(light tinkling music) Prepare yourself for
some fantastic magic. But first, I need a volunteer. How about Victor? Victor Vincent, come on up. Now you see before you a
completely ordinary hat. You guys don’t look so good. Yeah, I don’t know what it is. I just feel like I’m catching something. [Sarah] I think I’m
gonna have to head home. I think you all should. I’ll let Preston know. [Sarah] Thanks, Brody. It appears to be an ordinary hat. Herbal gerbil, woolen
mitten, let Victor find a gentle kitten. (screaming) [Victor] You call that a gentle kitten? Okay, thank you, thank you. How about another volunteer? Monty will do it. Okay, nice work. Now put me back together. No problemo. Presto chango, it is done. (gasping) Preston, what did you do? Those are my legs. Come back here, legs! [Victor] They’re running away. What did I do wrong? Help! Preston, we gotta go, urgent business. We can fix Monty later. But what did I do wrong? Please don’t leave. Why won’t anyone help me?

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