1. Hi Colin, Many thanks for this great video. It is very nice to see you enjoying games, playing LoTR etc ! I Hope the house thing went well and that you and your family are well, healthy and happy. I am far way from you physically (Brazil) but I am always sending good energies ! Take Care, Paul

  2. I thought I’d share this with you Colin and your group. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

  3. Great list! I personally like AHLCH more than Lotr, since the deckbuilding restrictions in AH feel more puzzilly and i also like lovecraft mythos way more that lotr for the horror element in it ,but thats just my opinion. Either way, both are probably the best solo games for me.

  4. @1:16:00 Yea, I only got Spirit Island about a week ago and that happened to me like … twice I think? "Oh my god. They're popping up there and they'll generate blight over there and I also can't defend that place properly anymore…. How am I….? Wait …. Oh man … I just won."

  5. Colin, did you get your copy of The Reckoners? I'm curious if this might get in the list, and what you and Monica have thought of it.

  6. Love your lists and your passion for this hobbie thank you so much for your time and effort. Yourself and others namely Ricky Royal and Radho lead me to this hobbie and im quite new bought a ton of games but not got round to playing many yet, Of the solo games i have though im loving Terraforming Mars and Legendary Marvel, Recently bought the new Shadowrun Crossfire Prime Runner Edition and i have Robinson Crusoe and Renegade, Looking into Spirit island after your playthrough and also Baseball Highlights which is funny as im from UK and dont know anything about baseball haha Thank you Colin keep up the good work.

  7. Anachrony makes sense since when you're playing with other players you are really playing a solo game with your friends.

  8. Excellent video.
    As a solo gamer myself, I appreciate your "if you don't like "this and that" in a game.." explanations, that way I can have a better idea if I would like these games (for example, I don't like games that determine my actions/decisions by a dice roll).

  9. Nice to see Mistfall on the list and thank you for your vidoes. As others have said I really appreciate the "if you dont like this and that etc".

    Just bought the entire package of KS material myself. But in your explanation you said you have to control atleast 2 characters, I don´t think that is right as I have been playing 1 characther just to learn the rules etc. When I know the game better I will control 2 and hopefully experience those sweet combos as people have been talking about on forums!

    Also worth noting is that Mistfall Heroes of the mist is a standalone game and can be fully played by itself but it can also be mixed in with the material from the first Mistfall game :).

    Again thanks!

  10. Thanks for the great list! I have been considering Eldritch Horror for solo play and would love to know how you find that game?

  11. Its not on the list but how do you consider The Gallerist?
    I think my next purchase is going to be Spirit Island. In fact it is going to be… i am exited to play it.
    Love LOTR too. Been playing it on and off for years. Love the challenge, love the stories….. dont love the cost! Great run down. Thanks for your work.

  12. Great list, got me to check out more games (so now my bank account hates you). Have you played hostage negotiator? them and randomness might not be for everybody though.

  13. It's odd that with so many dungeon crawlers / fantasy games (I think you have too many redundant games about that in the list) you don't have the best: Gloomhaven

  14. Awesome list.
    Been passing up on XIA the way your described it, I think this will be on my wish list. same with Renegade
    Not going to post my full top 20 but I will post my top 5.
    #5 A feast for odin
    #4 Gaia project
    #3 Anachrony
    #2 Sentinels of the Multiverse
    #1 Spirit Island

    Not to judge but noticed that you just love love love fantasy games. Most of your games are fantasy based. It's not a bad thing just something I noticed. All good though. lol

  15. I just ordered anachrony the other day from Amazon because of your recomendation. I would have never heard of this magnificent game if it wasn't for you. You really deserve all of the views and subs that you have. Please keep up the great work! Your videos are informative, intelligent and entertaining! Subscriber for life!

  16. This is really good! It's very important that at the end of each entry you list the main advantages and drawbacks, it helps with decision making

  17. Hey Colin! Great list. What a treat for soloists this year! And great to see Renegade in such good company. Thank you for your amazing support!! RR>

  18. KDM is not on here… Great game to play solo (I have most of games in this list and would go for KDM 95% of the time with mage knight the other 5%), even better with a friend

  19. Surprised to see lotr lcg on your 1st place. Wich is great as i love and played and still plays it a lot.

    I like arkham horror lcg, wich is better on the story telling. Even if not a huge fan of the chaos bag.
    I also feel that lotr is better as quick one shot game, where arkham is more a long run experience to fully experience it.
    So its easier to play quick games on lotr.
    Both are great, and i prefer arkham's and cthulhu theme, but can't invest in both.

    Also glad to see spirit island as i just received mine copy. Have to read the rules and try it soon as it looks so amazing !

    And With it i also oredered (after watching and reading some reviews about the solo mod) Anachrony ! Wich i also have to read the rules and play ! ^^ the time travel SciFi theme gets me here ! Hope its gonna be good !

