Not so Magical Events

Fat bastard Boom! Shame Building a sentry I hate you! Engineer What? Put dispenser here Nope Yes! No Yes No Spy… Say good night Good night Bullsh*t Comeon Sweet land of liberty Yeah! Soldier Your hat for this Miss Pauling Drugs Mine Hat please No! Comeon You live in my suit Man, i wish Merasmus was around to see this cr*p Fool! I am here! Get that motherf*cker Apologies piss No ticket No ride! text: Scream loud to get help Oh! wat’s up? Need help No! Alright, alright What? Dynamite f*ck Doctor I need… Shh! This is fascinating Enemy intelligence Papers! Help me… No! To get spy i will think like spy! Oh! There he is! Ka-Boom! F*ck! No! No! This is mine now Good You suck! F*ck heads! Fine job Help me! very bad :C Welcome! To your doom!

  1. There's so many things in the background that I stopped if I would get $20 each time I see a thing in the background I would be rich

  2. At 0:12, the audio quality decreases. On other phones, it doesn’t decrease.

    At 2:24, Soldier slaps Medic and the audio quality goes back to normal.

  3. 0:31 merasmus at the shoulder of heavy

    0:38 female scout

    0:42 blue sp

    0:53 merasmus at the background

    1:06 sniper

    1:55 merasmus

    2:52 merasmus

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