Portal coin passes thru playing card

hey guys vonbodan here hopefully that your new year is great wonderful so far with Christmas break here kids are out of school
driving us all nuts. Am I right or am I right I’m right my three are. They are driving me Batty but a interesting thing happened this morning.
We was watching cartoons in the living room sitting there and kinda of watching and
remember when I found cartoons magical amazing like they do um it made me think
you know as adults we stop believing in things like magic and we’ve seen enough snow that
it doesn’t amaze us any more but with kids it does you know Santa Claus they’re amazed by
that stuff and it made me think you know as adults we do lose that. As adults we
actually see things for what they appear to be um we see playing cards you see
coin gets put on on top of that we know that there’s no way that that coin is
getting in the cup without us moving the coin moving the cup or you moving
the card um but the cool thing is the kids they do see another way it very
magical in their thoughts um what made me think of this was my kids were
watching the roadrunner and Wiley coyote and I’m sure as I tell you this story
you’re gonna be like oh I remember that one
like road runners is of course running away which kinda what our kids do all
the time they are the road runners and wiley coyote is always trying to keep up
and that’s definitely us but um Road Runner he’s running down this road
and he reaches underneath his wing and pulls out this opening and throws it on the
ground and he’s able to jump into a hole his portal and he’s he’s gone Wiley
coyote runs on up he’s that he went in the hole jumps in he hits the ground he
doesn’t go into the opening we’ve all been there I know
I have been there are many many times but oh that’s us as adults we’re Wiley
coyote and our kids are definitely once again road runners so while watching
this I was thinking what a interesting things an opening a portal can be put
on something but actually I’ll put that there you would never be able to see
that um so this is what we are going to do over there put it here on the front of the card you could see that
moment but like I said the kids they know this they see this magical moment that it opened up to them and anything is possible you’re always
looking for that possibility that chance so the moral of the story is don’t be
the wily coyote be the roadrunner and look for that opening to believe in
magic thank you I hope you’ve enjoyed

  1. I know I say Christmas break the video was posted on my Facebook but for some reason it didn't post here. But a very cool effect

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