Pokemon TCG 101 – Trading Card Game, Intro to Pokemon League, advice, pack opening

[music] [music]
we’re at Past Present Future comics its a big comic store, but right now
we are here for the Pokémon League let’s go take a look inside PPF comics Let’s take a look around PPFcomics right here are the statues
they’re pretty cool and over here
are the comics.. they have a lot more and that’s just a few more statues and here are some Star Wars toys Now here is a lot more comics
let’s go and check some out they got Superman
Hero Corp Knights.. a whole bunch of others… they have a lot of comice here they have bigger ones like this Large Batman
and some are smaller and have hard covers
like this Captain America they have a whole bunch! behind me is DeadPool and over here
is where the play Pokémon and Yuh Gi Oh this is a painting
sort of of Superhero’s
and this is where we play right now i’m entering
my Pokémon my Trainers
and my Energy in my deck to make sure they are all legal
and we are allowed to play with them you also enter your date of birth
division and the symbol
for what series it
is from [talking]
[group noise] [sounds of
groups talking as they play] hey look at my cards [background] you traded him? We have a Pokemon Judge here and we are about to
ask him some questions Kid101: What’s your name? Professor Ben: My name is Ben Kid101: Professor Ben, do you have any advice
for new Pokemon players? Professor Ben: Try to find a community of
people to play the game
and know how to play it and will teach you
because it’s not just how cool a card is
or whether or not you want to trade it if you want to play the game
there is a lot of cards you may not realize that are good for the card game
that you may not think are cool looking Kid101: Thank you. Question number 2.
What is the strongest Pokeon card that you have? Professor Ben: The stongest card that I have.. so many..ummm
I like Mega Mew Tu EX It’s very good. Kid101: Can you show me your best deck? Professor Ben: Sure, get that one there..
yup this deck
is based around that card. Kid101: Trevenant Professor Ben: That Trevinant keeps your opponents
from playing an item like I was saying about cards
that you may not think are as cool to trade but are really useful
well for my daughter and at her school
they don’t really know Item cards are really useful
so then you put this Break Card on and then
He’s REALLY powerful yeah..
that’s probably my best deck I think that deck won today
not mine, but somebody else’s Kid101: What is your favorite format of Pokémon
for example TCG online? Professor Ben: I prefer playing with people
so I prefer playing the card game I think TCG online is great for practicing
building decks I personally don’t have
the time to do that I would rather just come her on weekends and
play I also don’t prefer the computer
game.. although it is fun like to play with people, that’s why I come
to the community Kid101: What is your favorite Pokémon of all
time? Professor Ben: Oh boy.. Favorite Pokémon of all time,,,
Geo Dude Kid101: Geo Dude?
Professor Ben: I’m a Geologist, so… I like GeoDude Kid101: When did you start to play Pokémon? Professor Ben: I started playing when it first
came out in the late 90’s with my nephew
my nephew is now 22 ..um.. I didn’t play it
for long time but then my daughter who is in 4th grade
brought home some Pokémon cards so I said.. well, I should
show her that this is a game
and she does very well so I play with my daughter Kid101: Thank you very much Professor Ben: you’re welcome Sir
thank you for taking the time to talk to me This is Greninja
that I won on the tournament for 4th place. Now I’m going to open a Fates Collide booster pack. [pack
ripping] the basic way these work
is you have a code card in the back like that
then you take 3 cards from the back
so that this card is the rare you put these cards in the front
and then you see what cards you got Our first card is Team Rocket’s Handiwork
our second card is the Fairy Garden
our next card is Weezing
and now we have Seel Whismur Fennekin Solosis Snivy Our reverse hollow is Whismur
and now we have a Lucario
…very nice {music]

  1. Cool. Looks like I should get some Pokemon supplies at yowzertoys. Good interview. Hope to see more soon

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