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Hi everyone, it’s Amber from the Sensible
Mama. I have had so many requests from you guys for different diaper bags to
pack up for two under two, so two that are not potty-trained. I have a toddler and a
newborn and you guys have just been asking for so many different bags to be
packed up showing how to do that with both of them and I know that I’ve said
that I was gonna do like the Super Be and the Itzy Ritzy Triple Threat and
things like that, but this is the bag that I actually have been using this
week. While I have it all packed up, I wanted to go ahead and show you how I’ve
been doing it because I have absolutely loved this setup. So the Be Prepared is
one of those bags that a lot of people are reluctant to use just because it is
so big and you can definitely over pack this and definitely make it a beast to
carry. But if you’re really careful about not over packing it and just putting in
the things that you need, it packs up SuperDuper well. I’m really excited to
show you how I’ve been doing that this week. Let’s go ahead and jump right
into it. I absolutely love the mommy pocket of the Be Prepared because it is
just so big and spacious I definitely have not used all of the space
in here, but I pretty much have everything that I need. Right here
kind of sitting in just the main compartment I have a little travelers
notebook from Michaels. I’ve just been using this to take notes and jot down
little things that I need to know throughout my day. Here in the sunglass
pocket, I do not have sunglasses, but I do have a Wabbanub pacifier for my newborn. In this printed pocket right here I just have my ear buds. In the zipper pocket
right here I like to keep a small set piece packed as a wallet, so this is
again in the Black and Bloom print. In here I have a Be Charged in the
Duchesse print, as well as a coin purse for keeping cash coupons and things of
that nature. There are two bottom mesh compartments here in the mommy pocket
and in that section I just has some of my favorite lip gloss, as well as one of
these little pop-up brushes, so I can brush my hair while I’m out. Then in
this other pocket all I have is a little thing of tissues. Around the outside of the bag here I have a Re-Play sippy cup in the purple
color this matches so so perfectly with Black and Bloom, I just love it. We did
recently just bring Re-Play to the shop, so if you’re looking for this color or
any of the other beautiful pastel colors offered by Re-Play we do have those at, if you’d like to check those out. In the back I do still
have the change pad that comes with the Be Prepared. When I just had my toddler, I had finally started removing the change pad simply because I didn’t need it that
often while I was out. Now that I have a newborn, I do definitely
appreciate this big spacious change pad that comes with the Be Prepared, so I’ve
got that in there. Then in the far bottle pocket, I have my 9 ounce Swell
bottle. Let’s go ahead and move on to the inside of the bag. My absolute favorite
thing about to Be Prepared is how nice and wide it opens. I’ve got this open as
far as it’ll go and you can see it’s just laying out perfectly where I can
see everything inside of my bag and it still won’t flop all the way open
because there are these nice gussets over here on the side. So like I said, I’m
able to open this baby up and see everything that I have in here no
problem and I’m not having to like yank things out to find what I’m looking for
because it’s all just right out here in its own little space. The first thing
that I want to show you is I have my Lenny Lamb wrap. This is a size 4 and i’m
pointing that out because a size 4 fits really nicely inside of the Be Prepared,
but a size 5 takes up quite a bit of space. So i tend to prefer a size 5 for
wrapping because it gives me a little bit extra tail to work with, but i can
fit into a size 4 for doing a front carry and so i’ve been using this one
inside of my Be Prepared. This one is in the Yucca Pop print we actually still
have this at in the wrap as well as in a ring sling. So
if you’re looking for a wrap or sling to match with your Black and Bloom purchase,
I highly recommend this one. Now I don’t always need the wrap with me, so
sometimes I just keep the wrap in my car and when I have the wrap in the car
instead of in the diaper bag, I do like to put a Be Quick sitting right here on
the side. I pack this up with toys for my toddler, so if we stop at a restaurant or
if he’s in a shopping cart while we’re at the grocery store,
I can hand this to him and he’s at an age now where he can just reach in and
grab all the things that he sees that he wants to play with, So usually what I’m
doing is pulling the wrap out of here to wrap my newborn and then my toddler is
doing his thing and so I just put this in there, so I can grab it for him
