Piltover and Zaun Card Special Interactions – Jinx, Ezreal, Heimerdinger, Teemo etc

  1. Jinx and Ezreal make an unexpected good couple. Im all in for shipping them ´since Lux appears to have been made into an idiot that only likes bad boys like Sylas.

  2. We were listening to Camille’s theme this whole time and I was just waiting for her to show up. It took me until the end of the video to realize that she isn’t a card ;-;

  3. Ya jugué esta madre solo que te guste dar una mirada por el universo De lol lo jugarías en lugar a su competencia( por eso la falta de espectador es), el tema es que le falta pulirse aun di lo sacan así en enero y no lo ajustan bien. Perderá los jugadores por ahí de marzo.

  4. i really hope Twitch and Warwick are gonna be added soon into that package~ that will add some really edgy and funny comments

  5. the way ezreal told to himself that he was good looking is like my classmates' awkward praises to each other– and tbh its fucking lame

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