Penn & Teller Show Off a Poker Game Card Trick

-You’re going to be at the Rio
at least until 2022, which is incredible. -They reupped us.
We are — You — You were a little bit wrong
in your introduction. -Okay. -Not the longest-running
headliners in Vegas, but the longest-running
headliners in Vegas history. -Oh, gotcha, the history part.
[ Cheers and applause ] I missed the history.
-And now — And now we’re going longer
if we can get over one problem. -What’s the problem? -We’re playing Vegas, and we have
the Penn & Teller Theater — it’s at the Rio — but Teller has
a gambling problem that we’re trying to deal with.
-Oh. And Teller has
the worst gambling problem you can have in Vegas…
-Okay. -…which is Teller always wins.
-Oh, yeah. -And the casino
does not want him there. So we told them
we’d come on the show tonight and we would lose
in a hand of poker to you — Teller would lose…
-Okay. -…and then we would have
our contract up through 2022. -Great.
-So, all you got to do — You know how to play poker,
right? -Sure.
-You won Celebrity Poker. -Yes, the lowest level.
-Yeah, remedial poker. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah. -And, so, we’re gonna have you
do just one hand of poker. All you got to do is win.
-Okay, great. -And don’t do —
We’re not gonna use — See, this one —
We can’t use these cards. Do you know how to check
for marked cards? -No.
-You don’t? -No. -It’s called
“going to the movies.” -Okay. -And what you do
is you flip the cards. If I can get this
right on the camera — You flip the cards, and if anything moves around
on the back — can you see that? — anything moves around
on the back… [ Laughter ] …that means
the cards are marked. -Gotcha.
-‘Cause if they were uniform, you’d see nothing there.
-Right. -So we’re not using — Also, you have these two aces
on the bottom, ace on the top. These are
how to do bottom deals and… -Okay, gotcha.
-So, we’re gonna… We want to be sure
he loses here. -All right, great. -So, we’ve got a deck of cards
that is harder to palm. -Okay. -Now, my hands
are bigger than Teller’s, and I don’t think that
I would be able to palm these. -Okay. Gotcha.
-And so, we’ll use — we’ll use these. And, you know, actually, if he handles them,
he could still do — so why don’t you just
count off 10 cards? -All right, 10 cards?
-Two hands of poker. -Okay.
-Yeah. -All right. -Just — No, no, no,
right on top of each other. -Okay. Gotcha. 1, 2, 3?
-Okay, yeah. -4, 5, 6…
-Yeah. -…7, 8, 9, 10. -Oh, now, give me —
give me those. -Okay. Gotcha.
There you go. -You got to get rid of these.
-Thank you. [ Laughter ]
-And what we’re gonna do is — all you got to do is win
a hand of poker… -Great.
-…and we’ll be fine. Then we have to —
we get the whole deal there. -All right.
-Here we go. He’s gonna deal them out here. And, actually, I don’t feel good
about Teller dealing. -Okay.
-I don’t feel good about that. So why don’t you tell —
He dealt this one to you and this one to him.
-Okay. -But you tell us —
which one do you want? Do you want to go
with the one he dealt you? -I’m gonna take Teller’s.
-Okay. Pull that over for yours…
-Okay, great. …and put that over for Teller.
-All right. -Now this next one, you’ll pick either
of the two cards you want. We’re gonna put two cards down.
-Okay. -Pick either one.
Which one do you — Which one — -This one. This one.
-Okay. Pull that one over. -All right, great.
-Pull that one over. Now, we’ll give you
another chance. Pull — Pick
the one you want for this one. -I’ll take this one.
-Okay. -All right?
-Okay. Okay. Those two work. Now, this one for Teller —
these will be the stinky ones. Pick the worst card here.
Put that over in Teller’s pile. -That’s one’s the worst card.
-Put it in Teller’s pile. -All right. There you go.
-Yeah. Now we’ll give another bad one
for Teller. -Okay. -Now, you’re making
all the choices. -Okay, gotcha. So that’s a bad
one for Teller right there. -Bad one for Teller.
-I’ll put it over in Teller’s. -Right there. Good.
-There we go. -And we’ll do
another good one for you. -Okay. I’ll take this one
as the good one. -Good. Take it.
-All right, great. -Now do another bad one
for Teller. -That’s the bad one right there. -Okay, put it right over there.
-All right. There we go. -And now
we’re gonna do something that’s never been done…
-Okay. -…’cause you got to win, Seth. Look at your cards.
-Okay. -‘Cause you’re gonna decide
what card you want. -Okay. -You got two cards
to choose from here. What do you got here?
You got a… -Okay.
-…9 of hearts, king of spades. -All right.
-Which do you want? -I’m gonna take the 9 of hearts. -You’re sure?
-Yes. -You had a choice, now,
on every card that went there. -I had a choice. Okay.
-Okay, all you got to do is win. -Okay.
-And what does that end — What do you end up with there?
-I have a very strong hand. I have a — I have a full house.
-Oh. 9s back with aces. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yeah. Yeah. -Yeah, there’s no way.
-Yeah. -Okay. We’ll be able to do —
’cause Teller doesn’t even — yeah, he doesn’t have
two that match — doesn’t even have a match.
-Okay. -They’re — They’re —
They’re all different. It’s just a royal flush. [ Laughter ] -[ Laughs ]
[ Cheers and applause ] So, um… we’ll be — we’ll be in Vegas, but probably at
the David Copperfield Theater. -Yeah, probably.
-I don’t know. -Give it up for Penn & Teller,
everybody! [ Cheers and applause ]

  1. It's called "classic force".. at least that's most of it. Looks simple but it's actually complicated. Many tricks in one act. Very well done by both of them 🙂

  2. To the whiners: it doesn't matter of the trick is super easy or super hard, it's about putting up a good show, Penn and Teller are the kings of showmanship

  3. Here come all the magic experts wanting to ruin the trick for everyone… I don't care how simple you think the trick is, I just want to enjoy it!

  4. Youve got to be a total toss nut gin jockey to do a thumbs down on P&T. Why hate humour & magic. Unless youre a freaking clown. Literally.

  5. That is the same trick they did in their show recently…if Seth would have watched the show he should have picked the King of Spades…;-)…

  6. Penn & Teller have to be the best magicians of all time. Could they make Donald Trump disappear? Like – for real and forever?

  7. it's a nice trick, but obvious if you pay attention. Seth could have had a Ace high full house or a 9 high full house (to which teller would have a royal flush or king high straight flush) which was determined in the beginning choices. Afterward, based on Penns instructions and Teller's recycling cards back into the deck instead of giving them one for one to each hand, the hands are thus custom built. Except for that last card. There Penn and Teller rely on the natural instruction to make the BEST hand. But if Seth had been sharper, he'd have seen that was the critical moment to beat the "magic" 🙂 The sleight of hand tho to keep track of the cards is very good… or do you think those cards were marked?

  8. Ricky Jay does a similar trick where he doesn't touch the cards and lets the camera team that is filming him look at a card and decide whether to keep it or give it to him, and he wins.

  9. Man, succch a good example of how much of an art misdirection is in magic: Penn said they were going to lose! But no matter what, they could frame it as "win" for them. Seth picks the King of Spades at the end, Penn gets to say, "Good call! If you gave us that King, we would have had a royal straight flush. Told you we would lose."

  10. The sad thing about these huge cards: They prove us that no real magician tricks are involved. I wouldn't be able to do these, so that would have been a true and amazing effort. But what these huge cards prove us is that from now on they're fooling us with maths. And that's a thing that I can do as well.

  11. Fantastic and so simple. I used the same magic trick to announce that my wife was pregnant with our first child…

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