while say he’s in the shopping cart and Abby is in the wrap. I sort of have
organized this front section here for my toddler, Roman, and the back section
mostly for my newborn, Abby. So let me start over here with what I have for
Roman, my toddler, I do have a Be Quick packed up right here for diapering needs.
I tend to only put one cloth diaper in there so that I can snatch that out
when I need to and just take it to the changing room, but I do have one extra
diaper in here for my son, as well. So when I use the diaper that’s in the Be
Quick, which I’ll show you in a minute, I can just pull this one out and put it in
the Be Quick for next time. This is a GrowVia cloth diaper and this is one of
my favorite brands, it’s just fantastic. Over here in this other mesh pocket, I
have a Re-Play Snack Stack. This is again is in the purple color and I just think
it looks so so pretty with this print and in here I just have things like
graham crackers, Teddy Grahams. I put goldfish in there and things like
that so I can really quickly just grab this out and hand it to my son when he
needs a snack. In this back kind of slip pocket that runs across the back of the
Be Prepared, I have a JuJuBe Be Dry and the Queen of the Nile print. This is a
wet bag, so that I can just put any soiled diapers in there. In the main
compartment I have a large JuJuBe Set Piece in the Black and Bloom print. This is packed with a change of clothes for my toddler. I also have back here a
medium JuJuBe Set Piece in the Black Magic print and this has eating needs in
it. I have my slip resistant placemat, I have some purple Re-Play utensils for
my son and a Be Neat in there, as well. Next I have a Be Quick
from JuJuBe in the Black Out print and now that I’m feeling this, I’m realizing
it’s probably pretty empty because I’ve been getting into it a lot. Yeah so all
I’ve got in there is a couple of newborn diapers and a WiPouch, but ordinarily I
would have some cloth diapers for my son, as well as some disposable diapers for
him if it’s one of those days. Back here I have
a little book for my son to enjoy and that is all that I had in this main
internal pocket. Like I said you want to be kind of careful not to over pack this
bag because it does get really, really heavy, so those were the things that I
knew I needed that I just could not leave the house without and they packed
really well down in there. Over here in this side mesh pocket I have a Bebe Oah Lait swaddle blanket for my daughter. In this long mesh pocket over here, I have a
JuJuBe Medium Set Piece in the Gingham style print and this has a change of
clothes for my newborn. Like I said this whole section back here is mostly for
her. I have a Small Set Piece over here on this other mesh pocket on the side
and I love the way Dutchess looks with Black and Bloom, it’s so pretty. This
is where I keep some gripe water for my daughter just in case she gets a tummy
ache. The last thing that I have in here in this side mesh pocket is my Itzy Ritzy nursing scarf and this is what I use for nursing my daughter, as well as a
car seat cover when I’m taking her in and out of the car. Alright everyone, so that is the Be Prepared all packed up for two babies
under two years old. I hope you liked this video. If you have any suggestions
of bags that you would like to see packed up for two little ones just let
me know. If you like this video, I would certainly love for you to give it a big
thumbs up down below, so that I know this is the kind of video that you want to
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you guys have a great weekend and I’ll see you next time. Bye Bye

  1. I love my Be Prepared but this print looks amazing !!! Black and purple combo anything is so pretty!! Love the accessories you used! Makes me want to buy it all !!

    And that grovia diaper !!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Been trying to work on not over packing. I carry a BFF and are any of the bags heavy to you? I thought carrying my purse was heavy LOL. Oh love that sippy cup.

  3. I have a question is there a place i can send a jujube bag to be fix i mess up the ziper on my rainbow dream be quick

  4. Another great video! We are going to Hawaii and wondering what jujube bag you would recommend for 3 under 5?

  5. I know you do a lot of jujube but I’d love to see a land diaper bag packing/review. Surprisingly I really like how it packs and dare I say like it over my jujube and LJ Megan right now 🀭

  6. After watching this I truly feel like I NEED a Be Prepared. I'm always looking for something bigger and I've felt like every JJB bag I've gotten lately is smaller than I expected. I always thought a Be Prepared might be too big but after seeing this I think it may be just what I've been looking for.

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