Ozone Mojo PWR – Review

All right, let’s give this a whirl. We are
testing out the Ozone Mojo Power. It’s definitely gotten a lot bumpier. It said 95 degrees when I took off. So we will come over here and put it through the paces. Things I know how to do. On my 29th flight. See how she responds. This is a type A wing. An EN-A rated wing.
that’s like high so they should be It is also 24 meters, just like mine. So they should be fairly comparable. Except for this wing is 5 years newer than mine. So I’m kind of curious to see how the
technology has changed and if I can notice the difference. It’s definitely something different to look at. Blue and green, mostly white on the bottom. I see a hint of the colors coming through. Try giving her some right. I feel like I could pull a lot harder on this
and get the same turn. I might be pulling down further but it’s so much
lighter in the pull than this one. I feel like I
really kind of have to yank on this one. Let’s see what it’s glide rate is like. My initial impression is this one’s got a lot more hang time on it.
and that might have to do with the That might have to do with the porosity of my wing. being older and
having a hundred or so hours on it. Honestly the wind is stronger now
so I should feel like I’m more sinking because I’m not making as much forward
progress. Let’s see what it’s climb rate is like. All right, we are going to go trimmers out. See how fast she flies. On the Muse 3, I don’t notice much difference on the trimmers out. I don’t think the effect is that great. I’m kind of curious if I could feel more of
a difference with this one. See what her sink rate is with trimmers out.She is definitely coming down now. Let off the brakes completely. She’s doing okay though. We’ll see the speed too afterwards and see how much of a difference it is. compared to my wing.
We’ll put them side by side. Now down wind trimmers out. Oh boy! Woo-hoo-hoo! She’s flying now! Woo-hoo-hoo! Yeah she’s got a little bit of effect
there. Alright, we’re going to climb up pull and pull the trimmers in. I have not figured out how to do this with my left hand holding the throttle in it. Without goosing the throttle like I just did. Well the magnetic brake toggles are a definite bonus. I do not have that option. I have snaps that are starting to get really tough. To snap and unsnap. I feel like I’m gonna pull so hard that the other side of the snap is going to pull out of the webbing. All in all a very comfortable wing for the
first time. I would have thought I would have been hanging on pretty tight
white-knuckled as most drivers feel like on snow or ice or rainy roads. This is super bumpy today. As you can see me getting tossed around right now. So it’s pretty bumpy. I’m going to bring
her in. Trimmers are all the way in. Both sides even. Whoop-whoop! Well that was a lot
of fun! Bumpy as hell. I got to try out a new wing for the first time. I just got a chance to check out the Ozone Mojo Power. I guess my short recap of what I thought
about the wing and my first impressions It was a good wing. It’s pretty cool. If I
were looking for a new wing and didn’t have anything, I would definitely buy it.
So if you’re considering this wing, I would recommend it. I would say go get it. Things I liked about it. Everything. I liked everything about it. It took off
real quick and easy. The technology in it, I mean especially
my wing is five years old, it’s a lot better it’s come a long ways.
The thing just took off. It’s real super easy The wing launched and got up above me
real easy. I got up in the air real easy. Turning is real super smooth.
Trimmers out was good. It seems like there was a noticeable difference. I
would think that you’d want to be flying it trimmers out you know where I’m at
you know with 29 flights and would really enjoy it. I don’t think that you’d
get bored with that wing. It’s super fast Yeah so if you’re thinking about getting it, Isay go get it. cool wing. I really enjoyed flying it. I hope
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  1. I feel like you started this channel.. just to make me get into the hobby.. ugghh i want one! Living down here in FL I've got year round weather for it and so many beautiful areas to fly. Is this model a good beginner setup? I'm typically a fast learner so i tend to jump straight into intermediate gear with the idea that i'll be able to grow into it and not buy something too entry level only to want something better a few months later. Does that type of thinking work with this hobby or is it a much better idea to go with a true beginner wing?

  2. Nice vid
    I wanted that one – but like many students I feel into the "What the school" was selling thing. Aviator PPG also did a nice review on it – anyone that has flown it loves it. Jacklyn(Tucker Gott's better half ) is now flying it.

    I have the MacPara Muse 4 powered 27M – seems like a good wing, I have no comparison really as it is the only wing I have flown. The one flight I had was bumpy out(another student with more experience was also up not sure what wing but also said it was bumpy). But it seemed very stable and in control with almost no brakes being used at half trims all the time I was up for for the really long time of about 20min :>)

    I am now watching reviews on the new APCO Hybrid (ENB)– looks promising for the type of low slow wkend warrior flying I want to do. I am thinking it will make a good wing for my new OpenPPG motor.

    Thx for posting — looking forward to see more from you.


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