    One game that is on my top list of all time co-op and solo, is defenatly : Aeon's End !
    Suuuuch a great game and simply, for me, the best deckbuilding out there !
    Even if i'm not a huge fan of the theme and some graphics, the game pace and mechanics are so great !
    Between the turn order, the non deck shuffling and the random market offers. This game is sooo amazing !
    And Replayability is great even with just one of the two corebox (aeons end and/or war eternal wich can be combined for more everything !)
    Only real downside imo, might be that for a DB game you need a bit of time to prepare the board. (Wich isnt that bad, like 7, 10min)
    Just one of my absolute favorite game !

    Solo-wise, iI also have to try those little boxes games : One deck dungeon / Sylvion / friday.
    Wich looks great for holiday and hiking solo_op games to play under the tent or in the hut !

    I'm now waiting arkham horror 3rd edition to be translated to have one good cthulhu solo game (well if it is good… ? Gonna need more review to deceide if it will replace my pandemic cthulhu or not. Have you tried that 3rd edition already ?)

    Nice video, gonna look into some of your picks !

    Long live to solo-coop games !

    Cheers from belgium !

  20. What solo board game would you suggest as a gift for a female friend who enjoys traditional board games e.g solitare, ludo, backgammon?

  21. Question about "Near and Far"… is it really playable solo by default? Because the BGG page says it's a 2-4 player game…. Similar question about the predecessor game "Above and Bellow", is that one soloable?

  22. i was looking into shadowrun crossfire since a new version (prime runner) has come out. but it seems like it's not on your top 20… should i skip it and just wait til renegade is in stock again since it has similar theme?

  23. Really wish Apex Thoropod would come back into print. I only found out about the game when it was nearly impossible to find and costs an arm and a leg. I wish I knew about it being on Kickstarter years ago because I'd have gladly gone all in on it.

  24. After a few months, do you find yourself still playing Near and Far as much? It seems like a game that will lose interest relatively quickly because of the samey-ness. Great list though thanks!

  25. Just noticed Roll Player is no longer on the list.. With the expansion, I'm wondering why it was knocked out? I'm tempted to get it but would love to hear your perspective. Thanks!

  26. Sorry Im asking so many questions, but with Boxing Day sales around the corner I'm really trying to narrow down my next purchase and your opinion is in high regard. Thoughts on 51st State, Aeons End (or Eternal) and Viticulture (+exp.) for solo play? Have you tried them? If so, why not list-worthy?

  27. Hi. Been playing Spirit Island a fair bit. Very good. Real brain burner. As an aside I have just bought Colonial Twilight. A GMT COIN game. Have you ever had a look at any of these. They also offer soloable play. I wonder if they may be your bag at all?

  28. thank you for pointing out that the AI and story in Gloomheaven is of the down ascpects of the game ALSO thank you that you compared it to Sword and Sorcery which its better on those aspects and so much more fun! imho.

  29. For anyone interested, Steve Jackson Games has a KS project to reprint a truck load of the classic "pocket box games" of the '80s. Things like Ogre, GEV, Raid on Iran, Car Wars – expansions, die cut counters, etc.
    I think it closes around eom February.

  30. Interest piqued with the top 7. Renegade with the CyberPunk theme definitely sounds interesting. LOTR needs to have a Silmirilion expansion…if the don't already. What add-ons/expandsions do you recommend as first purchases for LOTR?

  31. You say solo games in your video, but have solo board games in the description. One is not the other.
    And you have a card game as your first mention which isn't a board game.

  32. Pathfinder is a bit of a hit and miss. We found armor is the most useless card type in the game. Some characters are better than others. General encounter balance issues. Availability and usefulness of cards are sometimes problematic. Still, we've played the first 3 adventure paths. I've modded the 3 adventure paths together for Rise of the Runelords in such a way it has an almost balanced array of cards and tests with the exception of scenarios, characters and character paths which only come from Rise of the Runelords. Played that game through already. it was fun.
    I've recently now edited the game for Skulls and Shackles playthrough and will be starting that soon. The limitations again being only scenarios, characters and character paths from Skulls and Shackles are allowed in this playthrough. So in all, we'll have ended up playing 5 full adventures, 4 players.
    i will eventually get the 4th adventure path, The Mummies Mask.
    Also considering gathering up those Goblin "heroes" to try campaigns running with them.

  33. Great video! As a fellow die hard LOTR fanboy I’ve been looking into Journeys in Middle Earth (FFG). What are your thoughts on it?

  34. what a fantastic list, thank you. I'm sort of new to board games after years of hiatus… played in my teens a lot. Now in my forties i rediscover my new/old hobby. Thanks mate!

  35. Thank you for focusing on whether you can actually play a game truly SOLO or whether you can play it as ONE PLAYER PLAYING MULTIPLE PLAYER SLOTS. There is a huge difference, at least to me.

  36. Great video. I was wondering where you got your LOTR tokens from? They look pretty cool. Any direction would be appreciated.

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