– [Jennifer] Hello there,
and welcome once again, this is Jennifer McGuire. So today, I thought I would share with you a type of card that’s been
around for quite some time, it’s called a peek-a-boo card, and I will show a few
different variations. Think it’s best to first, look at the card to see how it works. It is just a basic four and a quarter by five and a half inch
card, but when you open it, you can see the image changes out in the little window there. I actually have three different
versions of this card today, but they’re all based on
the same basic design, which I’ll start with first. It’s actually a very simple card to make, and if you guys are liking it, maybe I’ll do another video on
ideas to step the card design up a little bit, and still
have that fun peek-a-boo look. Okay, let’s get started
by making the card itself. It’s the same for all three versions, and for this you need
three pieces of card stock. I used white heavyweight card stock, but you can use whatever
card stock you may have. Now, I’m actually going
to put a little piece of Post-It tape on each of these, so I remember which is the
front, which is the inside, and which will be the back. You don’t need to do this
if you don’t want to. I thought it would be
helpful in the video. You could also just put like, a F, I, or B with a pencil on each, if
that is helpful to you. Okay, so let’s start with the front piece. This needs to be four and a quarter, by eight and a quarter inches. And again, these pieces will
result in a four and a quarter by five and a half inch card,
which is pretty typical. Okay, so now on this four and a quarter by eight and a quarter inch piece, you need to score at two
and three quarter inches. So, I just put a simple score line in, and then we’ll fold and reinforce that. So, this kinda looks like a note card with the back chopped off a little bit, and that’s okay, that’s what we need for the front piece of our card. Okay, so now let’s go to the inside piece. The inside piece needs
to be four and a quarter by eight and a half inches, so just a little bit
longer than the last piece. Again, this will be for the inside. This one, you’re gonna
score right down the middle, at four and a quarter inches. So, I’ll do a score line right
there at four and a quarter. Then I will fold this in
half, and what I end up with is actually a square note card, a small four and a quarter
inch square note card. This’ll be the piece that
goes inside of our card. So there, you can see it looks like just a little mini square note card. Okay, now our third piece
for this card design, the back piece, this is the
smallest of all the pieces. It is four and a quarter by
five and three quarter inches. And on this one, we’re going to do a score at five and a half, and this
will create a tiny little flap on the right hand side. I’m using my little Scor-Buddy here, and I’ll do a little score line here at the five and a half mark, and again, you’ll end up with a
tiny little flap there. So, this piece will serve
as the back of our card. I’ll just go ahead and fold this over, and reinforce it with my bone folder, and there we have our back piece. Now, if you are interested
in these measurements in centimeters, I will do my best to convert them in the description below. However, I’ll also give a link for a site where you can do conversions
of any inches to centimeters, so that’ll be in the description, too. Okay, so we have our three pieces. The front, inside, and back. And again, those words are
just on there with a little sticky tape, and it’s just
to help you in this video. Let’s go ahead and create a pretty basic peek-a-boo card design. When you open this one,
the dog switches to a cat. Now, in creating the peek-a-boo card, I start with the front piece first, and I’m going to die cut a circle towards the top right corner. You can die cut the circle
anywhere on that right side. I just recommend staying on
the right half of this panel. The flap to this piece
is over on the left. So, I’m taping my little circle die there, and I’ll run this through
my die cut machine. This is about a two inch circle
die that I’m cutting here. So, I run this through my die cut machine, and will end up with a
perfect little window there. You could do a square, rectangle,
heart, whatever you want. You’ll also need to die
cut that same circle in the same spot on the inside piece. So, what I’ll do is I’ll
take my front piece, and line it up over the inside piece, so I’m matching the
top right corner there, matching up right along
that right hand edge, and then, I will trace the circle window onto the inside piece. Now, there are a few ways you can do this, but I thought this was the
easiest to show in a video. So, I’m using a pencil
to trace it on there, and now I know where I need
to die cut that circle, on the inside piece. Remember, this inside piece is actually a little folded card. I’m lining up that circle there, just to help me position my
circle die in the right spot. So, I’ll just pop my
circle die right over it, and then I’ll run this through
my die cut machine also. Now this time, I’m going to
keep this inside piece folded, so it’s like a little folded card, and run it through the die cut machine, so that the circle die will
cut through both layers, so, see how it’s folded there? Now, the die doesn’t actually
cut through both layers, because this is so thick. So, it cut through the front layer. That’s okay, I just open the card, and I’ll take the die and line it up with the indentation that the die made, you can kinda see it there, and run it through the
die cut machine again. So now, I will have a circle window cut in our front piece, and both
