Noxian Card Special Interactions – Draven, Katarina, Darius, Vladimir etc

  1. THEY DID NOT JUST PULL A DBZ ABRIDGED "NERRRRRRRD" JOKE im doneeeeeeeeee HAHAHHAHAA, but heim with the zing…. and i pref a battle of Witz….BUT YOU UNARMED yoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  2. I would love to see these interactions slowly added into the game as first encounter quotes.
    (For example, Draven has not seen a Yordle outside of their disguise. Almost saw Tristana and Lulu.)
    (Kata never responds to Garen.)

  3. Omgggg, ashes is voiced by the same voice actress that voiced Clementine in the telltale’s waking dead!!!

    This is happiness

  4. does draven and darius' interactions kinda remind anyone a little of thor and loki? especially during ragnarok? just me?

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