Pour It Out w/ Chrissy Teigen

-Chrissy, you and I —
-Oh, my gosh. -You and I were talking
a few days ago about your appearance tonight,
and I said, “You know, we could talk about your
cookbook, about having a kid, all that type of stuff.”
-Uh-huh. -And then as a joke,
I started asking you some very personal questions
that I would never be able to ask you on TV. But then I said,
“Is there a world where you could
even answer these?” And you had
a great comeback line. Do you remember what you said?
-Yes. I said,
“I will tell you the answers as long as people
don’t know the question.” -And that is genius.
-[ Laughs ] Thank you. -So I said, “Okay, that works.”
Which brings us to a new game. This is “Loaded Questions.”
Here we go. ♪♪ -♪ Loaded, Loaded,
Loaded Questions, yeah ♪ -Here’s how it works. We’re gonna take turns
choosing a shot. Each shot sits on a coaster which has a personal question
written on it. Neither of us have seen
these questions before. You will read
the question silently, but you will give
your answer out loud. -Okay.
-And then you will have to choose whether to share
what the question was or you can take the shot
and keep it a secret. -Trembling. -Okay? All right.
-Okay. -Tonight, America is finally
going to get all the answers, just not all the questions. -This is good.
This is really good. -All right. Let’s play this.
All right. Here we go. Chrissy, you go first.
That’s yours. -Okay.
-You don’t have to do the shot. Just move it off the coaster
and flip it over. Well, it actually has the name of the shot,
as well, on the top. -Oh, this is called
Satan’s Testicles. -There you go. [ Laughter ] -We don’t get to know what kind
of alcohol is in there? -No. No.
-Okay. -You find out after
the allergic reaction starts. [ Laughter ] -Okay.
-Okay. -What is the answer?
-Um… -Come on.
You’re just saying the answer. It’s no big deal. We don’t
even know what the question is. [ Laughter ] -Rob Kardashian. [ Audience oohs ] -What?! What are you talking about,
Rob Kardashian? Rob Kardashian?
What does that mean? -So, now, I don’t want you
to know the question. So I have to drink it?
-Yeah. Yeah, or you can let us know
what the question is. [ Cheers and applause ] What?! You can’t just say
“Rob Kardashian.” Really? -Woman: Tell us! [ Cheers and applause ] -No. I’m good. -[ Laughs ] Oh, my God. [ Cheers and applause ] Now I don’t know.
Rob Kardashian. All right. -This is delicious,
first of all. I don’t know if I’m
gonna answer anything. This is amazing. -All right, I also…
-Okay, your turn. Your turn. …have the Devil’s Testicles. Sorry. Satan’s Testicles.
-Devil… [ Laughter ] -I don’t have
the devil’s testicles. -You just said you did.
-No, no, I know I said I did. -You said you did.
-But I meant the drink. -You said you did.
-I know. I know. [ Laughter ] Don’t you —
That’s not even the question. All right. Here we go.
-Okay. -Ooh, okay, all right. Oh. Uh…$6,000. [ Laughter ] ♪♪ Yeah. -Bloop!
-What?! [ Cheers and applause ] -No.
-I can’t look at it? -No, you can’t look at it.
-I can’t look at it? -No. That’s my secret.
-But they won’t know. But it’s me. Okay. -Just know it’s $6,000. -Oh, man, I want to know
what that one is so bad. -Nuh-unh-unh. -“This is plain old poison.” -Well, that’s the name
of the shot. Okay, gotcha. -Yeah. [ Laughs ] Oh, my gosh.
-Wow. That’s a good shot. -Is this, like,
in a year or a week? Can I ask — Can I say that? -I don’t know
what the question is. [ Laughter ] You’re reading it. -I’m happy with
three times a week. [ Audience oohs ] [ Laughter ] -Okay. Now, I think I know what — [ Laughs ] I think I know
what the question could be, but, also, it could be
something else. You’re happy with
three times a week. -Mm-hmm. -Is John happy with
three times…? -I didn’t say
anything about John! I didn’t say anything!
-I didn’t say anything, either. I’m just saying —
-It could be anything, Jimmy. -It could be anything. I know.
Could be anything. -It could be anything. -It also could be
something else. [ Laughter ] What are you choosing? [ Laughter ] Oh, my gosh.
This game is cruel, man. -Ohh.
-This game is cruel. -Can we burn this?
I feel — I’m so scared. Okay.
-Here. I’ll take it. -Okay. Oh, no! Jimmy, no! Oh, my God. I would die.
I would die. -This really is crazy. All
right. All right. Here we go. All right. Uh… Okay. Never. It’s not the same question
as your question. [ Laughter ] No. That’s —
I have different questions. My wife is very —
I love her very much. She’s very — No. That’s not —
That’s not the question. Uh, I’ll tell you the question. “How often do you
Google yourself?” -Oh.
-Never. -Do you Google yourself? -Not for a long time.
-Right? -Only when I say something dumb, and I’m like,
“Oh, are people mad?” -Dude, that happens every night
for me, so I just don’t do it. Okay. You’re up,
and this shot looks crazy. I want to know what it’s called.
-Yeah, this — this looks risky. [ Clears throat ] -Smells cinnamony.
-Ooh. -Well, it’s…
-Fireball? -…Twitter Troll Sweat. Twitter Troll Sweat.
-Twitter Troll Sweat. ♪♪ Look at your —
Look at your head thinking now. This must be a good
personal question. ♪♪ What’s going on? What? ♪♪ What’s happening? ♪♪ -I’m taking this very serious. ♪♪ -What is going on right now? -We also have to
burn this one, I think. Jimmy Fallon. [ Audience oohs ] -Wait. What?! You have to tell me
what the question was! -No!
-What is the question? You have to tell me what
the question was. It’s me? ♪♪ I just want to —
I’m gonna take this off. -Oh, my God. Oh, my God! [ Cheers and applause ] You’re insane. You’ll take it to the grave?
Oh, my God. You’re… [ Tuba plays fog horn ] -You’ll never know that. [ Air horn blares ] No one will ever know
the answer to that one. -Uh-oh. Does that mean —
That’s our final round. Let’s bring in the shots
right here. Okay, this is —
-I have to — I still have to be a guest. -I know, but these
are Jell-O shots. Okay, here’s the way this is.
The shot board just rolled in. We’re both going to do
the same question for this one. This shot is called… -If any of your writers tell you
what the question was, I’ll die. -They’ll never tell me.
-Yeah, I bet. Okay. Okay. Okay.
-You can tell me, though. -No. [ Laughs ]
I can’t believe this, man. -This is such a good game,
but, like, I want to watch it. I don’t want to be
on it anymore. Okay. -This shot is called
Jell-O From The Other Side. Oh, I get it. I get it. -♪ Jell-O from the other side ♪ -Okay. All right.
This is the question. [ Drum roll ] -Same time?
-Yep. One, two, three. -Gentlemen’s club.
-A hotel in Nashville. [ Laughter ] Wow! Really, though? -Really?
-Gentlemen’s club? [ Laughter ] -Really?
-Yeah. -Do you want to do the shot
or tell everyone the question? [ Audience shouting ] Question.
-We’ll do the question. -“What’s the weirdest place
you’ve ever woken up?” Gentlemen’s club?
-Yeah. [ Laughs ] -Wow.
I want to know that story. I only said Nashville,
a hotel in Nashville because it started in New York. I’m serious. Yeah.
You got to stay away from these. -That sounds equally as awesome.
Are we still just…? -Cheers.
We’re going to do it anyway. Chrissy Teigen, everybody. More with Chrissy after
the break. Stick around. ♪♪