of our inside flaps here, and they all line up nicely. Now, all of our card pieces are ready, so it’s time to do some stamping. I’m using the Your Next
Stamp Pawsome Pups Stamp Set. I am just head over heels for
these cute little dog images and sentiments, and then,
for all those cat stampers, we have the Your Next
Stamp Cool Cats Stamp Set. These are some of the cutest
cat images I’ve ever seen, with some really clever
sentiments to go with them. I’ll use this set on this card, and on another, later in this video. I’m also using a Your Next
Stamp Starburst Stamp Set. I’ve used this in a video
before, and I’ll link to it here, and I thought it’d be
fun in the background. Okay, so I have my pieces, we’re going to start with the front panel. This is the front one,
with the window cut there, on the right. Putting it into my MISTI Stamping Tool. You do not need to use a
MISTI Stamping Tool for this. I just don’t wanna mess
it up at this point, so that’s why I’m using it. I have my L-Shape Creative Corner, and I use that to help me
line up sentiments straight when using my MISTI Stamping Tool. So, I’m helping to position my sentiment right under the window, and
I’ll stamp this with black ink. I also stamped some of the starbursts with a variety of colors
of Gina K Designs ink. And here you can see the
front panel, ready to go. Okay, now it’s time to
move to the inside panel. Now, on this one, in the inside, we’ll do any stamping
that we want to show, when the card is open. So, I again, am going to stamp a sentiment right underneath the window. And then we can also stamp
some of the starbursts. Now, this time I’ll show
the starburst stamping, I used Gina K Design inks, I just like how bright
and vivid her colors are. So, I stamped each one
with a different color. I did place all of the
stamps in my stamping tool, so I would know the location, but I’m only inking one up at a time, and stamping one at a time, so that they can all be different colors. And, all of the stamping could be done with an acrylic block. Okay, so I’m also adding
a sentiment in the inside. This one says pawsome. That’s what I really liked
about these particular dog and cat stamp sets, is there
are many different sentiments included, so you can have
one sentiment on the outside, and one on the inside. Next, I have my stamped cat and dog, and I colored them with Copic Markers. I did that while on the
drive to take our daughter to college, so I don’t have that on video, but they’re here and ready to do, and I did basic coloring. I also have two circle dies. The smaller one is the one that I used to die cut the windows on the
pieces that we did earlier. The other circle die is slightly bigger, and that’s the one that I’m going to use to cut out these two images. So again, this is a
slightly bigger circle die than the one that I used earlier. I’ll run that through our die cut machine, and we’ll have two pieces
ready to go for the card. And here I’ll show you that
this circle is, in fact, bigger than the one on the card. I find that makes it easier
for the card to work. You could also just cut out
a square if you wanted to. Okay, so now we have our back piece, we’re finally using this one. You can see that little flap
is kinda flapped up there. On that flap, we’re going
to put some strong adhesive. Now, I’m using Be Creative Tape. Any kind of super strong
adhesive would work here. But, I find this eighth
inch Be Creative Tape is really handy to have, for any kind of interactive
card that you want to make. So, I’ll go ahead and
remove the release paper, and we’re going to put
this flap up against that inside card piece, that
one that looks like a square, with the circles cut. So, I’m taking the flap,
and I’ll line it up with the back edge of
our inside card piece. So, here’s the inside card piece, and that back edge is gonna line up, right on top of that. Now, there are a few
different ways to do this, and I kinda fiddled
around, until I realized the best way for me to do it, was to place the edge right over the flap by looking from above, and there we have the beginning of our interactive card. Looks like a funny
little Z fold right now, but I promise it will come together. But, that little flap is
adhered to the back right edge of that inside card. And again, I can remove
my little tape pieces. Okay, so now we can add
the front piece to this. And this is very easy. So, on the front of this inside piece, I’m just going to put a
bunch of dry adhesive. You can use any adhesive here. And then, we’ll take the front panel, and line it up, so that
the windows line up nicely, and also along the right edge. This is the only gluing
that you’ll have to do for the card design itself. Once you have this pressed into place, you see that flap
sticking out on the left? I’m gonna slow it down
here, so you can see. I’m going to tuck that flap into the card, just push it inside, and there we have our
peek-a-boo card design. It’s really quite easy to do, and this is the same thing I’ll
do on the other cards, too. Now, it’s time to just add
our stamped images in place, and then, we’ll be ready to go. I find it best to start with
the image that you want to see, when the card is closed, so
the one that will be here, in this open window. In this case, I’m using the dog circle. So, I’m putting adhesive
on the back of this. This’ll get glued to the
back piece that we created. So, when you open up the card, we’re gonna flap it to
the right hand side here, it’ll go on that back panel. But, I wanna make sure I line
it up with the circle window, so this is what I like to do. Put this down, you can see
