PRESTO Card for GO Transit How-To Part 1

No one really likes lineups, except maybe
that guy. Lucky for you, GO train and GO bus riders, there’s a faster, cheaper alternative. It’s called PRESTO. With a loaded PRESTO Card, you can skip the line ups. Just look for a PRESTO device at any GO
station. Tap on before you depart, then tap off when you get to where you’re going. With a loaded PRESTO Card, you always get a discounted fare. And that discount increases the more trips you take, so whether it’s your first trip of the month or your 50th, you’re always saving money. Your PRESTO Card is reloadable online anytime and unlike cash, tokens,
tickets, or passes, if you ever lose your registered PRESTO Card, you can still recover the balance. You can order your PRESTO Card either online at by calling this number here, or by
talking to your friendly GO Transit attendant. PRESTO, it’s ready when you are.

  1. SOOOOOO………….  Presto Machines (at TRAIN stations) have to be in an area that they can access internet, so when I load my card how come I have to wait 24hrs to use it! OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!

  2. You 90's tech is not solving the problems.

    – How about Presto App for smartphones (helping to manage / load the card on the go)?
    – How about the option to use NFC (already in many Phones) instead of using a card?

    Users have enough plastic cards in their pockets and they want to get rid of them.
    Think about it.

  3. For all of the students out there: buy a presto card! I once timed how long the ticket system took to issue a ticket on thanksgiving weekend. The average was about 6 minutes; the lines had at least 50 people in them.

  4. Then Everyone starts using presto and there will be a huge line up for just one presto machine I guess you guys have to put more machines when everyone gets a presto

  5. Wtf who even pays for the ttc anymore?! Especially for GO transit it’s honestly like they want you to ride for free. I love GO transit! It’s my main form of transportation to/from work 🤗

  6. I have no idea how presto works. I didn't know you needed to tap off. That's why everyone taps getting off. Is that also why on Monday I got one and loaded 50 dollars on it 2 days and I'm at 18 something.

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