  1. Those shots should be brutal so we can know the question. It's not fun when they make it easy to plead the Fifth. Y'all are having a good time but we want to feel more included. On that thought, maybe not because they do what they want, making television worse n worse.

  2. That’s ridiculous she didn’t say the questions of all the answers of course she won’t if u are putting some delicious drinks at least u can make them not to tell one question not all of them or u can put some disgusting drinks or it ain’t fun🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. This sucks when they literally don't say the questions.. I agree with some comments on this being something gross so they'd feel more pressured to blab about what the question is

  4. Watching a fat drunk woman isn't funny. AT ALL. It's a game you could play going into a bar any night of the week. Trust me. Fat faced, drunk women aren't funny. Even Jimmy is force festive.

  5. She’s a mother of 2 and beautiful. Everyone on here fat shaming her needs to take a hard look in the mirror because I’m POSITIVE you are not perfect. It’s sad you can hide behind a screen and say these kind of things.

  6. She has so many fillers that she looks like the moon face emoji. First time I saw a picture of her was just her face and it was captioned how she's a model and I thought she was one of those fat models…

  7. Do you guys know that Winona Ryder's shoplifting incident? She accused for stealing $5,500 worth of designer clothes and accessories. I thought Jimmy gave that much money to her for the bail. They are hanging out while that time period. Just a guess.

  8. Her Hillary blazer says “I want my opinion to be respected” but that fat head says “ I drink by the pool way too much”.

  9. My first thought her last question was: "Who is your favourite host show?"
    But there are really good versions in the comments:)

  10. I never imagined agreeing with Trump anytime in my life except when he called her the good for nothing foul mouthed wife of this singer and he nailed it. Coz why is she a thing I hv no idea. What is the talent here..I missed it

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