the adhesive is facing up. Once I’m happy with where it is, I can peek to the other
side, if I want to, I just close the back panel onto it. That transfers it to the
back, and you can see, it is lined up, with our
little circle window. Now, you’ll notice that that
little flap gets caught on it, when you try to close it, see, it’s kinda catching
along that circle edge. That’s okay, I’ve got a trick for you that I’ll show you in just a moment. Let’s go ahead and add
our little cat image, and you’ll do this when you
have the card completely open. So, I’m putting adhesive
on the back of the cat. We’re gonna keep our card open here, and I’m going to tuck it
right behind this window, and this’ll glue that cat
to the flap that moves when we open and close the card. So, you can see, you switch from the dog, to the cat, when you simply open the card. Now remember how I said
it gets caught here when you try to move it,
the edge of that flap gets caught up against the
die cut circle of the dog? Well, here is an easy trick to avoid that. You could’ve made a bigger circle, but this works great. I just put a little piece of Scotch Tape, along the edge of this circle die cut. You could do two pieces if you want to, turns out one is all you need, but now it’ll slide
right over that die cut, and you can see how easy
the peek-a-boo card is to open and close. And because we put our circle window towards the top corner,
we have some room below it to write our message on
the inside of the card. So, there you have a pretty
basic peek-a-boo card design, and I thought I’d show you a couple ways to change this up, so
you can get new looks. For this one, I put the
sentiment in the window, and the images around it. And the best part about this, is the card itself, and the
circle window’s exactly the same as what I did on the last card. So, I have all my pieces ready, the front, the inside, and the back. Remember, I die cut a circle here, and then I die cut two
pool-colored circles that are slightly larger, to go behind these windows. So, everything else is
the same as the last card. Instead of the stamped
dog and cat circles, I’m doing sentiment circles. So, I have some pool
card stock circles here, and I wanted to add my sentiments to it. On the outside, it says, not feline well? My sentiment was too long for my circle, so I cut the words apart,
so that I could stack them next to each other, on the little circle. So, I position those into
my MISTI Stamping Tool, ink ’em up with black ink, and
stamp them onto the circle, and now they fit nicely. For the inside of the card, my sentiment was very much too long, so I cut it up into three pieces. Now, cutting your stamp,
as long as you’re cutting between the image, is okay,
you can always mount it onto an acrylic block how
it was originally intended. And I find that by cutting
my sentiment stamps to be shorter, I’m able
to use them in more ways. So I’ll go ahead and stamp these words with black ink onto the circle. And this one says, I think
you need a purramedic, which just cracks me up, so, we have our two circles ready. Now, I have all of my pieces
ready to go, and I thought I’d show you the assembly
process one more time. It’s the same as we did last time. So, I have my little flap here that I’ve put my strong
double-sided tape on, and I’ll take the inside card, and line up the back edge of that, onto that adhesive flap. So, I’m just gonna line
those two pieces up, figure out the best way for you to do it, to get right along that edge. And we have our first part
of our card assembled. Now, we can put some adhesive on the front of the inside piece, then
take the front panel, and line up the windows. So once we have that pressed into place, we can tuck that flap into the card, and we have our peek-a-boo card ready. Okay, so I’m putting
adhesive onto the back of our sentiment that
we want to show through when the card is closed. Then, I will take that and again, I’m going to make it so I can see it through the window
nicely, and then glue it onto that back panel, so I
need it to show through there, so I’m gonna kinda tuck it
in here with my fingers, so I can make sure that
it’s centered here, and then, I’ll close
the back panel onto it, and I can be sure that it
is positioned perfectly to show through that window. Now remember, we don’t want that flap to catch on the edge of that circle, so I’m putting a piece
of Scotch Tape on there. You could, instead, use a
bigger piece of pool card stock, instead of the circle, that
extends more to the left on that back panel, but I
find the tape is easy enough, and now it slides open perfectly. So, now it’s time to
add the other sentiment, and this is the one that will
show when the card is open. I put adhesive on the back of it, I’ll open up the card, and hold
it right behind that window, and make sure I get it nice and centered, and then I’ll press
down, and this adheres it to that flap that moves when
you open and close the card. So, in this peek-a-boo
card, we have a sentiment that changes as you
open and close the card. Okay, now it’s time to
add some little images, I colored some of the cats
from that Cool Cats set that I showed you earlier, and I cut them out by hand, because I didn’t have
the coordinating dies. I also love fussy cutting, most people say they don’t like it. Maybe I’m the only one who
finds it somewhat therapeutic. But I have it in my
MISTI Stamping Tool here, just to hold everything down, as I use my Gina K. Connect Glue, to adhere the cats in place. So, I have three cats on the outside, and then I stamped some little red hearts from this Your Next Stamp
