People Face Their Fear Of Clowns In Virtual Reality

(screaming) – Stay there! Go away! Oh my God! – Today – we’re facing our fears in – virtual reality. (spooky music) (thunderclap) – I’m definitely afraid of
demons who might possess my heart or my soul. – I don’t like clowns. I don’t like jump scares. I don’t like being scared. – My biggest fear is being
tricked into doing heroin. I don’t think that’s gonna
happen today in VR, but maybe. – In the way of horror, I’m
mostly scared of ghosts. Just the idea that you don’t
know anything about them. The unknown, I think,
is really terrifying. – I don’t think I’ll be too scared. I think I’ll be able able
to handle it pretty well. – I absolutely love
horror, anything horror. I watch a ton of horror movies. But I do get super, super scared, it’s like this thing where
you hate the scare at first but then you’re like, “Oh that was great! “Let’s have some more!” – Generally, if it’s like, “Ooh there’s spiders on your face,” I’m like, “Oh whatever.” We’ll see, I don’t know. I’m ready to have some fun. Spook me! (thunderclap) (chuckling) – This is so crazy, yeah. I’m nervous. – I might, is this happen,
like, did it already start? – Okay, I’m gonna grab on. This is my safety net. – Okay. So I’m in my little room. I guess I’m a little boy. – Oh my god, there’s a clown up there. Oh great. (loud bang)
I hate clowns. (yelling) No! – [Clown Doll] Let’s be best friends. – I’d rather not. – I definitely underestimated
how realistic this would be. – There goes my little ball. So I guess my toys are just sort of falling all over the place. – The clown is gone. – Alright, they’re hyping it up. (door creaking) – The spring is always a good thing. Oh, there you are! Hello sir. – Okay, there’s a kid. I’m not too afraid of kids. (yelling) – I don’t wanna be your friend! I don’t wanna be your friend! – Something’s happening in the tub. A lot of commotion over there. (yelling) And now there’s a boy
with the glowing eyes. (thunderclap) – The clown keeps showing up. – [Clown Doll] I wanna be friends with you – I don’t wanna be friends with you. – [Clown Doll] forever and ever. (distorted music) – Oh! Oh God. (chuckling) I don’t like that. – Okay. Okay, the clown’s gone. It moved. Okay! Take it, I don’t want that. – Oh God! Oh my God, that’s so realistic. I feel like that- (screaming) (chuckling) – I would love it if
there were more of a story going on here, it’s just
sort of this funny little clown man who’s now under my bed. – I don’t like this, it’s
dark, look the closet’s open. – [Clown Doll] Don’t be
afraid, I’ll watch you while you’re sleeping
so nothing can hurt you. (screaming) – Oh my God, there’s scissors there. – [Clown Doll] So nothing can hurt you. (screaming) (screaming) – Oh my God! (screaming) – I can’t! I can’t! (chuckling) (yelling) – Stay there! Go away! – Quick glance! Quick glance! – Oh my God! – Now he’s got a friend. – [Clown Doll] I’ll watch
you while you’re sleeping. (roaring) (screaming) – Is that the end? – Well, you know, as far as fears go, I’m okay with that one. (spooky music) – Okay, like I said, I think
I underestimated my senses. – Jesus Christ that’s scary. Oh my God! (screaming) – I hate clowns. – I hate you guys. – I don’t know how you guys
knew I was afraid of clowns but that’s mean. – You might not believe this,
but I’m not fully scared. I’m not as scared as I am creeped out. (screaming) – I would totally recommend this, even if you don’t like horror. I mean, maybe you should
go to, like, a unicorn land if you don’t like horror
movies, but this is cool. – You know, I’m not afraid of clowns. They just gave him a bad
edit in this video game. – I don’t know, the jump scares
in VR don’t always get me. Like anytime they’re
like, “Look over here,” I’m always anticipating a little
clown man coming over here and then you look over and
sure enough, he’s there. I actually think this would
be good, for children. If you could strap a
child into this thing, I feel like it’s a good
way to face some fears as a younger person. Wait was this not here,
did you just put this here? Sorry, I didn’t realize. I didn’t realize he was here. (laughing) Was that the whole thing? Sorry if I ruined it. We can do a version where I’m scared. Here, watch. No, watch this. I’ll really sell this. (screaming)

  1. Everyone else: “AAAAHHHHHH OMG”
    Shane Alexander Madej: “Oh well, okay!” “I would like if it had a story going on”

  2. I apologize for my trash rat son. nothing can scare him. should've called my tiny son, everything scares him.

  3. What are you afraid of?
    Everyone: Ghosts/clowns etc.
    Shane: being tricked into doing heroin

  4. I love how everyone was scared at the boy holding the clown and Shane was just…
    Shane: He’s got a friend.

  5. VR game: * does some jumpscares that look like they're happening in front of your face *
    Shane: Is that the best you can do?

  6. Like, either Shane’s a psycho or something like that, or he’s had somethin’ in the past that made him like this.

    The fandom: or he’s a demon

  7. Shane would make an amazing father lol. He would make sure his kids grow up fearless. I love clowns but that little boy in the VR would make me jump.

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