know when that just happens that it’s just everything just Feels like you’re in a movie and you’re like, yeah! I can do this! I think the key is a good soundtrack, but Yeah, anyway, so that’s what we’re starting off for today. I am going into the city on my way to work and I am Enjoying this beautiful day. I am letting all my childish instincts Be free. Am I mean if there were puddles I would be jumping in them? That’s kind of where we’re at right now and just trying to see what happens so That’s today

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