Magical Ponies Stamp Set. I used this cute set a
lot, because there are tiny little hearts and
stars, and like, confetti, and it’s perfect for adding
here and there on cards. But then I realized I had
chopped off all the whiskers on my cats, so I’m going
in with a black pen, and drawing the whiskers back in. And I’m looking at the stamp set, so I know where the whiskers should go. Now, it’s time to add the
cat that goes on the inside, this cat looks like he’s
laughing, it cracks me up. Now, I’ll position him to
go right over the window, when you open up the card,
but I don’t want him showing from the inside, so I made
sure that he was hidden. And here we have the final card. I did use my black glaze pen on the eyes and nose of my cats, so they
had a little bit of shine. But, besides that, I didn’t
add any embellishments. So when you open up the card, you have the cat laughing on the inside, and I’m hoping that this
will cheer up my friend who’s been sick lately. So, there you have another way to create a peek-a-boo card design. Next, I thought I’d
show you how you can do a peek-a-boo card that is top-folding, and it works just the same way. But, we just turn it to the side. So, here is the Your Next
Stamp Party Pets Stamp Set, I’ve used this one before
too, I’ll link to that video. But I used the balloon
image there, in the middle, and I just cut the balloon off to use with this Your Next Stamp
Unicorns Rock Stamp Set. Been wanting to use this
one for some time now, it’s been sitting on my desk, and I thought today’s card would
be the perfect opportunity, and I like how the unicorns
are all doing different things, so, seems a little bit
different than a lot of the unicorn sets that I’ve
been seeing out there lately. Now, I wanted this unicorn
that’s holding a rainbow balloon, but instead of the rainbow balloon, I decided to do a big, red balloon. So, I’m only inking up part of this image, only the unicorn itself, and I’ll stamp that, and you’ll see that, all of the left-hand
side of him is not there, so all I’m going to do, is
draw it in with a black pen. It’s pretty easy to do, since
it’s only part of the image. And then I can put whatever
I want in his hand. This is a great way to get new
looks out of stamps you have. I went ahead and created the
front, inside, and back pieces, just like I did on the first example. However, this time, I centered the circle die cut along the edge. I also die cut circles from
my unicorn-colored pieces, and those circles are slightly bigger than the window circles I created. So, here, let’s go ahead
and assemble it again, I think it’s best to see the
assembly process a few times. I put adhesive on that flap. Now, I’m taking the back
of the inside piece, and lining those edges up. Whatever way seems best for you to put that little flap on the back edge. Now, we can go ahead and
the front panel again, by putting adhesive on this inside piece, and lining up the circle windows. So, here you can see that that circle is still all the way on the edge, but it’s centered between
the top and the bottom, whereas before, I put it towards the top. Okay, so I adhere one of
my circle unicorn pieces, into the inside of the card, I had to chop a little bit off the bottom,
since it was a little bit big, so this one gets glued to that back panel, so it shows through
when the card is closed. And again, I’ll have to
put a little piece of tape along that top edge. But first, let’s go ahead and glue this other unicorn piece in. So, we’ll open up the card, I have adhesive on the back of this, and we’ll just slide it right
behind that die cut window. Now, this circle is, again,
too large for the card, I actually could probably leave it, but I think it’s best to go
ahead and chop off the extra, so I’m just going to cut
right along that flap, and there we have our card that creates a top-folding peek-a-boo. In here, I’m putting a
little piece of Scotch Tape, so it doesn’t get caught
up as we open and close. Now, think about this, you
could put different patterned papers on this card, you
could stamp backgrounds. I tried to keep mine pretty basic today, but you can change up the
design however you want. And here we have the top-folding version and it was created just like
we did with the cards earlier. So, I wanted to add a
balloon into his hand, so I’m using my T-ruler and a black pen, to draw the string. And then I have the balloon
from that Party Pets Stamp Set, that I colored and cut
out, and I’ll glue that right on top with some foam tape. I also added a sentiment
to the outside of the card, and to the inside of the card,
and I used little star images from that Magical Ponies Stamp Set, and I stamped those with
white ink around the balloons, just for a little bit of interest, but nothing too distracting. I colored in the horns of my unicorn with a glitter pen, just
so they had some sparkle, and used the black glaze pen on the eye. So there you have a way you can create peek-a-boo card, top-folding. Okay, so I hope this inspires you to give these peek-a-boo cards a try. Let me know what you think
in the comments below. Do you want to see another version, like a stepped up version
of these peek-a-boo cards? I will link all of my supplies in my YouTube description below. I have everything there for you, but you can go to my blog
for a lot more information. If you could, I’d love a
thumbs up on this video, so YouTube knows that you’d
like to see more videos from me. You can also hit subscribe. Thanks for spendin’ some time with me, I’ll see you again soon, and I hope you have fun
trying these cards out.

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